The down jacket is greasy! These 3 plush jackets this winter are really beautiful and fashionable



down jacket

Although warm, because it has its own expansion attribute,


Can’t buy well


As well as




Maybe you won’t wear yourself “

Polar bear

“What coats are more popular this year?

Woolen coat

I am embarrassed to say that I am fashionable.

Plush jacket

Not only keep warm, but also easy to wear out


So what kind of plush coat should we choose? Here are the answer to you!


01. Full plush jacket

The first recommendation must be

Full plush jacket

, Choose the first choice


,After that


Essence Also, you must choose

Short hair

Listen to me right!

Super -A


Teddy jacket, compared to the bloated and fat down jacket, this kind of furry pokes my heart, and the soft and soft heart is all.

Inside is a rhombus cotton. This design is great. It is not fat to wear warmth. The design of the stand -up collar wraps the neck and is full of security.



White sweater


, Visually can create it


Essence Don’t forget to stuff the sweater into the beam pants, who said that the long legs must wear tight pants ~


The jacket in winter will be more warm, so

Knee plush jacket

Must be arranged! This coat must feel its plush when choosing, and the good material is drooping and smooth, very warm.


In addition to its material, its collar is also a highlight, and it is durable.

Doll collar


After doing a corners, the effect of modifying the face shape is “full points”!

Sub –


On the feet

Wool shoes

, It’s all increased you



s method.

Small incense wind

For me, there are really many pieces. My wife likes it. Rolling soft plush is more playful.

The arc -shaped hem+loose version looks lazy and casual. Does this metal hollow button look very textured? With a white knitted skirt inside, there is a sense of vision of a chaebol.

02. denim plus velvet jacket


The denim jacket is a bit cold at this time, so put it on the style of the inner plus velvet. The thief is warm. Gali’s tailoring will not be as fat as a down jacket.


Still this kind of temperament and low -key light blue

denim jacket

Recruiting people like it. Good tolerance version, do not pick people. There is a contrast -colored hair edge design at the neckline, pocket, and cuffs, fashionable upupup!



Big hair collar

, Keep warm, high value, comfortable, do not want to take off if you wear it. Put on one


Is the “sports and leisure style” that comes out is great?

I feel that the previous plush embellishment is too much, you can try this one. Only the plush embellishment on the edge of the neckline and cuffs, which highlights the true nature of the denim jacket.


It is also worn with sports pants, compared with the previous big -collar denim jacket, which one do you prefer?

The above two are short models, and this is

Ultra -short money

There is no lambs inside, don’t worry that it will freeze it when it is worn. Small girls must “buy it” if you want to show high!


Just like me, take one

Black high -waisted leggings

, Put the pants feet in

Black boot

Inside, this is not “

Short -term


“The proportion of figure, who can’t see the long legs ~

03. Locomotive plus velvet jacket

This year is particularly popular in fur integrity

Motorcycle jacket


It looks not only handsome but also warm. And more versatile,

Pants or skirt



After I put on a motorcycle jacket, I found the meaning of the phrase “the girl is really handsome”. Even if you wear a skirt, you don’t reduce a handsomeness.

If your height is above 165cm, you must try this




Motorcycle leather

, Will not rot the street at all. From hair collar to the inner lining, they are all hairy, and the warmth can be imagined.


Can cover the length of the PP, you can easily


Hide the width and PP large

Essence Then take the belt, not only the thin waist, but also optimize the proportion of the figure. Whoever says that tall children do not need to show their legs!

If you open it like this, take it inside

turtleneck sweater

, Put the clothes into tights, handsome and stylish, and can lengthen the legs of the legs. As soon as long boots are worn, it is simply “


This contrast


Locomotive plus jacket

It is also good, very textured, and the upper body is super warm.

When we match this kind of locomotive jacket in daily life, try to match


, Can save a lot of troubles.

Let you have a plush jacket with rejuvenation and temperature at the same time, don’t get up?

As well as

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