51 -year -old Tao Hong is too successful! Wearing white puffy dresses elegant and noble, playful and lively

I have to say that age is really a number, which has no impact on a person’s temperament and face value. Whether we are 20 or 40 years old, as long as we can maintain a young mentality, then it will definitely allow you to allow you It becomes more beautiful. For example, although Tao Hong is also a middle -aged woman, she lives very beautifully. This time, attending the event, wearing a white fluffy dress, cute and playful, and fluffy skirts reflected in the fluffy skirts reflected in the fluffy skirt. Gongtong and luxurious temperament.


Suggestions: When attending important activities, it is recommended that you try some long dress, because the short dress looks thin, but it is easy to expose the problem of thick legs, and the long dress can solve these problems. And it can also enhance the gas field, which seems to be more graceful and luxurious, and it is worth learning from. Tao Hong is really a tasteful woman! Wearing a white puff skirt is graceful and gorgeous, feminine.

Maybe many middle -aged women like some spoiled items, such as pink or red. These colors are suitable for mature women, but if you match daily, there are indeed some too hard, and it looks slightly fancy. Try some basic black and white. The color is simpler, and it is easier to control. It is like Tao Hong chose a white fluffy dress to be very cute and fresh. 51 -year -old Tao Hong is too successful! Wearing white puffy dresses elegant and noble, playful and lively

If you want to reflect the sexy charm and dare not show your figure, you can try some semi -see -through designs. Through this semi -perspective material, your skin is displayed, showing a looming look at both perspectives. sense. Tao Hong’s dress is also combined with semi -perspective treatment in the upper body, showing the lines of the collarbone and arm, which is thin and high.

Whether it is a slim dress or a loose dress, it must be combined with the waist treatment. Otherwise, it is easy to set the tiger back, and the Tao Hong’s dress is very loose, but the waist treatment is combined, but it can perfectly outline it. The waistline, the proportion of the whole person is also modified.

If the facial features are exquisite, you can actually coat your hair, because your hair will better emit your facial features, and the overall looks cleaner. It looks fresh and atmospheric, and this time I leave the eight -character bangs at the forehead, which can modify the hairline and look more romantic and gentle.


Suggestions for suit matching: suit with dresses or skirts is also a good choice, especially in recent years, many girls like to use suit to create a sense of fashion. The lower body combined with some skirts can add women’s charm. Pottery Red chose a black suit with a black tulle skirt. The overall color matching can show a sense of coordination, and this kind of tulle half -body skirt is lightweight, which can reduce the dullness of the suit. You can also learn more when you match the suit.

If it is a woman in the workplace, you can try the matching of a suit and shirt. The suit is relatively simple and atmospheric. The shirt looks very intellectual and elegant. The combination of the two items can improve your aura. The combination is not easy to make errors, and it can further show a sense of advanced. And Tao Hong also chose a black tie to modify the overall shape and look more layered. With red lip makeup, it shows a strong aura, which looks very graceful and luxurious.

In the past two years, it has been popular with bubble sleeves. If there are a lot of fats, you can try some bubble sleeve tops. For example, Tao Hong chose the black bubble sleeve top, combined with the black skirt, simple There is no shortage of fashion, and the same color matching is very thin.


Matching skills: If the figure is not very good, you can try some bubble sleeve tops, which can add cute and sweet temperament. The effect of modifying the figure is also very good, especially suitable for girls with fat on the upper body.

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