Easy to fold a “Kenzo” women’s shoes and two “hot wind” men’s shoes are unqualified

On November 16, 2016, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced today the results of the quality sampling inspection of adult shoe products in the circulation field showing that 34 shoe quality is unqualified and ordered to forcibly withdraw from the market. Among them, the luxury brand “Kenzo, which consumers is familiar with “It was found that a women’s shoes were not qualified, and” hot wind “also found that two men’s shoes were faded or the heel hardness was unqualified.

Unqualified shoe retreat

The main problems involved in this sampling inspection are the identification of adult shoes, the strength of the bottom of the bottom, the fold resistance, and the intrigue of the relevant standards. Among them, a “Kenzo” women’s shoes (model F652SN143L51) sold by a department store company are unqualified, nominal “Hot Wind” lace -up men’s leather shoes (model H43M6103) produced by Hiwifeng Investment Co., Ltd. Not qualified; “Hot Wind Hot Wind” light face comfortable men’s casual shoes (model H40M6302), lining and inner pads are unqualified, and another men’s shoe lining and inner pad frictional color, fold resistance performance Not qualified.

Industry and commercial personnel introduced that folding resistance is an important quality indicator for shoes, which directly affects the service life of the shoes; the most common problems in shoes with unqualified shoe -resistant performance are the soles of the sole, the help of the face, the cracks, and the cracking Noodles or bottom walls, bottom walls and other problems. When buying shoes, consumers can use their hands to press the mouth of the leather shoes to check whether the bottom of the shoe is neat and tidy, whether there is a lack of glue or a glue phenomenon.

At present, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce has punished the sellers of non -qualified goods in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law. Consumers can log in to the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce’s official website to inquire 34 detailed lists of shoe products.

不耐折易开胶 一款“KENZO”女鞋两款“热风”男鞋不合格

Source: Beijing Evening News Beidan New Visual Network reporter Yang Bin

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