A must -have perfume for each car

Anyone who is often driving knows that the car is often in a closed space, and it will have a difficult taste. The driver is prone to sleepy and will also make people walking. Generally, drivers will put some perfumes or aromatherapy in the car to make the space in the car fresh, and the driver will be safer to add a car. Next, I will introduce a beautiful and practical suspension perfume -Hima car incense.

On the one hand, car hanging perfumes have the aesthetics of car pendants, which can make the car owner’s internal decoration of the car owner’s finishing touch, making the internal decoration of the car more reflecting the owner’s taste. On the other hand, car hanging perfumes also have certain functionality, can have the function of car perfume, have the function of sterilizing odor, and alleviate the driving fatigue of the owner.

Car -hanging perfume has the effects of adjusting emotions, soothing and boosting the spirit, and hanging the room to add internal interest. The crystal clear, small and exquisite aromatherapy bottle, through the romantic cultural characteristics of Western countries, not only create a warm and comfortable climate in the car, but also reflects romantic interest. Hima’s aromatherapy perfume essential oil plant extract does not add pigment fragrance to more healthy removal of the air in the car the air in the car to bring you aroma and health to you and your family. Experience the connotation of Gao Yaqing enjoy the romantic aroma. It has 287 Shihuoruo diamonds. Diamonds are like a little stars dotted in the sky.

How to use the aroma of Hima car:


1. Rotate the product metal cover against the timing of clockwise, open the wooden cover, and remove the plastic seal.


2. Cover the outer cover and invert it until the fragrance comes out. (You can choose the strong flavor according to your personal preference)

3. Hang the incense at the rearview mirror, adjust the appropriate height as needed

The four fragrances of the aromatherapy of Hima car are elegant and addicted, and feel comfortable! The four fragrances are as follows:

1. Glacier Century (incense)

It’s like a breeze, take away the boring atmosphere. Refreshing opens quietly, coming.

2. Gulong (incense)

Full of charming inner charm

Express the “simplicity but exquisite” temperament.

3. Qi Trace (incense)

Sweet and spicy flower fragrance, fresh and sweet, confident and fresh.

4. Fragrant Piao World (incense)

Warm flavor, embrace happiness, romantic and sweet.

The above is some introduction to the aromatherapy of Hima’s car. I hope everyone will like it. Shenzhen Hima Industrial Co., Ltd. is established as a physical enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high -end automotive supplies. The products are mainly: car boutiques, automobile perfumes, car ornaments, pendants, and internal and external decorative parts of the car. The company’s brand “Cimer” is positioned in high -end car boutique. Product design style: modern minimalist and alternative personality.

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