How to choose the net ? Peers give you two tricks, simple, practical, saving time, saving money

Many guys who need prepared for fishing, copying net poles are one of them. Many fishing friends, especially those who just started to start the wild fishing gougaw, may not be equipped with a copy.

Over time, everyone’s fishing level began to improve, no longer satisfied with small squid every day, so everyone began to play a large water surface or black pit, and the chance of catching big fish is getting bigger and bigger. Used to copy the net.

I remember that I just started learning to use the bait, and a small hook fishing squid in a slope. Then I first caught the big squid in the wild waters. At that time, I didn’t pay attention to the line group, and the hooks used were smaller (that kind of Iuzu hook), the line group was relatively thick, so did not immediately disconnect runfish.

After smashing a few turns, I found too much on the shore. There is no way to drag it on the shore. That is a four, five pounds of gold wild big squid, and finally looked at the fish drill into the heavy grass, and the removal rushed away.

After running the big squid, I was as frustrated like a hundred dollar bills. After coming, I ran to the fishing gear shop to buy a copy net.

At that time, I remember that it was an aluminum brain, which was the aluminum material, and some fishing friends were in use. The material of this 抄 网 made me think of a small way to fill the aluminum spoon in the village.

Who has a waste aluminum pot, an aluminum bottle and other objects, you can get his booth, give him a hand-made fee, he will burn these aluminum into an aluminum water, then pour to a mold, slightly add cooling It became a spoon.

This aluminum copy net pole and this craft are similar, plus it after it is plastic, it is not true, trembling, so I use it for a few times, I will be replaced into a tiger skin copy. network.

This kind of tiger skin net is more important than that aluminum copy net, but it is more contest and invert, and the fishing in the small wild ditch can basically make it. Therefore, there are still a lot of fishing friends now in this brain.

The advantages of this kind of copy network are like aluminum brain nets, which is relatively cheap, but the joint remains along the hard-plastic material, so the degree of plectrom is poor, and its length is generally one meter, eight Look like.

If the high frequency is copied or more, it is more far enough (such as grass on the shore), it is powerless, the phase is seen.

I remember that I was in the black pit when I fought, and she still tied the wild fishing equipment. After catching a squid, because the scorpion is soft, plus the net is too short, and the force of the nine bulls will copy the fish. At that time, I saw that someone used the kind of light and a longer carbon copy of the more long carbon copy net, I knew that I was copying the net.

So, I changed a carbon braid network that everyone mentioned. In fact, this carbon brain net is not pure carbon, but the epoxy material and the carbon cloth are made by special process processing. This kind of copying net is actually quite expensive before five years. A copy of the net scales that I feel a little bit will be eight or 90 yuan.

At that time, I chose a fine “carbon” brain net, and I used it for a long time. Because there is a certain skill when the fish is discouraged, the fish is directly connected to the net, plus the copy of the net pole fine, weighing lighter, and accidentally folded at once.

At that time, the copy of the net scales were time for time, and they couldn’t help but toss. It is true. If you have a midfish every time, the use of the net head will also be a long-lived service life, but I don’t feel long, and there is still a certain quality problem. .


With the advancement of the times, the production process of copying net poles is getting more mature. This seven, eight years, I have already broken a few pieces of net 竿. Combined with many years of experience, today and everyone share several principles and techniques for choosing the net 竿.

1. Use our own waste fishing rod to transform the net pole. Regular fishing friends don’t lack about that kind of fish, we can find a copy net connector (the fishing gear shop is generally sold), with a rivet or strong glue, you can use it. That is, saving money is cheap, easy to use. The only shortcomings are not to copy big fish. After all, this kind of screened version of this fishing rod is more brittle, and the load is lighter.

2, the main wild fishing fish, occasionally catch the big fish, you can choose the portable folding mini small net. This copy of the net 竿 and the net head can be contracted short, and even in the trouser pocket. The biggest advantage of this ketvance is that it is portable, insufficient is also obvious. After reaching out, the body is soft, and it is generally not extended, and it is small.

3, many friends are copying big fish, such as more than 10 pounds of big fish, I like to use the diameter wide, the net net, but I ignore the choice of ignites, and use the usual long network Fish is very easy to break. At this point, we need to apply the large diameter of the majority of net or metal alloy.

Finally, share a copy of the new net scales in the next application: epoxy and carbon fiber. This copy of the net is really not doing the big manufacturer. It was sent to the door yesterday.


At the beginning, I really didn’t look at him, I have a few special cheap fish rods (some kind of working, the cheapest kind), as a result, he asked me not to copy the net.

When he took out this, he actually made me. This copy of the net model is 2.1 meters, not only high, all the piano paint, the feel is good, but also weighing, you can sing 9 pounds . I took him with my hand, the price is more exciting, and it is not more than that, this is really my meaning.

In the actual fishing process, this kind of copying net 竿 is actually very simple, as long as it is smooth, strong, and proceed, it can meet everyone’s needs. The length of the length, I think 2.1 can be a wild fishing, and the black pit is eaten.

As for weight, I think it is not very critical. In addition to those competitive players need to use light, short-minded net scales, 2.1 meters of scalable copy net poles can completely eat.


Here, those very light pure carbon copy nets are not practical, at least unrestrained. Let’s talk about the fishing fish who also use the net (except for the competitive small fish, you can use a finer line).


Now this kind of copy net fish dragon is mixed, the price is also seven high and eight low, as for the market, it is originally the synthetic material but promotes more pure carbon. A lot of appearance looks quite a good copy of the net, but it is not like a look, it is very uncomfortable.


Ok, a durable, atmospheric, can be called a high-cost net 竿 网 网 大 大 大 大, 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮 帮

(Original: Peer)

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