My TOP 10 Transformers Toys in 2021

Customal anti -bumper: Which toys like are personal choices, others cannot interfere. The same is true of the 10 transformers I like I like. The criteria for evaluating are only one, that is my own preference.

Some additional instructions:

1. I have a monthly review every month in 2021, which lists all the toys I started that month and scored. However, this score is limited to that month. Over time, when the end of the year, I may have changed the evaluation of a toy.

2. What I list is my favorite toy, not the best toys I think, which is slightly different.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

3. Do not consider cost -effectiveness.

4. Toys that will be deformed only.

5. Do not consider KO.

6. Don’t consider changing the mold

7. I am no longer playing a small proportion.

Students who have been paying attention to for a long time must have found that my output has dropped a lot in 2021. Of course, this is because of various reasons that cause the market to shrink the market. On the other hand, there are indeed my personal enthusiastic factors in this regard.

Since the first time in 2014, it was worth buying FT iron residue, and I have been writing transformers to the box for 7 years. From the beginning of interest, it has gradually become the current task. In fact, in order to avoid the emergence of this problem, I have been trying to find a way to be lazy and not interested. For example, a small ratio will never be involved. At most two times a week, I also thank Wen Qian, ATM Xiang, PABLO FANG, Sanshou,


The contributions of the bosses, when I couldn’t update the family due to family reasons at the beginning of the year, I supported a day in the field of Transformers. After that, there were SS series into the guidelines and weekly high -quality articles. And the support of enthusiastic fans is my motivation, and even the big brothers are willing to support my new toys in 2022. Although I can’t accept it, I still thank him very much for his enthusiasm.

I hope that next year I will be able to find my previous mentality and change the task back to interest again.

1. Crowdfunding Universe Emperor

TOP1 in 2020 is the Great of the Universe of the Universe. This year’s top character has not changed, but the producer has become an official crowdfunding. When I summarized Zeta’s universe emperor, I used to hold a lot of questions about this biggest official toy in history. Fortunately, the official answer sheet was very good, which made my previous worries turned into worry.

Compared with the crowded emperors and Zeta’s cells, they have their own strengths. The deformation design of Zeta wins, and the official crowdfunding emperor is justice. With its almost perfect positive image, it is more suitable for Zeta to stand in the cabinet house.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

Although many students are dissatisfied with its huge backpacks and burdens, according to its body shape and weight consideration, the current deformation is already the limit that humans can bear. It is hard to imagine that if its deformation design is more complicated, do I still have the courage to complete the morphological conversion of the universe emperor, or just treat it as an immoral statue?

Without considering the backpack and calf, the reduction of crowdfunding emperors is quite good. Whether it is camouflage and the positive shape of the robot form, it is almost impeccable. In addition, its rich accessories and gameplay make people feel worthwhile. Back fare. Even if this toy is not so good, even if it is only placed there, it is enough to become a difficult town house.

Of course, this toy is far from perfect. If you can also enter the TOP10 in the past few years, it is unlikely to rank first. It can only be said that the times are different. In 2021, the small proportion of toys made rapid progress, and the kingdom series and the SS series were quite boutique. However, for people like me who didn’t like small proportion, choosing rooms became smaller, which was really regrettable.

2. UT movie is shocking

The interesting correspondence, I gave UT Megatron’s second place last year. The second place in this year has not changed, but the role has become a movie. In terms of film toys, UT’s continuous high -quality output has become a sign of this third party, and has been on the list since the confidante. Although after various twists and turns this year, the rumors of UT scattered gangs have been rumored for a time. In fact, their various non -diverse reprints really emit a GG taste. Fortunately, this excellent third -party movie toy still came to our hands. It is both the fortune of the manufacturer and the fortune of my fans.

The shape of this toy is restored, with exquisite details and powerful paint. Although there is any room for improvement, it is enough to put a rich posture. This toy is the essence of its deformed design. The shape of the carbag charter car is very exciting. The two shapes that seem to be related are almost perfectly integrated into a toy, and it is not like many FT when playing. The product is so tangled and can even be said to be smooth. Its disadvantages are almost all of which come from the disguised form of the sky. The restoration is not as good as the robot form. The front of the car shows obvious spherical joints. The regret mentioned, if you can further correct these issues, maybe UT can be ranked first in the list.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

In the case of horizontal contrast, I think that the overall quality of the shocking sky is inferior to the premium day of last year. It may be one of the overall testimony of this year’s list this year.

