For less than 10,000 yuan, what are the belt watches worth buying?

In October, I believe that cousins ​​from all over the country feel a hint of coolness, and even Cantonese people wearing T -shirts all year round have begun to change their long -sleeved shirts. At this time, the cool steel belt watch can no longer meet people’s needs. An elegant and temperature belt is a stunner that belongs to this season.

Given that many watchmakers ask us to recommend more parity watches, this time we have selected some

Belt watches under 10,000 yuan

Recommended to everyone, including well -known big brands and high -quality but more unpopular niche brands. Most of the tables at this price can work hard, and it is not too much to go. It is not suitable for the choice of seasons.

Tianmei Marlin Automatic


When choosing a parity table, it is difficult to ignore the brand of Tianmei. The price of this Marlin Automatic is amazing, only

2000 dollars

On the left and right, even the newly -graduated student party can afford it. In such a low price, there are not many big brands that can compete with it, and it is highly recommended.

The early Marlin series size was small, but this new model


The size should be enough to meet the needs of most people. The dial is relatively simple,

Arched crystal mirror

Increased playability. It is very suitable for students who just graduated, newcomers who are new to the workplace, or watching friends who have just entered the pit.




It is a niche watchmaking brand from Switzerland, this one they launched recently


KLOKERS KLOK-01 Midnight Blue Version

I deeply attracted me (Time also introduced in detail one week ago). This watch is not necessarily suitable for formal clothes, but it is absolutely good.

KLOKERS KLOK-01 smooth appearance, unique pea pod style, and complex dial with science and engineering temperament all show the beauty of abstract art. Size


But in fact the visual effect of the hands is not so great, plus

The thickness of 11mm,

It is relatively comfortable to control, especially for some men such as engineers, wearing such a watch is simply handsome to explode. Reference price contract

4000 yuan,

There are multi -color straps optional.

Simon 556 IB


In the old concept, the formal table should be a simple and thin three needle, precious metal; the diving meter is only used for diving, and the pilot table is only used for airliners. But the times are developing,

Composite watch

Occupy the stage of the times. This

It is a watch that can be used with formal clothes or movement.


Simon is a watchmaking brand from Germany, full of mellow German flavor. This table

The size is 38.5mm and the thickness is 11mm.

Very suitable for matching formal clothes. Eye -catching

Electro -plated Xu Sunrise blue dial


200 meters waterproof depth

Make it adapt to leisure sports occasions. Add

7000 yuan

The price left and right is quite value.

Tianglun Baoduan series Powematic 80 COSC

At a price of about 7000 yuan, possess


Swiss Observatory certification movement

There are not many models. This Tissotbao Ring series is one of them.

The prices in their early appearances fully reflect the cost -effectiveness of Tissot.

The movement of this table is the movement


Powermatic 80 movement,



ETA 2824

Based on the upgrading and transformation, the dynamic reserves reach 80 hours. In addition to the observation of the observatory, it is also equipped


Silicon swimming,


Greatly enhanced magnetic anti -magnetic capabilities (in a time, these are the configuration that can be possessed by high -end models). In appearance, this watch

Paris nail pattern, stripe scale, sapphire crystal mirror and back transparent design

It’s remarkable. In a word: gold and silver prices.

Oriental table Bambino Small Seconds

Speaking of “Oriental Watch”, there may be not many people who know, but if you say

“Double Oriental Lion”

Many watchmakes should be no stranger to this nickname. Their retro watches have always been very popular -for example, this one above.

The table is equipped with the latest


The F6222 movement, there are small dial at 6 o’clock, the calendar opens the window at 3 o’clock, and there are multiple dials and case patterns to choose from.

The overall shape is retro play, which is very suitable for formula. The key is that the price is cheap, and the price of about 3,000 yuan can be owned. I believe that most people have no pressure to get detoxifying.

Ronghans Max Bill

The traditional formal form, the admiration is all


In a previously popular sentence, it is


“Less is more”.

Speaking of minimalism, it will definitely can’t get around

Bauhos style. Ronghans Max Bill

It is an excellent representative of this type of style. The series names is derived from Master Max Bill. The minimalist shape has no pressure whether it is matched with formal clothes or casual clothes.


This table is equipped

J880.1 automatic movement, the most basic three -pin design, plus the dial without any complex decoration, the size of 38mm,

Make anyone can easily control it. Price

8000 yuan


at last

At this price, the brand worth considering is Hamilton, Mido, etc., but these brands have mentioned too many people, so they will not repeat them here. The purpose of this article is to let everyone know more about some high -cost but relatively unpopular brands in order to expand the scope of choice.

Which of these tables, which one do you like best?

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Simon 556 IB

7000 yuan

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