The dog bowl variety, the owner is not good, may lead to dog bacterial infections and poisoning

Before raising dogs, each owner often needs to prepare a big pile of dog supplies, and the dog bowl is one of the listings in the list. After all, the dog has to eat every day. On the market, the type of dog bowl is roughly divided by the material, so the owner can have a variety of options, but according to the different materials, the dog bowl is also in terms of weakness. If the dog is not good, then the dog will eat a disease soon, then take the owner to understand the dog bowl of various materials.

First, plastic dog bowl

Plastics are very common materials in life, and it is often very light. Second, there are some advantages in plastic dog bowl:

Corrosion resistance is not easy to rust;


Easy to clean;


However, even if the plastic dog bowl has the advantages, it is not recommended that the owner uses this kind of dog bowl, and it has three shortcomings. First, the plastic dog bowl is fritted, and these scratches often adhere to the bacterial virus that can be attached, providing an excellent breeding site. Dogs are likely to drink these pathogens in the body when you drink water, leading to a series of health problems. Even if the owner is often cleaned, the pathogens in these scratches are completely removed.

Second, the owner may lose the dog bowl to change, and it is well known that plastic is difficult to recover, and its degradation speed is very slow. For the sake of environment, it is also recommended that the owner does not use a plastic dog bowl. Third, plastic will release a variety of chemicals. Some environmental organizations believe that chemicals in plastics will penetrate into food and water, leading to dog cardiovascular system damage, brain function damage, and even cancer.

Second, glass dog bowl

Glass dog bowl may not be quite common, after all, it is easy to break, most owners will not want to clean up. But some owners may directly use the glass bowls in the house as a dog bowl, and there will be no problems in general. However, if the glass bowl has cracks, it will become a breeding site of bacterial viruses like a plastic bowl. At the same time, the glass bowl may have gaps or debris in the collision, and it is possible to scratch the dog’s tongue. If severe words can cause bacterial virus infection.


Third, ceramic dog bowl

In daily life, we often see various tableware made by ceramics on the table. In general, these ceramic tableware will have rigorous food safety certification. Because some violation of ceramic tableware will contain lead glaze, the ceramics may occur when falling or collide, and the lead glaze may penetrate into water or food, leading to lead poisoning of dogs. Similarly, these cracks are also a breeding site of bacterial viruses, so the ceramic dog bowl has a crack, and the owner is best stopped.

Fourth, stainless steel dog bowl

Stainless steel dog bowl is not only durable, not easy to have cracks, and it is easy to clean and disinfection, even Husky will not easily bite it, so the stainless steel dog bowl is a cost-effective and safe and practical choice.


In addition to the choice of the dog bowl, the usual dog has been cleaned up in time after eating, and does not rinse with water, or the bacterial virus in the dog will remain a lot, and rapidly breed. The owner can clean the dog with cleaner, and then rinse with water and dry it. It is best to disinfect the dog in a bowl once a week, soak it in boiling water for 30 minutes. The dog bowl is where the dog will be in contact every day, so do a clean bowl of clean, and it is also an important part of preventing dog disease. How did you choose a dog bowl?

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