What glue is sticky to the plastic barrel? Experts sort out these 8 big tricks

plastic barrel

What should I do if I break?

What adhesion is used? In our daily life, we must have encountered many such problems. The broken bucket was a pity, but I didn’t know how to solve it. After watching the 8 -sized tricks compiled by the experts, I will never be afraid of breaking the barrel in the future.


Before the hole is supplemented, the surface of the plastic barrel should be cleaned, so as not to leave dust and oil, so as not to affect the later plastic bucket bonding. The following is the eight great tricks that have been bonded with plastic barrels. I hope to help everyone.

1. Plastic barrels break the small holes, you can use a powerful adhesive (glue) to remedy the plastic barrel;

2. Use hot -melt rubber guns to adhere to plastic barrel damage;

3. Try to leave the damaged plastic barrel fragments and perform hot -melt welding at the edge of the fragments;

4. Find a relatively thick plastic sheet. After the edges are performed hot -melt, stick it on the plastic barrel;

5. Use the plastic melted after combustion to bond the plastic barrel (pay attention to safety, so that the bonding may affect the aesthetics of the plastic barrel);

6. Partial

You can use 502 glue or egg white to bond;

7. Polyethylene plastic barrel may have anti -glueability, but AB glue is pasted inside and outside for hole replenishment;

8. Align the cracks of the plastic barrel, use hot iron rods, lighters, etc., and bond hot melt at the edge.

When repairing the plastic barrel, pay attention to the plastic barrels of different materials, and the bonding method is different, and it can be flexibly changed according to the situation.

plastic barrel

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