3. TC biography of Hornets

FT has not been included in TOP10, MMC has not been included in TOP10, and the two old third -party manufacturers are absent for the first time at the same time. Instead, the TC and Lemon Tree are at least the power of the new generation on the brand. I wonder if there are talented people from the Jiangshan generation?

Compared to lemon trees, TC’s Hornet’s kung fu on publicity is much larger.

It’s like TE Optimus Prime in the previous year. I have always been very disgusted with over -marketing, but after starting, I found that it is indeed worthy of the publicity before the release.

The camouflage form of TC Hornet is not very good. It can only be said that above the standard, its biggest selling point and advantage are extremely clever deformation designs. This toy broke through the inherent thinking of the Hornets, including the official, Zeta, and TE before, and put a large number of deformation parts in its large leather boots, making the robot of TC Hornets a little more except the footboard. Extremely restored, especially the problem that the wings, shoulder wheels, and chest car are difficult to coexist. In fact, the front part of its chest is false chest, the wings behind are not the door, and the wheels on the shoulder are the rear wheels instead of the front wheels. Through the very creative deformation, it was said that the Hornets almost achieved the restoration of two forms. The quality of all aspects far exceeded Zeta and TE, and the MPM07 stepped on the feet. In my opinion, several movie Beatles should be arranged according to the comprehensive quality. It should be TC> Zeta >> Te> MPM07.

The only shortcoming is that the deformation is slightly complicated, and some steps are not so friendly. In addition, the instructions are not concise and smooth enough. It is inevitable that people will be tangled when they first play, but after being familiar with its deformation, my friends will definitely make it for it for it. The wonderful deformation design strikes.

The appearance, reducing degree, and deformation experience. The level of TC Hornets in all aspects is quite high. To put it bluntly, the excellent toy can also be seen from it by KO. The previous third -party movie toys can enjoy such a product that looks like only UT’s products, but TC itself may not be happy for this. The operation of black -eating gray really made these third -party manufacturers walking in the gray area could not say.

4. Chengwei Society Divine God

The products of Chengming Society have always been very distinctive. The Q version, very heavy, excellent material, and exquisite paint, but the products of the Sak giants and overlords in the past two years have a lot of hard work. In the good game, the parts of the branches and forks are a kind of torture for both hands, but not as interesting as early as the early strong King Kong. Fortunately, Hercules did not make such a mistake, so an excellent Q version of Pills entered the list this year.

The Q version of Transformers is difficult to understand. It is not difficult to understand how to deal with that big head. The Q version of the style must be transformed. After the combination, it must become a Q version of the strong god. It is really big to think about it. How to solve the problem of Q version deformation and combination is full of curiosity.

After getting the toy real thing, the excellent performance of this strong god far exceeds my expectations. Both the monomer and the combination almost perfectly realize the Q version of the style and deformation of the play. The best one of all products. The head treatment of each of its monomer members does not have the same head treatment, but has its own ingenuity and the deformation process is quite interesting, showing the hard work of the designer’s investment for this. In addition to the deformation of the six members, it is not easy to further form the Q version of the strong god. It is particularly rare that no matter the single or combination, this toys accurately grasp the appearance characteristics of digging tigers and strong gods. The details have not shrunk due to the small body shape. Role.

The fun of deformation is the most interesting place for deformation toys. If you sacrifice the play experience for materials, paint, and shape, there are some upside down. The reason why Chengwen’s products can be selected into my TOP10 again are because of this.

5. TW World War I Red Spider

After the rebirth, TW is really loving and hate. This third party performed well in 2021. Although World War II roadblocks are not as good as the previous brothers, they are still good products. The red spiders in World War I. Whether the appearance or deformation is enough to be included in the best gear. However, some of their products are very pulling. The large -proportion of the Knights Optimus Prime and the Optimus Optimus Tianshi are empty. Jinyu is defeated in it. The deformed design is a mess, which is not suitable for playing at all.

By the end of the year, the thermal break of World War II series of World War II series also came out.

The real object I got was cut tragically when deforming. Although the main axis connected to its trunk looks like metal, it is actually plastic, and it is very not strong. There are quite a lot of the same victims.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

The undulating performance and the inexplicable market strategy always made me smell a strong running style, hoping that I would not say nothing.

