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Tungsten steel:

Tungsten steel, also known as hard alloy, tungsten titanium alloy, has a series of excellent performance such as high hardness, abrasion resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and abrasion resistance, even if even At 500 ° C temperature, it also remains unchanged, and it still has high hardness at 1000 ° C. Because of this, the products of tungsten steel (common tungsten steel watches) have the characteristics of difficulty being worn, hard and not afraid of annealing, but the crispy characteristics.

Tungsten steel is a high -tech product pursued by the public after space ceramics. Tungsten itself is as fragile as other metals such as titanium. Tungsten steel, symbols indicate (WC). The hardness of tungsten steel is generally at the level of 8.5-9.5. The hardness of tungsten steel is four times that of titanium and twice the steel. So it is basically zero scraping. Tungsten steel has a place that makes consumers love. The hardness of this material is close to natural diamonds, which is not easy to wear, brightness is like mirror, never refunds, and has the advantages of being able to withstand mechanical impact.

Titanium steel:

Titanium has good corrosion resistance. The advantage reflected on the jewelry is non -corrosive, non -changing, and maintaining good gloss for a long time, and not afraid of water. The proportion of light titanium is 4.51, which is about half of the alloy such as stainless steel, cobalt, and chromium, which is much lighter than the gold 16.3. Titanium color can be made in various colors such as gold, black, blue, brown, and flowers. Its characteristics make jewelry design more colorful and more fashionable. Male jewelry has a very broad prospect! At present, there are many in China called titanium steel jewelry. The materials used are not titanium. They are 316L stainless steel. It is called titanium steel. Stainless steel jewelry. The most common material of titanium steel in stainless steel jewelry is 316L stainless steel, and some manufacturers call it 316L international standard titanium. In fact, 316L is a stainless steel number. It continues to reduce the carbon content on the basis of 316 stainless steel. Compared with general stainless steel, it is more expensive and corrosion -resistant. The main ingredients are suitable for skin contact. MO, its ingredients have no titanium at all. However, it can be almost unable to deform and color for almost a long time. In common stainless steel, 316L steel, known as “titanium steel”, is the most suitable for jewelry.

Uranium steel:

Uranium steel is a uranium iron carbon alloy, with high hardness, good mechanical properties, and has certain radiation. It is usually used for high -mechanical properties such as armor such as tanks.

Chromium -chrome Steel:

Chromium-chromium steel is a alloy tool steel that adds chromium-chromium alloy elements. The element symbol CR-V. The hardest metal single is chromium, and the hardness of the macaron is 9.0. After the heat treatment, the hardness is 60HRC (Lowl hardness) or above, and it has good wear resistance under specific working conditions. Chromium -chromium steel has good wear resistance under specific working conditions, such as tank strips.

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