No matter how much a woman has a trench coat, the classic versatile and high -level, how to match the temperament

The trend is changing. The popular items in the fashion circle will always change some changes according to the changes of the year, but there are also some classic clothing, which will occupy a striking and important position in women’s wardrobe no matter how long. No matter how old women, no matter what they have, prepare a long trench coat to create a high -level effect, classic and versatile, no matter how to match, it will make you very temperament.

What color do trench coat use?

The windbreaker is a single product that can always be preserved in the wardrobe by women. It frequently appears in spring and autumn. To create a generous dress, you can also use other colors to create different styles.


It’s like this mint green long trench coat. Its tone will be more cold and clearer, and there is a refreshing atmosphere lingering in the shape. This color system can well purify the sense of dullness and oldness, so that women’s dressing will not be old -fashioned. With versatile white pants, the balance between this color system is more accurate and in place.


Although women have a lot of color choices, most people will not be so open because of their own restrictions or constraints of ideas, as well as the choice of trench coats. The khaki trench coat runs through the streets. It is the most favored item. No matter how old women are, it is always not wrong to apply this color clothing.

The khaki long trench coat will not be embellished with too many elements in terms of appearance, and often brings the most chic style and qi posture with a solid color surface. The lady combined with a white scarf in it to create a elegant style and strengthen the bloom of layered beauty.

What is the windbreaker with?

When the color of the trench coat is selected, you must focus on the problems of matching. For example, what kind of pants are combined with the lower body?


Choosing pants should be measured from three aspects, one is color, the other is length, and the third is width. Spring is particularly suitable for controlling cropped pants. This kind of pants design that expose ankle can weaken the clumsy sense and combine with a long trench coat, and will not make the look procrastinating.


There is a difference between tightness and loose pants. If you feel that your calf lines are still better, you can use the cooperation of long trench coats and small pants. The color application of small foot pants does not require unique, classic, white, black and so on.

Like this black foot pants, it is a flexible design, but it will expose women’s calves clearly and in all directions. If your thighs look good, you can use a long trench coat to cover it. With the support of the trench coat, the length is directly over the knee, and the bloated leg shape is also covered.


However, not everyone will like the state of restraint created by black tight -fitting pants. They will still pursue more comfortable dress styles, and they can adopt some large design in the use of pants.

In the selection of fabrics, the design of denim is mainly based on the design of denim. Such clothing can often stay in the closet without being replaced by the new items. This jeans can strengthen the sense of age reduction. The fabric design is not so soft, and it can modify the leg shape as much as possible.


What kind of shoes do windbreaker with?

When shaping the trench coat, you must cooperate in all aspects. For example, after the length is selected, you must take into account the color use of the trench coat. In addition, the pants and shoes cannot be selected at will, otherwise it will easily make a part a part a part a part a part a part a part becomes a part a part to become a part of The defeat in the shape.

The windbreaker itself does not contain excessive formal or too casual attributes. It is a neutral item. It can not only be matched with high -heeled shoes, but also combines sports shoes. Relatively speaking, loafers are a single product between the two. It does not form difficulties, and the color is extremely atmospheric. It belongs to a very classic shoe dress.

Mature women have abundant dressing options, as well as the use of shoes. It is not necessary to adopt high heels that are difficult to control to lengthen their heights. It is also very important to wear comfortable and relax.

Like this khaki polyetric heel shoes, its bottom is not too high, the shoe mouth is large, and it is convenient to wear and take off. You can use this shoe with a beam of pants to highlight the curve of the ankle. The addition of long trench coats allows women to walk with the wind, full of gas.

No matter how old women are, they can prepare a few trench coats with different colors. Whether they are matched with skirts or pants, they can also make the dress full of stylish beauty. The style of this item will not be too heavy, with elegant characteristics, no suspicion of pretending to be tender, and there is no disadvantage to highlight the oldness.


In the use of shoes, if the main is the effect of leisure wind, you can adopt the matching of long trench coats and small white shoes. The color of small white shoes is refreshing and durable, the style is generous and versatile, and the trench coat with any color is very harmonious.

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