10 batches of children’s shoes are unqualified! Red Dragonfly 1 batch of children’s leather shoes with total metals exceeds the standard

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Quality and safety should be the top priority of children’s consumer goods. Recently, the website of the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau notified the special supervision and random inspections of the 26 types of consumer goods in the e -commerce field in 2020. Among the 29 batches of children’s leather shoes products that were spot -checked, a total of 10 batches of products were unqualified, and the unqualified discovery rate was 34.48%. A children’s leather shoes of the well -known brand Red Dragonfly are also “on the list”, and the total amount of heavy metals exceeds the standard.

Red Dragonfly ’s batch of children’s leather shoes

Total metal total amount exceeds the standard

The random inspection report shows that the total amount of children’s leather shoes (32 210 and a half) produced by Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Red Dragonfly E -Commerce Co., Ltd. exceeded the standard.

It is understood that there are roughly two reasons for the excess of heavy metals in children’s shoes: one is to use raw materials with high metal content during the production process; the other is that the production enterprise uses pigments or assistants with excessive heavy metal content during the production process. In the process of production of children’s shoes, pigments and additives are often essential materials. If it contains heavy metals such as excessive lead and cadmium, it will often cause children’s shoes to exceed the standard.

As of press time, Nandu reporters have not found this unqualified model children’s shoes in the flagship store of Tmall Red Dragonfly Children’s flagship store. The flagship store customer service claims that the shoes in the store are currently inspected and said that unqualified shoes will not be sold on the shelves in the future.

Children’s shoes are daily products that children wear for a long time and are closely in contact with the skin. It is reported that if heavy metals exceed standards, heavy metals may be absorbed into the human body through the skin, accumulated in the liver, bones, kidneys, hearts, and brains, causing serious health hazards. For example, lead exceeding the standard may damage the nerves, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, affecting children’s growth and development and intellectual development; excessive cadmium cadmium may cause damage to children’s kidney function.


Batch children’s leather shoes are unqualified

The sole is soft and hard -to -mode

The report shows that in addition to the inconsistency of the batch of children’s leather shoes in the red dragonfly brand, there are also 9 batches of children’s leather shoes unqualified. Unqualified projects involve wear resistance, formaldehyde content, and outsole hardness.

The announcement shows that a batch of children’s leather shoes (140 (2.0) grape red) produced and sold by Hangzhou Riguan Clothing Co., Ltd. exceeded the standard. Wenzhou Shenmat E -commerce Co., Ltd. Sales, Wenzhou Tintin Cat Shoes Industry Co., Ltd. produced 1 batches of 34 (220) (type 1.5) black children’s leather shoes, and 1 batch 24 170 sold by Hangzhou Zhidie E -commerce Co., Ltd. /1.5 Red children’s leather shoes involve unqualified formaldehyde.

It is worth noting that the two batches of children’s leather shoes sold by Vipshop (Kunshan) e -commerce Co., Ltd. involved the lack of abrasion resistance. These two batches of leather shoes were respectively. Industry Co., Ltd. produces.

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