Speaking of the red spider toy, there is still room for improvement in quality, but it is almost impeccable in design, coupled with the red bumper painting full of lovers for history. One of the Transformers toys.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

Its camouflage form is the three -wing machine that is coated with a red Fark DR.L. From the perspective of the difficulty of design, it is very high to know that the deformation toys of ordinary aircraft are not easy to design. A problem, let alone the three wings of the three -wing machine. TW puts the top pair as simple as the F22 red spider behind the back, and a pair of folding into a red spider’s arms in the middle. The following pair is the chest component of the red spider. It is amazing and amazing. The appearance of Fochan three -wing machine was cleverly deformed, and at the same time, the inverted triangle figure and many characteristic components of the red spider robotic form were taken into account, which fully showed the fun of deformation toys. Essence

6. MPM12 Waiguan Qingjuan

Sadly, the only MP toys selected into my TOP list in 2021 actually came from the MPM series. In addition, the entire MP army was covered. This was an unimaginable phenomenon in previous years. Once upon a time, MP represents the peak level of Transformers toys. Once it is released enough to play other official series and third parties, they lose their helmets and armor, and they cannot be defeated. This year is not the case. Only Cat Ear Tianshi entered my list with its own excellent deformation.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

As the 10th work after the MPM series restarted, it is also a role of the live -action movie. The MPM12 Optimus Prime has attracted the attention of many fascinated friends since its release. Compared with the main line of MP, after experiencing the downturn of 06 Iron and 07 Hornets, the performance of MPM from 09 is actually better, and the launch of 12 also opened a good movie for the nearly restarting live -action movie Essence Its comprehensive quality can almost be called MPM the strongest. Although there are regrets and deficiencies, it is still a very successful work.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

The robotic format of this toy is quite high, smooth and clever, and it is worth playing many times. Although the body part of the camouflage form is insufficient, the excellent buckle design makes it excellent in the form of the form. The predecessors of the same series. Its problem is that the gap in the rear of the car is obvious, the camouflage cat ear, a door panel on the back of the arm, and the mobility of the lattice line. Even so, the appearance of the MPM12 has completely killed the previous third -party foreign transmission engines, especially the TW external column. I can’t see where it can be compared with MPM12. The outstanding reduction, smooth deformation design, and the performance of third parties in seconds, I have to say that MPM12 really made me dream back five years ago.

7. Lesen Automatic Transformer Optimus Prime

It may be the most controversial toy on this list. Lessen Optimum has a lot of controversy before and after launching. I used to be DISS’s faction, but after actually starting, I turned into its little fans.

Judging from the definition of traditional Transformers, Lessen Optimum is really lacking. Generally speaking,

I write the three most basic dimensions of the box: robot form, vehicle form and deformation design. In these three aspects, this toy is missing.

Limited by today’s technology and cost, the automatic transformation of Optimus Prime cannot be as complicated as MP44. Even compared with the MP10, it is simplified a lot. Therefore The pair of huge footboards behind the front of the car, after turning into a robot, cannot ignore the large cover behind the elder brother’s head.

As for automatic deformation, such a high -tech design is really exciting, but the player’s sense of participation is too weak. Even if the gameplay is added with the gameplay, voice control, and posture design, this elder brother still cannot make up for the most basic happiness of throwing away the deformation diamond toy -the deformation lack of deformation, making it more like a child toy instead of adults’ memories of the past.

None of these is wrong, but when Le Sen Tianshi actually deforms and really does various actions in front of you, all the problems are not a problem. Compared with the MP series pursuing restoration and deformation design, Lessen Optimum Tenjai has completed the image of the pillar brother in the animation from another aspect. Although it lacks the fun of the tackling, after combining the sound and light effect, it has it, it has it, it has it, it has it, it has its own sound and light effect. Deformation and different movements awakened my childhood memories from the direction I have never thought of.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

Especially the lines read by Chizu, and the sound effects full of mechanical sense, are the souls. It can be said that the combination of these sounds and remote control form the fun Essence The performance of the video is not as good as the actual seeing the action, sound and lighting effect of Lessen Optimum Tianshi, one -tenth of the tenth of the performance. If you have the opportunity, you must enjoy the real thing. At that time This time TOP10 is renamed.

