Adult Toys: Simple Rating of Electric Screws Knife -Bosch GO 2 and 6 domestic alternatives

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As an engineering man, he usually likes to toss, and you can change a lamp at home to repair a toy. As the saying goes, if you want to be good, you must first benefit your tools.

Recently, a friend Amway was approved by the electric screw. Before placing the order, I carefully studied that the small electric screws were approved. Don’t look at it, who is good and bad is very difficult.

Not much to say, first comparison table first.

Six electric screw batch parameters comparison

It seems that the plain parameter table is a hands -on party who is not familiar with the electric screws, and discusses your thoughts with everyone.

About mechanical performance

The first is the maximum torque and minimum torque. These two parameters determine the use of this screw batch. The maximum torque is well understood, how strong it is. (In fact, it is not easy. After thinking about it, I found that there are two situations: hard twist and soft twist. Usually, the maximum torque we say is hard twist, that is, the torque on the hard surface). The practical significance of the minimum torque is that sometimes it can be used to disassemble a laptop or something. If the torque is too large, it is likely that you will have a miracle and forcibly explode the JU.

The difference in the number of gears is actually the same as that of our gearbox. Of course, the more the number of gears, the better, the more smooth switching.

The significance of the indicator of the air -loading speed has not understood too much. After asking Du Niang, it seems that it is generally a proportion of the rated speed. The higher the air load speed, the higher the rated speed? I still don’t understand why the speed is so high. But probably understand, the larger the data, the better, let’s take a look.

About battery

There is nothing to say about the battery capacity. Of course, it is a lot of goodness. Although it is claimed to be a continuous screw, it is not used every day. Occasionally, it is embarrassing to use it once without electricity.

There is also a question that is not easy to pay attention to,

Whether the battery can be disassembled is important! Very important! Very important!

Other functions

There are several aspects that are more practical,

The first is the lighting. The advantage of the lighting light is that there is no need to take a flashlight in the dark. After all, there are some places that need screws. The light is not necessarily so good, such as the corner of the home or in the car. The circular lamp is the best lighting effect, which is equivalent to a shadow lamp, and the 3LED effect is not bad. In contrast, 1 LED can only be said to be better than nothing.

The second is the pressure sensing and induction brake stop. These two functions look similar. In fact, there are still essential differences. The pressure sensing is equivalent to a switch. It will automatically turn with a little force on the screws. There is no need to press the switch. Personally feel more practical

Inductive brake

The screw is tightened, and the torque is stopped when the torque is reached.

There is also a current detection function, which took a lot of time to understand. Speaking of people is to have an electric pen on my body. Once there is a current, it will be alert, which is suitable for brothers who like to disassemble electrical appliances.

大人玩具:电动螺丝刀简单横评——博世go 2和6款国产替代品


1. As the industry boss, Bosch has an advantage in technical performance, but it is not so great.

2. Aside from the price and talk about performance, it is a hooligan. On electric tools, the cost -effectiveness of domestic goods is quite prominent, and it is more flexible in terms of humanization.

3. The tools should still be easy to use, such as non -slip, such as resistance, such as changing batteries, and it is useless to look good.

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