Chihua Shi 5 -star soft bed evaluation: romantic “bundle sleeve” design, saving space by sitting solution

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Chihua Shi 5 -star soft bed “Meiya” bed frame,


The personality of Victoria’s “sleeve” design, with the modern silver gray, creates a high -level and charming atmosphere for the bedroom!


Refreshing by sitting, it can be fully solved. Ultra -large storage bed boxes can make you be free of storage! It is a very good soft bed that combines high face value and practicality.

European -style “bundle sleeve” design, retro versatile space!

The “Meiya” soft bed color matching uses a slightly shiny silver -gray color, has a modern temperament similar to eye shadow, and also creates a romantic atmosphere for the overall retro.

The bed screen draws on the “bundle sleeve” design of the Victorian skirt during the Victorian period, deepen the wide range of dividing lines, makes the bed screen more three -dimensional, a stronger styling, and makes the romantic retro feeling more rich.


The folds of the soft bag on the side are very uniform,

The vertical partition section has a visually extended effect, making the whole soft bed more energetic.


It looks thick and reliable, and it has a sense of security, but the overall feeling is very sharp and not bulky.

The multi -sutures of lace not only make the details more delicate, but also further increase the romantic atmosphere of the soft bed.

The exquisite and neat carrier makes the visual comfort very high.

The internal and external bed screens are made into an integrated design, which not only increases the sense of layering, but also makes the visual effect clearer. It will not look messy because of excessive design elements, just the right embellishment, which is more suitable for small and medium space.

The addition of the side wing not only further increases the taste of retro, but also makes the three -dimensional sense of the soft bed stronger, which increases the overall fineness. at the same time,


It also has a visually shrinking effect, making the whole bed look more advanced.


The texture with texture is medium and thin, and it is soft and elastic when touching the hand, which is very close to Napaipi. Coupled with the tightly served 紧 再, the shape of the bed screen is more “bumpy”.

The design of Qianbian bed further increases the practicality of the soft bed. When moving by the bed, it is very free. It is not easy to hit the legs, and it also makes the bedroom space more large!

The height of the bed surface is very user -friendly, and lying on and taking things is very smooth. The bedside cabinet drawer comes with buffer, which can not only protect the cabinet well, but also not easy to produce noise.


Refreshing “pushing back”, sitting on a paralysis and sitting lack of solution

When the hand pressure is soft, you can feel the softness of the soft back, and the feeling of “softness and toughness” is uniformly uniformly with the texture texture.

In the process of physical leaning, although the overall support is strong, it can feel the buffer, and it will not feel hard, and the back support is more natural and refreshing.

Sitting directly can feel the support of the bed screen, but the surface still has enough affinity, which is comfortable and can stretch the shoulders and back.

After adding a pillow to a paralyzed, you will feel that the support is particularly sharp, giving people a particularly practical feeling, and it is also more lacking. The upper end of the bed screen is particularly good with the neck and back of the head, and the support of the shoulders and neck is very complete.


The head and the bed screen are very fit. The activity is not hindered by any. The back and forth also maintains comfort, and it is designed completely for the head.


Not only is the body relaxed, but the position of the head is also very positive, just looking at TV.

The wing of the bed screen is just right, which makes it more secure when sitting and sleeping, but not limiting activities and vision, and the whole person is more natural and free.


“Hidden” big bed box, realize your freedom of storage!

Chihua Shi 5 -star soft bed “Meiya” also has a hidden function -a large storage bed box!


Pull the pull rope at the tail of the bed rack first, and then pull it in the direction of 45 ° up, and the entire bedbox will be displayed in front of the eyes.

The bottom part of the bed can be used for storage. The clothes that change the season, the mattresses that are not commonly used, and other messy debris can be put in, which is equivalent to making the bedroom more wardrobe, which is very friendly to small and medium units.

BMW on both sides of the bed rack is the same air pressure rod, making the entire operation process smoother and easier, and one person can also do it ~


And Zhihua Shi’s patent “translation technology”! You can pull the bed rack to the horizontal position, so that the entire bed frame will be in a state of “floating”, and space activities will be left around, left and right, and give you full freedom of extraction ~


Chihua Shi 5 -star soft bed “Meiya” bed frame, light retro “bundle sleeve” design, with high -end silver gray tone, adds a bit of classical charm to a modern soft bed. The large storage space at the bottom of the bed can well expand the storage capacity of the bedroom. Filling in a solid bed screen can fully relieve the muscles of the back tension and relax the body.

If you want a soft bed with a good match and not easy to hit the shirt, it is right to start with “Meiya”.

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