6 major types of 25 snow boots rely on it in winter!

Although the fashion circle refused to acknowledge the status of snow boots, as more and more extreme weather phenomena occurred, they still had to yield to keep warm. Except for the 2014 autumn and winter shows of CHANEL, Chloe, MIUMIU and other brands, they appeared in the 2014 autumn and winter show, and even Alexander McQueen from aliens designed snow boots! It seems that no matter which space is eager for warm embrace. This article summarizes the six types of snow boots. From entry to advanced, let you master the tips for driving snow boots from now on, and you no longer have to tangle the problem of winter modeling!

Chanel Chanel 2014 autumn and winter show

I can’t believe that Lafayette has also accepted snow boots! The improved style combined with the design of the sports style seems to be fashionable immediately!

Chloe2014 autumn and winter show

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

The fairy of Wenyi also loves snow boots? I can’t think of the effect of snow boots with intellectual style clothing.

Miao Miao MiUMIU2014 Autumn and Winter Show

The most design with a girl complex is MIUMIU. The material of the patent leather is not only eye -catching but also waterproof. You don’t have to worry about running around in the snow.

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Alexander McQueen 2014 autumn and winter show

Don’t think that people of aliens are not afraid of cold, McQueen overthrow your concept. The snow boots appearing on the 2014 autumn and winter show are more dreamy surreal.

Star demonstration snow boots matching

No one should be comparable to Blake Lively’s love for snow boots, and she only loves that brand, you know!

Winter Royal Cold Artifact NO.1 -Long Snow Boot

Brand: Stuart Weitzman

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 2139 yuan

The introduction of snow boots must be recommended for this long design. It can help you warm it to the entire calf.

Brand: Minnetonka

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 1331 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Since 1946, the Minnetonka brand, which has been handmade shoes, has never needed to worry about the quality of its shoes. This strap -style velvet leather and knee long boots show a slightly loose silhouette. The boots are decorated with tassels, and they can wear unique styles with mini skirts or tight jeans.

Reference price: 4309 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

The strong chocolate and black splicing design is more novel. There are also two layers of decoration of the decoration of the buckle.

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Brand: Michael Kors

Reference price: 1829 yuan

The design of this sewing snow boots is simple and lightweight, and it will not bring a sense of burden on it. It can also be easy to go out with tight jeans in the cold winter.

Brand: hunter

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 1457 yuan

Produced by Hunter, even snow boots are cool, and the matte upper is more low -key and durable.

Brand: Manolo Blahnik

Reference price: 9146 yuan

Khaki is suitable for winter colors. The round head design of these shoes is elegant and decent. It makes you feel the simplicity and leisure of nature, which is very suitable for wearing outings.

Brand: Tory Burch

The plaid stitching brings new vitality to the upper. The black shoe body is matched with a light -colored sole, which is conspicuous without publicity.

Reference price: 898 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

The classic Moksin shoe design and shell -shaped brass decorative details, twist weaving edge and tassels, full of Bohemian style.

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Brand: Finds

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 1764 yuan

The double -layer tassel can perfectly meet the needs of the tassel control. The khaki color is very classic, with a bit of the Mongolian girl.

Winter Royal Cold Artifact NO.4 —— Velvet Snow Boots

Brand: Saint Laurent

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 12351 yuan

At first glance, I do n’t know that this is a pair of shoes, but those who like the unique shape should fall in love with it. It is also good to add a special partner to your shoe cabinet.

Brand: Pedro Garcia

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 4024 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

The small and slender shoe shape makes your steps light up, and the warm color is like a cute little animal with you.

Brand: Common Projects

Reference price: 2910 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

The use of gray system makes people feel very warm. The decoration of the shoe mouth is not fresh, but it is still a very classic design.

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Brand: Jimmy Choo

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 9596 yuan

Girls who like neutral wind should not be afraid of finding suitable snow boots. These pair of Oxford shoes and the design of short wool fur will never make you feel too feminine.

Brand: sorel

Reference price: 743 yuan

This is like the shoes worn by sports players on the field. The smooth arc design has agile action and is a must -have for sports enthusiasts.

Winter Royal Cold Artifact NO.6 —— Mid -tube snow boots

Brand: Berberry Burberry

Reference price: 2449 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Lamb’s shoe mouth decoration and British -style shoe shape, with any clothing, will add aristocratic temperament to your shape.

Brand: UGG Australia

Reference price: 1364 yuan

The originator of the snow boots became popular by relying on its middle boots, and it has also become the object of many snow boots in the future. You don’t quickly collect such a classic style!

Brand: Miao Miao miumiu

Reference price: 5510 yuan

This patent leather boots is the one that appears on the MIUMIU show. It is equipped with grip rubber soles that can prevent you from falling when the ground is slippery. The light fabric and the mouth of the boots are equipped with drawstring, which increases warmth.

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Reference price: 11453 yuan

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

This “Drexel” boots are made of extremely durable pearl cloth and light fabric, and reinforced with leather stitching. The rubber soles with grooves have excellent grip performance, and the comfortable wool leather lining can resist the cold.

6大类型 25款雪地靴 冬日御寒就靠它!

Brand: Aquatalia

This fur and snow boots that have been sold out of stock can see how popular its popularity is! The fur used inside is not in the province at all, how warm it is.

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