Novel: Titter Wind

When Shen Xiaorou woke up again, the three wounds on her body had been bandaged. Nanxiye was frowning and sitting beside the bed with a worry in her eyes.

Seeing that Shen Xiaorou woke up, Nanxi Ye was relieved, holding Shen Xiaorou to sit up, and then poured a glass of water for Shen Xiaorou, “I already know what’s going on, Huo Siheng’s bastard dare to hurt you so! I must let him pay the price! “

Shen Xiaorou smiled and smiled and shook his head and said, “Forget it, he used to be so good to me, even if it was flattened.”

“Then how can you come to me? Don’t you be afraid that I will kill you?” Nanxiye’s hands around his chest, laughing and joking.

“Who else can you find if you don’t find you? If you are unwilling to take me, I will go now.” Shen Xiaorou struggled to get out of bed, when his feet were just under the ground, he was hugged by Nanxi Ye and put it on the bed again. Essence

Although Shen Xiaorou was pregnant, the whole person was still terrible. When Nanxi Ye picked up Shen Xiaorou, he was really surprised, and his heart was distressed.

“You’re better in me, so I might keep your child, you can take a good rest, I will find someone to prepare for you supper.”

After Nanxiye said, he walked out of the door, and suddenly asked back at the moment of closing the door, “What about Miss Xia?”

“Take care of the puppet at home.” Shen Xiaorou replied without thinking, looking at South Westye’s eyes without dodging.

The South Western wild shrugged and closed the door.

Shen Xiaorou was relieved, leaning lazily on the pillow, and fell asleep after a while.

Nanxiye watched Shen Xiaorou sleeping so much that she didn’t call her to eat. After washing it, she lay beside Shen Xiaorou after washing.

Even if Shen Xiaorou fell asleep, his brows frowned lightly, and his hands were tightly guarding his stomach.

Nanxiye sighed with a sigh of breath and reached out to treat Shen Xiaorou’s brows, but he was afraid to wake her, so he had to give up.

Nanxiye looked at Shen Xiaorou’s sleeping face like that, and his heart was full of sense of satisfaction, and he did not fall asleep until late.

“Ah !!!” In the early morning of the next day, Shen Xiaorou screamed in the room of Nanxiye.

Nanxiye was sitting on the ground, frowning and frowning, “You woman, with pregnancy and not merciless at this foot. If I fell out three long or two shorts, who would take care of your mother and son?”

Hearing Nanxiye said so, Shen Xiaorou’s heart settled slightly, but still asked with a face: “Who let you sleep next to me? Should I be kicked by me?”

“Hey! You figure it out, this is my room!” Nanxiye was so angry and funny. He couldn’t help but sit back on the bed and looked at Shen Xiaorou unconvinced, “I will not only take care of you in the future, but also take care of you This child in my stomach has nothing to do with me, what’s wrong with sleeping next to you? What happened?!! I didn’t do anything to you. “

Shen Xiaorou turned his head and “hummed” without talking.

Nanxiye smiled, hugging Shen Xiaorou and walked towards the restaurant.

Shen Xiaorou exclaimed and struggled to come down, but was grinned by the pain on his legs.

“Let you move around? The legs are almost disabled, honest!” Nanxiye carefully put Shen Xiaorou on the chair, then patted his hands, and suddenly seven or eight maids came out of the kitchen, everyone was holding it in his hands Two dishes, then respectfully and neatly facing Shen Xiaorou.

Shen Xiaorou moved his mouth silently, but didn’t know what to say.

It’s not because there are too many dishes and too luxurious dishes, because the maids of the Nanxi Yejia family are all twenty -six -year -old girls, and all of them are protruding and backward. They are all short categories.

“South Nishino, your taste is really unique … haha ​​… haha ​​…” Shen Xiaorou smiled awkwardly, and then buried some red face in the bowl, crazy and pulled the vegetables crazy. Essence

Nanxiye looked at Shen Xiaorou a little funnyly and said: “As for being so surprised? If I tell you that they are all my women, are you even more surprised? Everyone is an adult, relaxed.”

“Hmm …” Shen Xiaorou just sprayed out the soup in his mouth. She went smoothly and stared at her eyes, “South Nishino, you are simply beasts.”

“Beasts?” Nanxiye stretched his voice, and suddenly turned his head to put his face in front of Shen Xiaorou. His eyes were full of dangerous atmosphere. “Are you sure?”

“No, no …” Shen Xiaorou picked up a piece of bread to block his face and said, “I’m kidding.”

Nanxiye laughed and no longer embarrassed Xiaorou, and ate breakfast by himself.

Shen Xiaorou looked at South Nishino’s face and pretended to say inadvertently: “Oh, I have come to R country for more than half a year, and I have not lived a day of comfort. Later, I met you again, and then I was almost killed by you, and then I was almost killed by Huo Siheng. I was really dying. “

Shen Xiaorou observed Nanxiye calmly and found that Nanxiye was slightly froze when he heard the words “laboratory”, and Shen Xiaorou knew that Nan Xino must know what about the laboratory.

“I haven’t thought about killing you at all.” Nanxiye didn’t stop chopsticks or looked at Shen Xiaorou, and said calmly, “I am not poisonous but anesthetic, but I can’t die. And if I really want to think of Killing Duan Mu Yan, I directly interrupted Qiu Qian’s sag rope instead of Qiu Qianban. If I really want to kill Xia Qi, I will not penetrate the sheets but her. “

“You have conscience.” Shen Xiaorou smiled easily, and then continued, “But what laboratory things do you know? What laboratory is the laboratory? Can you really have the medicine that makes people lose consciousness completely? “

The smile at the corner of the mouth of Nanxio gradually disappeared, and at the same time, he put down his knife and fork, turned his head and looked at Shen Xiaorou and said, “Don’t think about it, how can there be that kind of medicine, even if there are, the cost must be very high. How many people buy it. Starting? If there is no market, how does the so -called laboratory operate? I can’t say it at all. “

Shen Xiaorou had a dark current in his heart, but still kept curious on his face: “But that woman didn’t lie to me. If I cheated me, I was still deceived, wouldn’t I be stupid? Don’t believe it. Nan Xiye, otherwise you want to inquire? If there is it, we will join in, and we may make a big hair. “

Shen Xiaorou bit his fork, looking at the eyes of money, and seeing the saliva was about to flow to the table.

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