Twenty recommendations for men’s watches to enhance the texture of the texture



The timing function of the watch is no longer the most important function. Regardless of the excellent mechanical watch, precise quartz watches, or well -equipped smart watches, they are the most powerful assistants on men’s wrists. Although there are not many people playing watches around, However, during the period of my post, there are still a lot of attention to the posts recommended and introduced by the watch, which shows that the watch. This seemingly useless tool is still one of the most important players that men. What other jewelry can be worn on a man’s wrist like a watch.

Near Double Twelve, men can transfer this post to girlfriend and give her a straight -to -watch watch guide.

1. Casio small gold block A168WG-9WDF

For 100 yuan watches, Casio is definitely the first choice. With its classic shape and fancy color scheme, Casio may not have thought of a basic golden electronic watch. It can be popular to this day. Although it is not true gold, it is absolutely used as a match. Enough, retro appearance, all -metal strap, with simple white shirts, high -waisted jeans, is it in place in the 1980s.

2. Casio DW-5600HR


Casio’s first G-SHOCK seismic watch 5600, as a sign of the electronic watch, believes that you have also owned one of the posts. After countless evolution and evolution, only 5600 do not forget the original intention. It is 5,600 pure gold with 500,000 yuan. It still looks like this. Hundreds of yuan buy a milestone watch in the history of human timing. This 5600 strap case is all black, and the inside of the strap is red and stuffy. If you are not strong enough, you can try all kinds of colors. Whether it is a serious workmanship or leisure and entertainment, he can bring you an accurate and reliable time reminder.

Third, West Rail City AW0020-59EB

As the three largest watch brands in Japan, West Rail City, mature light kinetic energy technology gives watches with peace of mind. Unlike quartz and machinery, the long -term solar battery life of the light kinetic energy, accurate walking, all gives the wearer attentive. This watch is this watch. Adopting a major three needle plus the week calendar display, the disk surface is clear at a glance, the green hours are embellished with the green decorative circle of the head, adding a trace of lively to the calmness, and the versatile all -steel watch will never be wrong.


Fourth, fine work red teeth water ghost SRP601J1

A legendary watch brand, which brings high -quality mechanical diving watches to players all over the world. I am not a Japanese diving watch, but the Japanese diving watch is really a set. Water monster, exaggerated bezel design, distinguished from the classic labor -oriented water ghosts, echoed the black base of the plate surface and the sports tape, the prominent red moment and the sufficient luminous filling all reflected the design of the practicality of the precision of the diving tools. Although he is a 100 -meter waterproof meter, I believe that the players who buy him will not even lose 10 meters (I said first, don’t spray me …).


5. West Rail City Ana-Digi Temp JG2101-78E

West Rail City has also made an electronic meter in the G-SHOCK in Casio. It is also very influential for the electronic meter. As the name of ANA-DIGI TEMP, it is a temperature display function, two pointer dials, two LCD dials on the dial on At that time, it was definitely a watch designed by the watch. Now it is flooded with a sense of science fiction and retro, just like science fiction films in the 1980s, a retro future science fiction. The joint name is nothing more than changing color matching. The essence has not changed. This shows the cost -effectiveness of the basic model. Although the price of a quartz watch is not cheap, it definitely highlights your special.


6. Seiko small cans Sne499p1

Seiko canned watches are the most recognizable diving watches in Seiko. In the past two years, the brand launched 200 meters of solar canned heads, which reduces the threshold of canned food. For amateur swimmers, 200 meters are enough. Solar energy has brought abundant motivation , 200 meters of canned aunt, which is called a small can, and the small canned disk is following the canned night light. The wavy pattern plate surface adds a sense of design. The red and blue circle is a sign of the diving meter. It is easier for the red and blue colors The quantity, this watch is a table of precision, the double twelve has a discount price. If you like the appearance, you may try it.


7. West Rail City Green Water Ghost NY0084-89EB


The new PROMASTER diving watches of the West Rail City are also new and black in the green ghost. Although the West Rail City Promaster is not as famous as the precision Prospex, its price is appropriate, loyal to the original design, and is also loved by many players. , I am very responsible for telling you that the same price of West Rail City is really better than Seiko. This West Iron City diving meter and the case with a full drawing process. Scratches, strap case design is simple and stable, and the size of the plate surface is also suitable for most people to wear.


8. Casio G-Steel GST-B200B-1APR

Casio G-STEEL is a combination of earthquake anti-seismic technology and formal table. The full series of pointers are displayed, and carbon fiber highlights the high-end texture and materials. The black gold color color is also one of Casio’s favorite combination. The formal table in the electronic meter is two styles from MT-G, and the diameter is also smaller than MT-G. The main selling point is the sense of technology, pointer, and carbon fiber. I believe that those who like dual-graphics Cardobei can’t escape this series.


Nine, Seiko cocktail SRPD37J1

The plate surface of the precision format is always the biggest selling point, especially the low -end mechanical watch, which is exactly the feeling of buying a dial to send the movement. This green laser pattern surface, with a slender pointed needle, reflects a simple and luxurious sense of Japanese. 40’s diameter is suitable for most people’s wrists, belts with steel case, and slow business models.

