This is the coat of a middle -aged woman. The simple atmosphere is expensive. It is worth learning from a 40 -year -old woman.

Mature women over 40 years old must know how to converge in the autumn and winter seasons. Don’t try too bright colors and tailoring too exaggerated items. Whether it is the brightness in color or the exaggeration of style design, it is easy to make China middle. Women look a little dignified enough. This is the coat of a middle -aged woman. It is simple and expensive. It is worth learning from a 40 -year -old woman.


Blue coat

Many mature women will try the basic black and gray coats in the winter match. The black and gray with a stable foundation is usually very simple and practical, but it is difficult to wear a bright feeling. Compared to the black and gray, the blue coat It comes with a mature and elegant feeling, which is more foreign than conventional black and gray.


Belt use -thin waist is thinner

When wearing a long coat, you can match a belt with the same color system around the waist, and use the basic color matching method of the same color to present a sense of visual harmony. When you wear a coat Simple accessories, the matching of the belt can not only have the effect of waist, but also wear the effect of the waistline.

White inward -increase refreshing

The elegant blue coat is matched with the basic white inside, and the color matching of the body can not only show the color matching effect of the combination of light and dark. In terms of better mature women, this method of matching is very high.

Long coat -keep warm but difficult to control


The long coat is more elegant in the design of the version. This extended version usually extends to the position of the ankle in length. It is a very high requirement for height. If you do n’t have enough height, it is usually easy to support it.

Rice white coat+khaki scarf

The rice -white coat with a khaki scarf shows a refreshing, clean and gentle color matching effect in color matching. The khaki scarf with the neckline and the same color in the coat complement the color presentation.


Coat with jeans -casual and age reduction

The long coat in the upper body is very neat in the design of the style, and at the same time full of powerful aura. The lower body is matched with jeans, which presents a casual and age -reducing effect on the body. Low -key and practical.


White coat+same color suit pants

The basic white coat is paired with suit pants of the same color system, and the color of the same color system is used to show a sense of harmony in the color matching of the body. The foundation is simple and refreshing. For mature women who are slightly older, this Making a simple light -colored dress can show the effect of moderate age reduction.


When using the same color system, you can use the style of different lengths to show different layers of layering. The medium -long or long coat can show a lazy sense. The combination of the body is used to show a sense of prosperity.

Pink coat -wearing a sense of age reduction girl


Who said that middle -aged women can’t boldly wear pink, the light pink coat on the model can be wearing it on the body, which can show a white matching effect, and it can also show a moderate reduction through the light color saturation. The effect of age.


If you want to control the pink, in addition to starting with color saturation, you can also start with the color matching of the body. In addition to using the method of reducing color saturation to reduce the difficulty of color matching, you can also use it cleverly. Basic colors are used as the pavement to highlight the complementary sense of excellent color matching.

This is the correct way to match women over 40 years old. It is simple and low -key and practical. The young ladies and sisters of the same age quickly get up.

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