The details of wearing a formal dress cannot be saved: gentle and leather shoe inventory

There are also contempt chains in formal leather shoes. Which level of your leather shoes are you?

There is a sentence in “Ace Agent”

If you are referenced 800 times, “Oxfords, Not Brogues”.

Oxford shoes, don’t want Brock.


leather shoes


The internal status is clear



Today we will take a look at the most full -faced shoes on the surface,

After reading this article, we wore leather shoes and never make mistakes.

Is it a bit dazzling? It feels more difficult to remember than girl’s lipstick


In fact, strictly speaking, Dress Shoes is a regular leather shoes to remember 4 categories, and according to the formal extent: Oxford shoes> Derby shoes> Mengke shoes> Lefu shoes.


Oxford shoes

The most classic in leather shoes

Most formal

The style is standard. If you want to wear a suit at work, it is a must -have item for shoe cabinets.

Oxford shoes have four types of type, flat head, toe hat, and wings. It will never be rude to wear it in formal occasions.


Oxford shoes WHOLE CUT

The most traditional and formal Oxford shoes, the upper is made of a whole piece of leather, puts on the heel, and there is no interface for the rest. Can be paired with a dress.

2. Platform Oxford shoes

Plain toe

It is also called two joints, which is relatively plain. There are no too many decorations. It can be matched with formal suits.

3. Toe hat Oxford shoes


It is also called three connectors, which should be the most common Oxford shoes for everyone.


The toe will have an extra piece of splicing skin. Generally paired with a suit, business can be casual.

4. Wings of Oxford shoes


Wing tip

Here is involved

Brock is carved. Brock can appear on Oxford shoes, or on other leather shoes such as Derby shoes and Mengke shoes.

So “oxfords, not brogues” means Oxford shoes, don’t engrave.


Several are divided into 4 types of carved: all Brock, half of Brock, 1/4 Brock, long -wing Brock.



Oxford shoes are the most classic All -Brock, the toe is carved, and the front looks like a pair of wings.

/From a formal point of view, Su Noodle Oxford shoes> carved Oxford shoes. The less carved, the more formal.


Oxford shoes can be paired with dresses and suits. I do n’t know how to choose it. but,

Formal occasions


Remember to choose black or dark brown.


Derby shoes

Derby shoes are similar to Oxford shoes, and many people are stupid.

In fact, their differences are “shoe plackets”.


Oxford shoes are closed shoe plackets, Derby shoes are open shoe plackets, and

The tongue and the upper are integrated, and the wings on both sides can also leave sufficient space for the feet.


This design is said to be from the 14th generation of the 19th century. He was uncomfortable because he was wearing shoes, so the shoemaker deliberately designed this open shoes with such open shoes.

Therefore, it is much easier to wear than Oxford shoes, suitable for men with width or instep.

Because the changes are relatively small, the styles of Oxford shoes are basically suitable for Derby shoes. for example:

Bald shoes can be compared with two -connecting Oxford shoes;


The horizontal decoration can be compared with three -connecting Oxford shoes;




The toe has a circle of U -shaped stitching; the skirt is split

(Split TOE)

There is a split -headed design on the tip of the shoe.

The formal degree of Derby shoes is slightly lower than Oxford shoes, but it will not make an error in general business occasions with formal installations. Many people now choose Derby shoes in addition to Oxford shoes.


Mengke shoes

The origin of Meng Ke’s shoes can be traced back to the 15th century. It is the shoes that monks and monks often wear in monks and monks in the monastery.


“Monk shoes.

The Oxford shoes of the shoelaces are different from Derby shoes. There is a very recognizable horizontal decorative belt and metal leather buckle on the Benk shoes. The design is not monotonous, and it is both formal and rough.

/Can be paired with jeans


Mengke shoes are divided into single buckle, double buckle, and three buckles according to the number of skin buckles, but due to the closed system of Mengke shoes, wearing take -off shoes takes a long time, especially the three buckles Mengke shoes, so many people treat it to it The acceptance is not high.

▲ Single buckle Mengke shoes

▲ Double buckle Mengke shoes

Mengke shoes with TIPS: business can be casual. However, the most classic Mengke shoes are still suit. The fitted suit paired with Mengke shoes, which revealed a trace of tough and masculine.

There is a small suggestion when wearing Mengke shoes, that is, do not cover the upper. Otherwise, the mature and elegant feeling brought by the belt and metal buckle will be covered.


The length of no break is very good, revealing the buckle and creating a modern shape.


Lefu Shoes


The formal degree of Love shoes is the lowest among the leather shoes this time, which can be seen from its English name “LoAFER”.

The original meaning of the word “LOAF” refers to a leisurely lifestyle, and Loafer represents a group of people with such a free life attitude.


There are also several styles of loafers, such as::


▲ Penny Loafer: There is a belt across the instep on the upper, and two holes shaped like lips. It is also called toast shoes.


▲ Tassel Loafer: Liu Su Lefu Shoes, with two buckle fringe bands on the shoes.


▲ HorseBit Loafer: The horsepower buckle Lefu shoes, there are two metal ring buckles on the upper, which was first created by Gucci. It is said that inspired by Mr. Gucci’s equestrian competition and polo competition.


There is no laces and leather buckles, the shoes are wide and low. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to wear and take off. It is also called lazy shoes and one pedal. It can be paired with all kinds of casual clothing.

Among the four gentlemen shoes, it is the most casual, with its own lazy and leisure charm.

Chelsea boots

Finally, I will introduce more men’s wearing boots, Chelsea boots.



Narrow mouth, tighten the boots with a loose band on the side

The upper is clean and smooth, comfortable, convenient and stylish. The autumn and winter keep warm and it is indispensable.


The adaptability of Chelsea and suits has signs as early as the beginning of popularity.


In the 1960s, the classic stage image of The Beatles Beats was a suit+Chelsea boots.

Later, Chelsea boots also ushered in the global heat of The Beatles, ushered in the imitation frenzy of young people, and the shapes of suits and Chelsea have been on fire until now.

The weather is getting cold in autumn and winter, although the shallow leather shoes are stylish, but the temperature cannot be carried.

Chelsea’s short boots are warm and handsome. With a suit, British style is full.




Lefu Shoes

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