Mysterly Ranch mysterious farm backpack evaluation, bags used by special forces

I have always wanted to write an open box for my favorite bag. I was not helpless to write the materials and could not write it. Taking advantage of the good weather today, use the empty gear of the picnic to shoot the material, and help this high -value daily backpack to open the box!

Mystery Ranch Mysterious Farm U.S. Special Forces used military bags

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

Dana Gleason, the founder of Mysterly Ranch mysterious farm, is a pioneer designer in the backpack industry for more than 30 years. He knows the essence of the backpack and user needs. At first, Dana Design was founded, and the backbone brand was used to carry out the system with Arcflex Suspension. Until now, it is still used in major backpack brands. Outstanding and innovative applications have made DANA a solid foundation. Later Dana Design was acquired, and DANA was convenient for the establishment of mysterious farm in 2000, focusing on the durability and comfort of backpacks in harsh environments.

Anyone who knows the mysterious farm of mysterly Ranch knows that its main main carrying system and three -way zipper design have always been the core of this brand, and it is also the key to make people never go back.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

Why is the back system that is so well received by mysterly ranch mysterious farm.

When most candidates buy outdoor brand equipment and clothing in Europe and the United States, the first problem encountered is the version. Most people in Europe and the United States are tall and different. Backpacks or clothing designed in the European and American markets are often too long or uncoordinated on Asians. Mystery Ranch’s mysterious farm came up with countermeasures.

You can see the scale of the backpack backplane foam. When the back long needs to be adjusted, you only need to draw out the backpack back to support the tablet, the adjustment of the back long magic sticker, pull it to the scale that suits you, and then the extension that suits you. The magic sticker and the back panel are fixed, which is your custom backpack.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

This part is really excellent, and immediately solves a difficult problem in the market. When I bought this backpack, the clerk also patiently assisted in adjusting the back length of my needs, repeatedly confirming the carrying comfort, and actual weight trials to ensure that we fully understand how to use the backpack, maximize the utility, and it is worth recommending. Essence

The daily packages of military -style daily use

As soon as the listing of this list, the mysterious farm fans have a exciting backpack 2 Day Assault 27.

The reason why this backpack noticed is that a large part is indeed a debut. Before returning to 2 Day Assault, 3 Day Assault itself was already a bag with a very high degree of discussion. In addition, the military style series naturally attracted much attention. However, 3 Day Assault is too big for daily use. When you go out, you have to leave home. At this time, 2 Day Assault glows, and once again solves the dilemma of excessive capacity.

The benefits of the module system can add bags and hooks according to their own needs.

2 Day Assault maintains the brand blood three -way zipper of the brand blood of Mystery Ranch’s mysterious farm. Because of daily consideration, it reduces the rise to 27 liters. It is worth mentioning that the military scale is organized.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

Molle System is aimed at military design, which is convenient for plug -in and accessible items to greatly improve the flexibility and uniqueness of use. The woven belt on the outside of the backpack is the soul of the modular system. If you want to hang a small bag outside, as long as you pass the small bag’s modular system webbing through the large bag, the buckle is completed as soon as the buckle is completed, it is easy to lift and have hardcores. style.

Modification system.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

At first, there were dilemma between 2 Day Assault 27 and Scree 32. One is that the SCREE is better in the mountaineering function. Later, it was because the 2 Day module system, the thick and stiff Cordura 500D fabric and the handsome appearance made me take out the wallet to pay. Although the external system and hip band that is more suitable for climbing, I can at least carry it on the street on the street It doesn’t look strange to walk upstream.

2 Day Assault eliminates the hip band design, and uses a simple removable belt as a supporting enhancement. (Because I am afraid that the belt is running away from home, I went to the tailor shop to ask the aunt to get a sewing line at the end, which is not easy to fall.)

As a daily bag, in addition to handsome, some functions and convenience should still be available.

Really using 2 Day Assault, I feel that benefiting a lot is definitely its mezzanine and inner bag super, grade, enough, and use. The top bag has two mezzanines, two back panels, and there are four on the inside of the backpack (two zipper net bags and two zipper deep bags). Sometimes I even put it in the things that I do n’t know where they are, especially when climbing, the main body of the backpack is about to explode. These inner bags are like a paradise with a backpack, and there is endless space to play.

And the messenger commonly used in mountaineering, 2 Day Assault also found the way out. Open a waterproof zipper that runs through the entire bag outside the laptop mezzanine. The water bottle can be placed in the laptop expansion packed in the backbone of the mountaineering equipment to reduce the burden when the burden is. It solves the contradiction points of the climbing; at daily use, you can directly pull the zipper to use the computer, which is simply the convenience of this backpack, and the multi -purpose of this backpack is raised to different grades.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

The large opening zipper through the entire back is convenient to use the laptop during daily use. When climbing, it is the water bottle exit, both.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

You think you are 27 liters, mysterious raanch mysterious farm has enlarged it.

The magic of mysterly raanch mysterious farm is more than that. Except for your two -day mountaineering equipment, it becomes a day -to -day mountaineering light. I do n’t know why. The backpack that is also promoted, Mrsley Ranch always carries more possibilities.

Just like my picnic equipment and personal items today, picnic cushions (plug -in), small tables, folding chairs (about the same size with Helinox), three books, one album, 13 -inch laptop, pencil box, Bluetooth speaker, insulation bottle , Environmental glass bottle, a lunch box with fruit, a folding lunch box, a SLR camera, all entered 2 Day Assault. The space was still incredible. When I took it out of the picnic cushion, I was surprised. Can’t help but want to pat your hands for this treasure bag.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

Give me a 2 Day Assault, I will give you the world.

There are so many things in the wild meal, what wrong with? In fact, it is the excellent carrying system of MySyry Ranch, so that you will be completely indifferent as soon as the back of the backpack is up to the back, and you will accidentally do it.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

There are not many things when used in daily use, but it feels very feeling when climbing, especially from the moment from the hand to the back. Even if the weight is very heavy, it uses a strong and powerful carrying system to reduce the user’s burden. It not only allows you to walk like flying when climbing the mountain, but also avoid the back pain of back pain after going down the mountain.

This is why mysterly Ranch mysterious farm can become a hot backpack brand in the outdoor market. It creates more possibilities to bear it. ) Continuous research, develop more durable and intimate bags.

Mystery Ranch神秘农场背包评测,特种部队使用的包

Looking forward to the more changes in the future of mysterly ranch mysterious farm, and endless creative magic, come together as farmers!

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