Ten, Tianguan Liclock

Tissot takes the cheap Swiss mechanical watch into China, and Licke is the first Swiss mechanical watch for young people. Its recognition is extremely high. The elegant Roman numbers are matched with bumpy plates, and the elegance of a church -like elegance is The solemn, the metal case with a belt also shows the identity of its formal watch. From the perspective of most people’s recognition, Licke is stronger than Japanese watches. Essence

11. Seiko Yuanzu SPB071J1

What else is more convincing than this diving watch for the first diving watch. The precision diving watch is recognized in the professional field. Its restrained shape, just like our people, are reliable and low -key, the corners are very detailed, and the case is minimalist. It is not necessary to modify too much. Followed by history, this diving watch is a milestone. It is far away, but it is not only a watch on the wrist, but also the struggle of the Swiss watch to occupy the market. Do not look at the clothing of the advertising map. They do not match such a table.


Twelve, Langqin Kangcas L38414966

As one of the overlords of the Swiss watch, Langqin is now one of the entry brands of luxury watches. The popularity and recognition in China are not to be underestimated. Kas upgrades ceramic bezel and L888 movement, and the official price is also increased by 3,000 yuan. If you have compared the ceramic ring and aluminum ring, then you will definitely think that these 3,000 yuan is true. Value.

Thirteen, Hawy Ttararo co -branded diving meter 73377074337TS

Hawy was originally a brand that manufactured military timing tools. As a Swiss watchmaking brand, he can put down his body and try different designs. Copper bezel, Tarotaro’s denim cloth strap, Dai Jiu will give you unexpected changes. The combination of ceramic rings and bubble mirrors is very amazing. In addition, the pure bronze watch of this shape is also worth buying.


Fourteen, Omega hippocampus


The Omega Haima and BMW are both unable to escape from men. Only him who can fight with Lao Shui ghosts. Haima is a particularly diligent and good student. Over the years, the hippocampus has been improved many times, new color matching, etc. I still can’t escape the fate of discount sales. It is necessary to know that ten years ago, the hippocampus was not much cheaper than the water ghost. The same 300 meters of waterproof, ceramic ring, and the designs of the row valve, and the coaxial escapement system. Ghost high, but forced the grid is to be lower than the water ghost. In terms of sales, the hippocampus absolutely surpasses the water ghost. You can hate the popularity of the water ghost, but you can’t refuse the beauty of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a kind of people who can’t make people can’t be unable to people. The good watch of rejection.


Fifteen, crown blue lion SBGA407G

Men’s things are to attract men. This watch exists. Women will not understand that you put Xinzhou snow scene on your wrist, and you will not understand the tranquility of the passing driver to the passage of time, let alone the case zaratsu. The polished edges and cosmetics are shining many angles. They only know that this is only a watch named GS. Is it more than a thousand yuan?

16. Wan Guo Portugal Time IW371605


Blue Needle Portuguese is in this price, which is second only to the waters of the water ghost. For more than 20 years, the appearance has almost no change. Three design elements, roasted blue pointers and moments, sapphire mirror also made blue anti -glare coating. The white plate surface highlights the blue reflection of the entire watch. This price likes timely complicated styles, and Portugal timing is the best choice.

17. Bronze pilot 29.2430.4069/21.c800

The bronze watch has a special charm. The feeling of natural changes after wearing it for a long time, and the slightly rough texture that is different from stainless steel, is the characteristics of copper as a case material. The classic copper watch can be counted with the fingers. This is one of them, and it is also a legendary watch brand. He can be regarded as an authentic prototype.

18. Panerai PAM00422

Panerai originally created military watches to the Italian Navy. Since the advent of Luminor in 1949, it has basically not changed from the first generation to the present. The 47 watch is the most classic size of Pei. Which watch can defeat Luminor from the recognition, the sandwich design, provides more luminous materials filling, and the round bubble mirror brings a special retro feeling to this watch. When you buy this watch, it is just the beginning of a fever. Next is the long process of burning straps.

Nineteen, Blancpain 5015-1130-52B

The Blancpain 50 噚 has been a strong competitor of the Water Ghost in the past few years. In all fairness, Labor and Blancpain have a lot of meaning from the brand. From the perspective of tools, labor is more like diving tools. Blancpain is more like luxury watches. As a luxury watch, he must be more functional than the tool watch. It is similar to the artistic style of Nautilus. In fact, it is just a watch -style watch. Although fifty -fifty is long history, it is even said that the originator of the diving watch is the originator of the diving watch. In shape and overall positioning, his opponents are more like royal oak trees and vertical horizontal seas, but he is not as hard as the two, resulting in the situation where I recommend me not to buy, but it cannot deny that he is a good watch.

Twenty, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711


When neighbor neighbors know what Rolex is, then it will not be able to bring a sense of superiority to a small number of social elites. How many people will pay attention to the traditional top three needle belt gold watches. Used to sell Nautilus, the popularity of luxury sports style has brought the take -off of the secondary market price to the Permethyta and Royal Oak trees. How good the nautilus is, I do n’t think, but the recognition is definitely a bar. When you buy it in public prices, you will be able to sell at more than twice the price. Wearing such a steel watch that is the same as the top gold meter is definitely a manifestation of identity and purchasing power.


at last

Although the price is high and low, the table is not expensive, no matter how expensive the watch is not as good as your girlfriend Double Twelve, right? (Is this not enough for you to collect it for me?)

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