The super -complete clothes placket and zipper’s sewing knowledge points are very suitable for zero -based learning, collection

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The placket of the clothing is the opening of the penetration and taking off. The clever combination and mutual setting can make the clothing colorful.

There are various changes in the placket. It is one of the important factors for changes in clothing shape.

Press the position of the placket can be divided into front plackets, rear plackets, shoulder plackets, partial plackets, pants front plackets, etc.;

According to the show of the placket, the placket and dark placket can be divided;

The arrangement of the buttons can be divided into single -breasted plackets and double -row buckle plackets.


The placket on the side of the eyes is called a large placket, and the placket on one side of the nail is called inside.

Under normal circumstances, the men’s clothing is the left -lock eye, called the left door, and the women’s clothing is the right side of the right side, called the rightcuo door.

“The sewing of the placket is neat and flat, not twisted, and straight up and down.

The sewing technique of bright plackets is the most common form. It can be used in various clothing. There are two types of light plackets and breaks.

1. Cut the edges and body, bleeding and bonding lining (Figure 5-2①).

2. The stubborn stitch is opposed to the front of the stubborn stitch and the front of the clothes. When the stitches stop, pay attention to the corner of the side of the side, so that the stitched mouth can be collected naturally (Figure 5-2 ②).

3. Before the scalding stop, before the scalding and stop, the stop of the stop part is trimmed by 0.5cm.

4. Tiring the corner of the coat of the mouth and the corner of the clothes, the slightly loose side to the side to stop the mouth

5. After the stitching of the stops is hot, turn the stops and turn the side to the back of the clothes, spit out the body of the clothes 0.2cm, and hot (Figure 5-2 ④).

The sewing skills of the dark placket are slightly complicated than the placket.

There are many ways to sewn the placket, and it is also widely used. It can be used in men’s, female shirts, male, female, and men’s and female coats. Here are several sewing techniques for dark plackets.

1. Setting the sewing of a simple and dark placket is the method of lodging and edge of the body. It turns the placket to the front of the body and locks the eyes on the lower layer.

① Cut your body. When cutting the dark placket, the collar is folded and then cut the collar, which can avoid the situation where the dark placket is folded and the neckline is not matched with the neckline. Its left and right body shape is different, please pay attention to this (Figure 5-3①).


② Anti-sewing right in front of the right (Figure 5-3 ②).

③ Anti -sewing dark placket decoration line. At the edge of the front placket, the decorative line is 0 15cm, locks the eye on the appropriate position of the lower layer of the placket, and then the upper layer of the dark placket is folded at the axis. (Figure 5-3 ③).

④ Complete the placket. After the right front is made, turn the left in front of the front body, and then sew the 0.15cm bright line at the stop mouth, and finally nail at the appropriate position of the left placket (Figure 5-3 ④).

2. The sewing of the dark placket of the noodles is often used in the sewing of men and women’s coats. Its method is to open and lock it on the connection surface, making it easy to buckle the button.


① Cut the body and Libu (Figure 5-4 ①).


② Switching the body and Libu. In contrast to the front of Libu and the body, sewn the sewing at 0 4cm width on each side of the departure. When the seam is arrested, an arc-shaped and scissors (Figure 5-4 ②) at the top and lower end.

③ Lock the dark placket. Fold Liebu from the opening of the cut opening to the back of the clothes, blanch it, and sew it on one side of the stop. LCM’s bright line, stretch library with a hand needle on the clothes, and finally press the eye to lock the eye on the side side (Figure 5-4 ③).

④ Anti -sewing lower foot. Fold the edge to the front of the clothes, sew it in the long line of the jales, and then fold the edge to the front to the front and scal the lower plane (Figure 5-4 ④).

⑤ Anti -sewing placket decoration line. Stretly sew it with your hand acupuncture from below, and arrest the sewing of the placket decorative line at the appropriate position. In order to make the opening without moving, finally the fastener of the eye should be fixed with a wire (Figure 5-4 ⑤).

The zipper sewing technique zipper is very wide. It can be used in the front and rear plackets of the top, or it can be used at the opening of the skirt. It can be used at the front placket of men’s pants. There are many sewing methods. Here are several methods of sewing zipper.


1. Sewing of men’s pants plackets

① Cutting stickers and library (Figure 5-5①).


② Anti -sewing placket. Stick the lining on the back of the lemon, roll the outside of the placket, the placket is opposed to the front of the left front film, and the sewing sticker places. Finally, open the left front film, sew the placket with the two layers of sewing, and arrest O. LCM bright line on the front of the placket (Figure 5-5 ②).

2. The sewn of the goblin of the women’s pants is characterized by flat and thin plackets, and the appearance effect is good. It is often used on a telescopic fabric.


① Cut the trousers. Cut the pants method (Figure 5-8①).

② The front and back stalls of the seam. The two trousers are opposed to the front. Starting from the back of the rear gear, to the bend of the gear, the right hand should be in front, hold the crotch in the left hand, and pull the seam to open the seam to make the stitching of the bending bending. Do not break the stitching stitch when wearing (Figure 5-8 ②).

③ 绱 zipper. First, the side of the left piece is scalded according to the net powder, and then placed the left front placket on the zipper. LCM bright line, fix the left front film and zipper (Figure 5-8 ③).

④ Anti -placket decoration bright line. Store the edge of the right front film placket first, and then sew the other end of the zipper with the hand of the right front film with the hand acupuncture. Finally, the placket decorative line (Figure 5-8 ④) from below.

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