8. Lemon tree spacecraft shock waves

It may be the most unprecedented toy on this list. The lemon tree spacecraft is also the only toy in these ten Transformers. It is actually very good in quality. Both forms and deformed designs are remarkable. It is especially amazing that the bold innovation of lemon trees is combined with the character of the shocking waves in the 86th movie. Get up, the camouflage form has a high degree of restoration of the spacecraft,

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

In conjunction with the design of excellent brackets, it is even more suitable for collecting in the cabinet than robotic shapes. its

The robotic form perfectly reproduces several characteristics of the oscillating wave five torture heads, one -handed cannon and cup amazing breasts, and so on. Unfortunately, it is probably because of this reason that this excellent toy that can’t find the source is quite niche. In addition, the lemon tree’s consistent low -key marketing, according to the statistics around you to see the volume of the spacecraft shock waves, it should not be sold well.

It can be seen that the difficulty of making innovation in small manufacturers is not low, and unpopular characters or the shape without origin can not attract too many fans. It is limited by cost and it is difficult to make publicity. The previous example of rotten scum has further limited the wishes of fans to start unpopular products. If the spacecraft shock wave comes from the hands of FT manufacturers, the sales volume should be increased a lot, but I don’t think FT will risk the risk to launch such a toy. After all, everyone familiar with the G1 character is good or bad. There will be many people paying.

9. PX Comic Edition Steel Lock

I don’t know if the theme of G1 has been excavated. In addition to the small proportion of the small proportion in 2021, there is also a characteristic that all third parties are seeking breakthroughs in the subject matter. Especially FH and MMC are the most typical. The Thunder Fleet Optimus Prime launched by FH at the beginning of the year and the teenagers launched at the end of the year are all very good products. In Yuedan’s evaluation, it has at least Samsung and half of the strength. The overall quality of Jung is also pretty good. Unfortunately, the best comic toy this year is not from MMC, but PX, which previously focused on game WFC and FOC series. Their steel locks are far beyond their previous products. My TOP10 list.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

This is a real steel giant beast. Compared with it, the G1 steel lock is enough for steel, but the beasts do not perform enough, the mechanical sense occupies the dominant position, and BW is a thorough beast, but the appearance is not steel at all. The PX steel lock has achieved a good balance between the machinery and the beast. The appearance is prestigious, and the instrument is richer than the G1 steel lock. The beast tastes stronger.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

Among the three elements of Transformers toys, the camouflage form of the PX steel lock is the best. Although the shape of the robot form is not as shocking when it becomes a dinosaur, it is still above the standard. The average level of such a huge giant. The only deficiency is that the deformation is slightly tangled. It needs to use plastic toughness in many places and not smooth the play experience. Otherwise, with the outstanding appearance of the PX steel lock, the ranking in TOP10 should be able to climb up 2-3.

10. TFC tyrant plum

The road of TFC is really wider. As an old third -party manufacturer who had fighting with each other with MT, TFC has been tepid in the market in recent years, and there is no special explosion, but almost each toy that is launched is a boutique. By the Rolling Thunder Optimus Prade, I all entered the TOP10 list at the end of my year. Last year’s TFC turned gorgeously, and cooperated with the Shenji Industry to design a deformed toy black flash of the J -20 fighters. It seemed that it was no longer satisfied with the third -party identity of the gray area and began to seek the road to whitewashing. This year they went further to obtain the genuine authorization of the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio. Taking the rolling lightning Optimus Tianshi as the prototype, washing all the traces of all Optimus Prime above, re -painting and re -carving, and the launch of the Dongfeng of Sun Wukong as the prototype. Dasheng. By the end of the year, the Second TFC’s deformation toys designed by the Shenji Industry have also been launched, and it still maintains a high level of black and flash, especially the camouflage form. In my memory Compared with, both shapes, materials, or details can be regarded as military models.

In his own professional field, TFC tyrant prestige is also not disappointing.

我的2021年度TOP 10变形金刚玩具

It has three different deformation forms, each of which is excellent enough. Whether it is tanks, helicopters, or robots, it can occupy a place in my collection cabinet. It is essentially more like the design of Diacron than the traditional Transformers toys. Rich accessories bring rich gameplay, so that fans can play by themselves and make it a variety of fancy forms. It has excellent and simple quality, accurate buckle, and exquisite paint. It is the sincerity of TFC.

