The exquisite lace flower woven silk cotton tube shirt, short front and back, simple atmosphere (graphic tutorial)

Weaving instructions:

1. 128 stitches of the front and rear porn, weaving 6 rows up and down needles.In the middle of the film, weave patterns A, woven patterns B and B ‘on both sides, start to collect the mouth after the weaving size, 34 stitches in the middle of the neckline, 2 stitches on both sides, and 4 rows of weaving.There is no need to close the shoulder.In the middle of the front film, weaving pattern C, weaving the neckline after weaving 116 lines, reduced needles on both sides, 1 needle reduction per line, 19 times.

2. Use a sewing needle on the shoulder to suture the upper and lower signs without marks.


3. Two rows on both sides with short needle hook edges, and the protruding positions woven dog’s teeth stretching needles. The sides of the front and rear sides are connected at the dog tooth needle, and the edges are connected.


4. Weaving edge pattern B at the hem.


5. The neckline hook a line of short needles.Covered.


Weaving process map:

Real real shot:



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