How can a handsome pilot jacket match the feminine charm? (Analysis of single product)

In so many dreams we have done, maybe one is a soldier who is particularly envious of the heroic and heroic of the soldiers. Rigid, strong, brave, frank, honest, handsome, is a series of beautiful character and vocabulary given by military uniforms. Today, talk about how to control the handsome single product of pilot jacket.


History of pilot jackets

If you want to wear a piece of clothing, you must know the cultural connotation and deep meaning behind the clothing. Only in this way can you appreciate the essence when wearing or matching. The jacket has evolved from men’s clothing. There are two obvious features: exaggerated appearance, exaggerated and wide and narrow, because to strengthen the perfect T -shaped figure of men, so in the design, it is also wide and down in the design. The narrow structure shows the strong body of men. After knowing such a structure, when matching, you can combine body characteristics to avoid the lightning zone and achieve long -term avoidance. There are many types of jackets, and pilots jackets are just one of them.

It can be seen from the above functions that pilot jackets are functional military uniforms, which are designed from practicality, convenience, and wearing resistance. The following significant features can be judged whether it is a pilot jacket.

1. Line: Orange is eye -catching. When the pilot landed unexpectedly, we can wear more eye -catching and wait for rescue.

2. Color: evolved from the original blue and green colors to the last unified green.

3. Pocket: multiple pockets with zipper or fastening are convenient and practical.

4. Fabric: Use a strong waterproof nylon fabric, and the autumn and winter models are filled with artificial fiber.

5. neckline and cuffs: thread design, windproof and warmth.

The above points are the significant features of pilot jackets, but now with the addition of many fashion elements, pilot jackets are also more fashionable. In the case of maintaining basic characteristics, the designer has been improved to add more popular characteristics, from functionality, from functionality. Clothing has evolved to fashion items. It is really worth starting to be a fashionista.

Pilot jacket match


Because of its handsome characteristics, the pilot jacket is easy to wear a man’s feeling or a rigidity. So matching is the focus. Now the richness of various accessories has also become unlimited. As much as possible to make a variety of wearing attempts according to the style you want, to choose the matching accessories and other other styles to shape what kind of style you want to shape Single item. The two leading styles are analyzed one by one.


One: Pilot jacket handsome matching method

A domineering female pilot really watched a large number of literary women, and she really felt infinitely beautiful when I could travel in the blue sky. The essence of handsomeness is of course matched with pants.

Pilot jacket with pants

Pilot jacket+trousers:

Effect: handsome, neat, neutral

Thunder Area: Avoid the lower body is too loose, so that the whole body is fat and bloated.


Classic matching one: jacket+sweater+trousers

The hooded sweater with the jacket can be described as the most popular combination, which can make up for the deficiencies. Because the width of the pilot jacket is easy to look width, it will have a sense of vision of the tiger back, and the hooded sweater can break the shoulder integration and balance the shoulder width from the vision. Generally speaking, there are two types of wear. Law

: 1 The color of the sweater and pants in the inside; the color of 2 jackets and pants, and the inner sweater is contrast or other colors. Both methods of wearing are not errors.

▲ Large contour jacket with tight jeans, a tight balance.

▲ Sweet two -person line, the combination of boys pilot jackets can also refer to this method, and the integrated color will appear thinner and higher.

Classic match two: jacket+T -shirt+jeans

Because the sweater is a loose version, it is not enough to slim, and it will look bloated to wear. If the slightly fat girl can replace the sweater with a slim T -shirt, this method will be thinner.


▲ Casual jeans and jackets, the overall handsomeness is casual and casual, and more importantly, full of fashion.

Fashion match: jacket+shorts+boots

Boots are the best weapons that pass on long legs and one of the most feminine boots. This kind of combination is a combination of overall fashion, reducing age, showing young.

▲ The disappearance of the lower body is that the jacket is loose enough, the leg shape is good, and the long legs are easy to use the boots.

Two: Pilot jacket’s mother MAN matching method

Mixing and matching is a very popular matching method in the past two years, and it is also a way to make many impossible implementation. No matter what you want to express, you can present it by mixing and matching It is the method of daughter -in -law’s dressing. Each woman is gentle in her heart, and every woman who is like a water has a strong side in her heart. How to wear a man’s charming side with a charming jacket really requires a mix and match method.


Pilot jacket with skirt

Pilot jacket+skirt:

Effect: both feminine and handsome.

Key points: The collar mouth should be low, and the neck is long;

Short jacket with long skirt to lengthen the overall ratio;

Roll up the sleeve;


With a skirt, the skirt fabric should be thin and thin

Thunder District: The neckline is too high;

Long jacket with long skirt, no focus, focus on the center of gravity;

The skirt fabric is too heavy, and the design is complicated;

The shoes are too bad

Classic matching one: jacket+skirt

Fashionable short skirts and jackets are paid to each other. As long as the proportion of waistline is paid to the waistline, it is a proper gospel of short girls. The shorter the skirt, the younger the younger, and the younger the age is reduced.

▲ This method of Chao Mei is full of rebellious young hormones.

Classic matching two: jacket+drinker skirt

What kind of ghost is the Midi skirt? It is the skirt length in the middle of the knee beauty and the middle position of the calf. The length is not short or long. This length is applicable to any figure, and the thigh is thin!


▲ The wide skirt can neutralize the wide shoulder of the pilot jacket, making it balanced up and down.


▲ The hip skirt with a soft curve in itself, adds handsome with a jacket without losing charm.


It can be seen that the mixing itself is flexible and changing. It is a kind of matching skills based on a deep understanding and grasp of many items and accessories, which can turn many impossible impossible.

▲ The handsome and handsome beauty that represents wildness and rebellion is also we want to show the inner urgent expression.

Try everything that is impossible, maybe you will find another new self!

I am Luowei. It is the idea I advocated for the use of the knowledge I learned. No matter what kind of knowledge and ability, I can sublimate in practice!

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