Unfortunately, this toy still has a few shortcomings, so it can only be ranked at the last one of TOP10. The first is the average mobility. Compared with the robots combined with Diaklon, the shoulder armor, limbs, and backpacks have limited the scope of joints of the joints of the power of the power. Too shallow, it is easy to loosen when playing, which is quite impact to play the experience. The third is that after installing all the accessories, the intensity of the lower body of the robotic form of the Megatron is insufficient, it is difficult to support its weight, it will become very loose. Experience.

For various reasons, the following two toys failed to enter the list of TOP10, but in fact, their performance in some aspects is not inferior to some of the above toys, so they call them the regret of the beads:

MMC female Tayan

If this list can have 11 positions, this female Taln must be supplemented. MMC’s new IF series is a very interesting idea. Based on the various characters in the Transformers, put them into the background of the parallel universe and change the setting of the character. Under the premise of the features, it is interesting to modify it, such as turning Lao Wei’s brain residual powder and DJD boss Tagine into a slender girl.

Such creativity is very interesting, and the results of implementing ideas to products are also excellent. Although the female Tak’s vehicle shape and robotic shape cannot talk about the reduction, the MMC’s performance does not deviate from Taghn, but it is processed on the basis of this. A original toy, the quality of this toy even far exceeds its own male Taln.

It is excellent and exquisitely deforming. The quality of the fingers cannot be prone to the quality of it. Based on the elements of all aspects, OX female Tadan can be called the best female transformers in my hand, even more than the official MP Ali. If you can maintain this quality, I will look forward to MMC’s next IF work.

The reason why this toy almost failed to enter the TOP10 list, let me have tangled between it and the PX comic version of the steel lock and the TFC tyrant. The playability is a bit worse. Fortunately, almost all men are male fans, I don’t have to worry about being beaten.

Mp52 red spider

Red Spider is the biggest -name MP series toy this year, but the actual performance is far from everyone’s expectations. It is difficult to feel from it that the official attitude towards MP is still paying attention to. Many students have criticized foundries because of their quality problems, but I have to say that foundries are officially selected, tolerances are officially set up, and quality inspection standards are officially formulated. Since the official selected foundry manufactured toys passed through the passing of the founding factory passed through the passing of the founding factory passed through the passing of the founding factory passed through The official quality inspection standards are issued by the factory, and all quality problems are undoubtedly the official problem.

As the third -generation red spider, the design concept continues the multi -accessory, high -dynamic can be mobilized, and the ultimate restoration of the character animation image since MP44, and even sacrificed the vehicle form. On the contrary.

The deformed design is a highlight of it. It can be said to be quite unique and deserves the name of MP. The storage of the legs and wings is very interesting, and the steps in the trunk are also very clever. However, what I have to say is that if it is just to complete the transformation of the form, in fact, many deformations are not necessary. For example, the head of the machine I just mentioned is obviously to pursue the ultimate restoration of the red spider robot form. A step of. It is not difficult to find that the cockpit of the aircraft is almost the same as that of the robot’s chest, but there are certain differences in carefully pushing. The aircraft cockpit is relatively slender, while the robot’s fake chest looks more rounded. Neither MP03 and 11 are on the two. The distinction, and 52 adds a lot of deformation to achieve the difference between the two, and even sacrifice its disguise form at the expense of this.

After entering the 3.0 era, the style of the MP series has changed from taking into account the restoration and modern aesthetic in the 2.0 era to a complete reproduction of the 84 -year animation shape. MP52 red spider is no exception. From today’s perspective, its robotic shape is not good -looking, the overall looks a bit thick, and the limbs are not long and coordinated. However, this is the official pursuit of the goal. It is undoubtedly the MP52 victory if it is simply considering the restoration of the animation modeling.

In short, the advantage of MP52 is to fully reflect the deformed design of the official strength and the reduction of the form of robotic forms. The latter is the designer deliberately, the choice made from the fundamental design ideas, and the latter is completely the quality problem caused by the official itself. You know, the MP series toys are buying more and more expensive, but the quality cannot be matched with the increase in price, and there is even a trend of worse. Fans’ tolerance for the MP series is not unlimited. In several groups I often watch, there are many loyal fans of the MP series in the past. This time the MP52 is undoubtedly a blow to them, the price is expensive, the quality lottery, and even the after -sales is very difficult. How can people continue to support the current MP series?

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