Secrets of resistance: entry in New Zealand to isolation with hotels

The following article is compiled according to the parties’ narration for readers who have recently entered New Zealand. Readers and friends with similar experiences can tell the story you know. The current season is virus epidemic, Goldenkiwi advocates

If you do n’t need to travel, if you need to travel, please be sure to abide by the prevention and control policies of the epidemic in various places.

To protect yourself is to protect others.

When I left New Zealand last time, the domestic epidemic was developing sharply, and Wuhan had just closed the city. Now, the overall domestic epidemic is stable, but New Zealand has become a model of resistance like China for more than a year. In this wave of epidemic in August this year (2021), it was almost “lost”. Auckland, with a population of only 1.5 million people, had nearly 200 cases of diagnosis at the peak day of the epidemic.

Compared with other developed countries in the West, the prevention and control of the New Zealand’s epidemic and border control measures belong to extremely severe. When the border between the United States and Australia has liberalized, New Zealand, which has a low diagnosis ratio and mortality, has not been fully opened up. The border, the qualification requirements for immigration personnel and the conditions for entry are very high. Until recently, after strict control, the number of diagnosis in New Zealand’s epidemic began to decline significantly. The government then announced that the entry isolation time was changed from 14 days to 7+3, that is, the hotel isolation for 7 days, home isolation for 3 days. During the period, the result of four nucleic acids was negative to relieve the isolation.

At present, there are very few planes from mainland China to New Zealand. The relatively stable flights are Eastern Airlines from Shanghai Pudong to Auckland, New Zealand. It seems that there are one or two sporadic flights to New Zealand in Shanghai, but they are often temporarily canceled. There are also flights to New Zealand in Hong Kong, and the tickets are lower than Shanghai Pudong. However, it is necessary to consider Hong Kong as an international shipping transfer hub. If you transfer to Hong Kong to New Zealand, you cannot determine whether there are many passengers from Europe and the United States and Africa. Therefore, the mainland departing to New Zealand is basically the Eastern Airlines aircraft of Shanghai. Even so, the aircraft has been in a low -load state for a long time. The maximum capacity of this aircraft I took should be more than 200 people, but the total number of passengers should not exceed 30.

After submitting the quarantine hotel booking voucher, the English version of the nucleic acid report, the vaccine permit and passport of the travel personnel of the Ministry of Health, the counter was completed. At midnight, Pudong Airport is deserted. Except for the occasional airport staff, there are almost no passengers. A piece of light outside the waiting building is dim. As far as we are, in addition to the plane we are going to take, the apron nearby is also empty.

00:10, the plane takes off. Although there are only twenty or thirty passengers who are rare, there are still many crew members, about 112. It may be accustomed to the tension when the crew did not have the epidemic when the epidemic broke out. Except for the medical masks with all the medical masks, there was no special equipment. I remember that the crew was fully armed on the flight to return to China at the beginning of last year. At that time, the isolation clothes and protective glasses were still scarce materials.


Along the way, the crew continued to shuttle in the cabin to provide passengers with services. After the plane was flying, there was a dinner, and most passengers did not have much scruples, so they began to eat the first meal on the aircraft. This could not help but relax my nervous emotions. Before boarding the plane, he was still hesitating to put on the prepared isolation clothes.

I woke up from the confused sleep and looked at the watch. At more than 3 am in Beijing time, gently lifted a shading board. It was already bright outside the machine. Sleeping. It was not good to sleep, and coupled with a mask leaning against the seat, this state can only be regarded as half asleep.

There are a few passengers in the middle seat that directly open the armrests of the four seats and sleep on the seat to sleep, which is very comfortable. An uncle with almost all hair, since he lay down with supper, did not wake up until the next day the plane notification was about to land. During the period, he should not have been in the bathroom. Tradition.


As the captain rang, the lights in the cabin began to bright, and the passengers woke up one after another. The flight attendant began to live again, hair and breakfast. The flight attendant started to change after finishing the food. This is a routine action across different seasons (from Shanghai from Shanghai to Auckland in the midsummer), but in addition to changing this time in summer, the flight attendants also put on it. Isolation clothes, protective glasses.

After the plane landed, all passengers were required to be unable to get up, and they had to wait for New Zealand’s entry quarantine officials to check on the plane. After a while, a burly elder sister was fully protective equipment into the cabin. Two channels on the plane were circled, and while walking a can of spray bottle and facing the luggage compartment, the top of the aircraft cabin, toilet, toilet, Spray the disinfection solution.


After a few minutes, we were notified to take the luggage to get off the plane. But there was a few steps out of the cabin, and it was stopped in the corridor passage. Several staff members at the airport repeatedly counted the number of passengers after several times before they started to release. After walking into the terminal, I found that there were no passengers in Auckland Airport, and a few planes parked a few planes on the parking flat on the window. It can be seen how great the epidemic has on the global economy, and it is a devastating blow to the tourism industry and the aviation industry.

New Zealand’s immigration process is significantly more increased than usual. A check -up card link, inspection of nucleic acid reports and inoculation certificates, checking the segregation hotel room coupon link, customs items declaration inspection process, etc., but the check -ups are not one link, that is, the check -in luggage obtaining link. After the luggage will be disinfected at the airport, the epidemic prevention personnel will be arranged to the isolated hotel and directly to the room of the isolated person. After the people on our plane walked out of the airport door, a bus was parked at the door and was asked to get in the car directly. The car will carry everyone to an isolated hotel.

