Silk thickened leggings, it is a light leg artifact, showing your long legs

Autumn and winter “Jimei” wants “light leg artifact” to show your own long legs, of course, the legs are thin, and the legs are really special, and it is simple to say. Xiaobian’s many fans feedback can’t buy a good leggings, or the face is poor, or the version is not good, or the warmth is not good, a stratified leggings are just a piece of “beauty”. Sick.

Xiaobian today introduced a full range to meet your silk leggings. The same silk plus velvet leggings on the market, the small series recommended this can say that the version is more winning, and Xiaobian has always thought that the warmth is not equal to bloating, this version of the leggings is really “absolutely “. High-quality fabrics guarantee the high strength, thickening, still “strong”, is not tight, super thin. Realize more relaxed stretching guarantees activity.


Fabric procurement of “Fiber Queen”, silk fills, to ensure good insulation, while wearing it. Silk velvets with temperatures, if you don’t want to hug, like a soft warmth, such as lovers care your legs. Thick treatment, powerful and cold, really want the wind to be temperature, let this low temperature winter warmth, warm body is more clear. At the same time, it is still not bloated, and there is no legs.


The general leggings are a pants of the optical version, and this small package does not wear the diagonal pocket, which is convenient to carry some small objects, and the small series is not recommended to put too much things, if the pocket is very “low”. The waist is a strong rubber jumps, no waist, doing healthy, comfortable to wear. The factory has a good effort on the fabric, and the daily wear will not be slidably in the absence of washing. The surface of the fabric has been strengthened, and it can not wear the ball. It is not worth taking off the sky, wearing a yoga without changing the trousers. Xiaobian reminds you to pay attention to room temperature, too hot, or change your yoga pants.


This leggings truly do the show that your S curve, chic sexy, every turn, all of your “graceful”. Wearing on Xiaobian understanding this leggings can be matched with various tops, shoes with long leather shoes, snow boots, and Martin boots can be kept in warm and legged. Specifically, it is matched according to the style of the upper.

I will talk about here. Your idea comment is seen, your idea is my next theme. If “Jimei”, what is the problem, you can leave a message in the comment area, and Xiaobian will answer one by one. Pay attention to Hevin does not live.

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