2021 sand sculpture news, the first one, I can’t hold it anymore

Author | Guo Enyi

Good evening friends


Eye is about to end this year

The last wave of happy sources


Those ordinary people from us

Thank you

Make my 2021 full of laughter

Not much to say, laugh!



Before the drunk driving man was detained


Come on the cup of five cups of milk tea


Leave a message: Please be detained if you are slow as soon as possible

Takeaway brother: Rest assured brother,


No place I can’t get in

Suzhou, Jiangsu

The man cried on the road and begged the police to detention:

My daughter said 800 minus 700 equals 900


Netizen: I am the same


I want to throw my first grade daughter

But when I thought she remembered my phone number

Jiangxi Nanchang

The rich second generation is unwilling to be old

Catch on telecommunications fraud

The public security has repeatedly confirmed that the gang leader Fu Moumou’s family is strong

I feel that Guan’s parents want money and have no face

Choosing to get started in scams into scams

Netizen: The rich second generation is so “inspirational”


What else do you have to work hard?

Hubei Xiaogan

Men’s suspected fraud was arrested


After three days and three nights, he was awakened by the police

After the arrest, the man has been pretending to be dizzy

Insert a ureter, and the tattoos are motionless

Eventually because the police eat curry beef rice in front of his bed, it is too fragrant

I can’t help but wake up

Ningbo, Zhejiang

A resident encountered telephone fraud

The bank card is all transferred at 0.69 yuan


Netizen: Little harm, strong insulting sex

Wuhu, Anhui

Three squirrel executives sell the company’s waste carton


Selling 680,000 yuan

If the recovery price of a pound of carton is calculated between 0.6 yuan and 1 yuan

These two executives sold 342 tons to 580 tons of carton

Think about it is really an individual …


So is this a business war in the real world?

Shanghai Baoshan


The man drill into the shop late at night to theft

But because I was too fat, I couldn’t get out of the door


Feeling sleepy, he decided to sleep first

I didn’t expect to sleep, and was twisted by the clerk to the police station

The standard interprets what is called “Heart Width and Fat”

Yangzhou, Jiangsu

Aunt suspects the gas leakage in the home


Use lighter detection to trigger a fire

Gas pot: bombed by this wave of operation gas


Netizen: What is wrong with my aunt,


She just wants to take the opportunity to testify


Changsha, Hunan


After the dog is sterilized, for three consecutive months

Go to the door of the pet hospital every day to scold the street

The doctor once apologized, but the dog refused to accept

It turns out that the doctor and patient relationship of veterinarians are so nervous

Shandong Jinan

The bird hit the glass that just wipes clean

Leave a complete portrait

Bird: Are you funny? Exchanged

Shenyang, Liaoning

The man went to the anorectal hospital to find the strange flag


The doctor “Yao Wuyangwei” hangs it at the gate

Netizen: Comrade Li Lihua who sent Jinqi, you died on the whole network

Qingdao, Shandong

The second brother accidentally dropped the high speed and motionless

The driver stopped the driver to take the opportunity to pick up the leak

Unexpectedly, the pig can only give up

He was fined 200 yuan for a traffic police for parking for illegal parking


Netizen: The pig is not picked up, and the money for buying pork has been put in



Students of heavy rain stagnation of colleges and universities have splashed water festivals


I was told at night:

The septic tank overflows, and there are feces in the water


Netizen: Young people are really dung

Xuzhou Jiangsu


The owner found that his dog couldn’t wake up in the morning

Discovery and control discovery-

Last night, the dog was pulled by a group of drunk Han

Holding hands and dancing for one night


Dog: You don’t know what I experienced last night …

Guangxi Hezhou

After the aunt’s retrograde was stopped


Take out “Old Driver Qualification Certificate”


The traffic police all laughed


The certificate was issued by the “Autumn Famous Mountain Car God Association”, and it was also stamped with a red chapter

The aunt said he spent 5,000 yuan for a certificate to apply for a certificate

If it weren’t for the traffic police, I didn’t know that I was deceived


Shandong Linyi


Eating charcoal pots in the room fainted, the man opened the door to breathe

As a result, my friend thought he drank too much

Pull it back to the house

A certain Chinese website


The hacker suspects the author’s novel is too bad

Invading its computer, he wrote 20,000 words and wrote 20,000 words

After the author retrieves the password

The hacker changed the outline and updated the new plot

I also explained why the reason for changing this way

The author said he was very moved and convinced

Still exposed online

Hacker gives your own intimacy:

“Don’t mess with the link on the mobile phone,

Be careful to be stolen again, fool! “

Inner Mongolia Tongliao


Men Blizzard walks 4 hours to my sister’s house for rice

When my sister opened the door, I thought it was a meal

Netizen: This is probably the difference between the artist and the name of Hua Zi, right?



The man found that the favorite prostitution point was blocked

Torn off the sealing strip under the anger

Subsequent: After being arrested by the police

He took the police to bring away another dens

In the end, it turned into a look of hate

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia


Male college students yawn to lower chin dislocation

After the bandage is tangled, it becomes a “fart”

Netizen: It is recommended to include a human expression award

Anhui Lixi

Brother Grandma hit someone to call his brother -in -law for help

Brother -in -law: You hit me!


Anhui Nanling


Because of the same sound as Wu Yifan’s name

After 00, Wu Yifan applied for renames successfully

Xiao Wu said

This name has brought great trouble for his work and life

Wu Yifan: Are you polite?



Anesthesia after surgery did not wake up

Play with the air with the air

Netizen: This posture has been engraved in DNA


Undercover reporters have become second -handed due to their performance


The treatment is much higher than the reporter

Reporter Lao K is to reveal a second -hand car trading platform


Come to a company as a sale

In order to better obtain evidence, he worked hard, and his performance continued to rise


From ordinary sales to the company’s “second hand”

There are more than a dozen younger brothers …

The director began to be unwilling to him

Netizen: If you do not accept the net anymore, you will acquire the company


Women feel tired when they wake up


Check supervision and control found that he was beaten by a cat for 4 hours

Netizen: Cats must be tired after 4 hours of playing

Reward it for some small fish dried


Jiangsu Changshu


After the woman was deceived 220,000

Take 8 months to make a scammer fall in love with himself


Because of distressing money, women and liar online love

The man flickering the man returns to the country to “go now” to complete the perfect anti -killing


Netizen: Sister to teach online dating in class, I am willing to spend money on class

Men want to enter the car to steal

I found a group of big men and stared at themselves with a stick


Urgent middle school students watched 110 surrender 110

“Come over and grab me, hurry up!”


Zhejiang Jinhua


Drunk men and dogs in the woods out of the woods

Police persuaded together

“Come up and get angry, not with the dog”

Finally, the man was injured by hand

Threatened to see that the police face no longer calculated with the dog

Netizen: I feel that this situation is more useful to persuade dogs

Dog: It’s not my first hand

Wuhan, Hubei

Fighting offender watch the police to play billiards


After praising the phrase “good fight”, the police recognized the capture

Police from get off work: Thank you, this “prisoner” is indeed pretty good


Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

The bride and groom of the bride because the epidemic did not arrive at the wedding scene

Remotely married 1000 kilometers away

Newcomer: It is a pity that I have not been able to attend my wedding

Guest: It seems to have attended a wedding

It seems to have a video conference on the field

Look at the eyes in 2021.

Under the epidemic

Many people feel that time seems to be stolen

Fortunately, life may not be easy

But it’s comedy everywhere

There are always people who are interpreting their own wonderful



See you next year!

Suzhou, Jiangsu




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