Before departure, I received an email from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. The email said that the distribution of the isolation hotel needs to be carried out according to the current vacant situation. Although my destination is Auckland, it is not ruled out that it is assigned to the other two cities -Hamilton or Rotalwa. Essence At the beginning, it was a bit worried that it was convenient to return to Auckland after isolation in other cities, but the staff of the peers said that he noticed that the isolation hotel arranged for us this time is in Auckland and in CBD. Soon, I confirmed the information with the driver’s elder brother. The upcoming quarantine hotel was a five -star hotel in the center of the city -SO Auckland Hotel. The hotel’s operating management company was Sofitt.

Although Oakland in the evening is in the midsummer, the highest temperature is about 26 ° C. The blue sky, white clouds, green trees, and blue sea outside the windows are the unchanged appearance of Auckland for many years. At this moment, it is near get off work, but the road may not be congested due to the impact of the epidemic. About 30 minutes later, we arrived at the isolated hotel to stay.

Oakland (picture comes from the Internet)

As soon as the bus stopped, two people soon entered the “cockpit” separated by plastic cloth. First of all, a Chinese uncle spoke, which briefly introduced the arrangements of the settlement procedures, meals, laundry and nucleic acid testing during isolation, and said that if there is a language problem, you can find him to assist, and then a European brother uses English in English to put it in English. The situation is briefly speaking. After introducing the situation, the call starts, and the people who call them get out of the car to go through the procedures. The children and the elderly are prioritized.

The settlement process is very efficient. After getting off the bus, a staff member guided to the isolation fence of the hotel’s gate (in fact, it is only a few meters away in the middle); after entering the hotel door, someone will identify the checked baggage in the lobby. (Later, a person sent the consignment luggage to the door of the room.) After the temperature measurement and a mask are hung, enter the next processing point, that is, to receive the room card and stay information, and then under the guidance of a guidance, alone, alone Take the elevator to the floor. This process looks like the reporting of the conference (but not so lively and hustle), and even the information received is two thick copies, plus several single pages, these are placed in a large envelope. Before entering the room, he is required to maintain a distance of more than 2 meters with anyone else. And before getting off the bus, I have been asked not to wear the N95 mask (especially the type of breathing air valve), and can only wear a disposable medical mask.

The hotel room is about 40 square meters, and the design is quite simple. It is said that the New Zealand Government’s entry isolation hotels are all four -star, there are many five -star ones, and many are well -known brands such as Sofitt and Crown Holiday. The government also has very clear requirements for the hotel’s check -in. If there must be a free WiFi, free laundry services, etc., you must make the person feel at home in the hotel. disease.

So Auckland Hotel (picture from the Internet)

The cost of isolation varies from person to person, and there are great differences. The seven -day isolation cost (including three meals and two laundry services daily) is not low, and the standard price is 2760 yuan (about 12,000 yuan), and for New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, it is 1610 yuan (about RMB 7,000 yuan, which To. If you meet several special conditions, it is free, such as leaving before the New Zealand epidemic, and the plan to stay this time for more than 6 months, you do not need to pay any isolation costs.

Shortly after check -in, the hotel gave the dinner that night. The standard configuration of Western food was as many as the standard configuration of Western food. The meals of the previous two days were prepared in advance of the hotel. After three meals a day, we can book the QR code provided by the hotel ourselves. In addition to three meals, it also includes morning tea and afternoon tea. Thinking about waiting and drinking every day, then it is not a matter to make a rule that you can do a nucleic acid and not go out without authorization the next day. Moreover, through the floor -to -ceiling windows in the hotel room, you can also see crowds and vehicles outside the window. Not far away are the blue bays.

In terms of hardware, this hotel has nothing special compared to many five -star hotels in the country, and may even seem a bit “simple”, but the guests are very frequent on the only frequent exchange of frequent communication every day. Can see the intention of the manager. Not to mention that the three meals are never repeated, covering the various categories of British, American, Chinese, Chinese, Mexican and Southeast Asian types. The greetings sent with the dining bag every morning are very special. A piece of color printed on the front and back, there are many information, there are important information reminders, health inquiries on the same day, there are people behind the hotel (so -called “The Person Behind The Mask”) Essence

The government staff stationed in the hotel also makes people feel very kind. In the isolation information given, there are many letters written in the name of the person in charge of each position. Although they are all printed, the lines have always expressed the opposite to the isolated person. Thanks to the work of work, he could not immediately apologize for the free movement after entering the country. At the end of the isolation, the email from the deputy secretary -general of the signature is responsible for the isolation facility (MIQ), which invited the satisfaction of the entire entry process. The entire questionnaire actually contains dozens of problems, comprehensive and meticulous, and it took nearly 20 minutes to complete the score.

The new crown epidemic that lasted two years had a significant impact on human society, and tens of millions of individuals felt directly. There is no way, pain is some, regrets, but

When facing this kind of natural disaster, the tenderness between people is the power of each other, and it is the guarantee of the ultimate victory over the virus


(This article was originally published in the WeChat public account “Learn to You Australia and New”)

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