I found out that the needle on the tag is a “treasure”, which is very useful.


I believe everyone is no stranger. People who have bought clothes know that there is usually a tag label on the new clothes, and many people throw away the tag directly. In fact, the needle on the clothes tag is still a “treasure”. There are still many wonderful uses in our daily life. The use is great, and you can’t buy it!

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The wonderful use of four clothes tags

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The magical use of clothes tag pins: bag anti -theft

Many female friends like to bring a bag when they go out. In places with many people, such as bus and subway, the bag zipper is easily opened by the thief and lost the money items in the bag. In fact, we can at this position of the zipper, so that the zipper is not easy to be pulled away, playing a role of anti -theft.

The wonderful use of clothes tag pins: clothes to prevent lighting


In summer, many women’s clothes are relatively low. It is easy to “walk away” when bending down and do things. It will be very embarrassing. We can wear a small needle at the neckline to prevent “walking”.

Magic use of clothes tag pins: instead of zipper header

What should I do if the zipper head on the bag and clothes is usually broken or dropped? We can use a needle instead of the zipper, which is very good.

Four use four of the clothes tag pins: hanging towels


Usually, the towels wiped at home are usually hung on the hook, but it is easy to fall. We can wear an individual needle on the towel so that we are not afraid to fall when we hang the towel, it is very stable and practical.

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The wonderful use of four clothes tags

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