Summer in the super -repairing body, the girl with pear -shaped figure can also be beautiful!

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the lifestyle of many little fairies is becoming more and more unhealthy. Sitting for a long time, causing edema of the lower body, the problem of large and flat buttocks follows. Every time I try my clothes, I am distressed by my body. Today I will bring you the intellectual wear of the pear -shaped figure.

Pear -shaped figure is the most common figure of modern women. When dressing and matching, the most avoided under -fitting under -dressing, one side of the disadvantage is unobstructed. You must learn to focus on the upper body. Body proportions

French romantic long skirt

The high -waisted long skirt is most suitable for the little fairy with the pear -shaped figure. The design of the high -waisted slim body outlines a slender figure and sets off a thin upper body. The long skirt just blocked the large crotch, and the legs of the slightly fat flesh, seemed to be more and more slender.

The slightly wide suspender design is equipped with a single buckle on the chest, and it has a little literary taste in sexy. The embellishment of the high waistline just divides a good body proportion. The slightly loose skirt just covered the excess flesh.


Purely sweet and delicious fruit green, coupled with classic retro checkered patterns, and then decorated with bubble sleeves, full of agile and pretty atmosphere. The split design of the skirt has reduced a bit of restraint.


On the ear on the back and chest, the upper body is the most age reduction. The wide skirt is paired with enthusiastic and vibrant red, which sets off an increasingly elegant temperament.


Loose long shirt


For the little fairies with pear -shaped figure, in addition to wearing high -waisted long skirts to modify the body curve, you can also choose a long top to cover the crotch and achieve a thin purpose. The slightly loose shirt is a good. s Choice.

Fashionable and fresh bean -green, which looks particularly elegant and romantic. The loose version meets the classic bat sleeve, and the romance reveals a little lazy taste.

The classic retro checkered pattern is an element of never fading in the fashion circle, classic versatile. With the mysterious blue, it brings a fresh and calm sense of vision, setting off the more artistic temperament.

The wide and loose version looks more thin and petite. The classic Xiaoli collar design has a little capable taste. Simple lines meet pure white, full of sunlight.


High -waist wide leg jumpsuit


High -waisted skirt pants can make the pear -shaped girl wearing a slender lower body, and at the same time, they can also have a good proportion. With some silhouettes, it can easily modify good -looking hip shapes.


The sweet and sexy shoulder, the light blue of elegant literature and art, set off the more sweet temperament of the little fairy. The design of the high waist slim is matched with loose A -line pants to modify the bumpy body curve.


The classic suit lapel, encountering retro and simple black and white plaids, is full of French and elegant taste. The design of the jumpsuit is fashionable, and the simple lines are full of capable taste.

The soft and breathable ice silk fabric is extremely comfortable after the upper body. The classic suit lapel, with the double -breasted buckle on the chest, the slightly loose version with the simple lines, and a charming taste in the handsomeness.

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