“All Good”: The most thing that a woman should do in her life is to be nice to themselves

Wen | Han Jiangxue

Native families cannot choose, but we can be good to ourselves and make ourselves feel comfortable as possible.

With the fire of the TV series “All Good”, a new type of ridicule appeared in the circle of friends. Following the most ruthless curse of “I wish you eaten instant noodles without a seasoning package” became “I wish your father is Su Daqiang and his brother is Su Mingcheng. “


When watching the show, many people are thinking. If they are Su Mingyu, what should I do if they are born in such a family?

Dad does not hurt, brother does not love, then you can only treat yourself.

In fact, the same is true of jumping out of the play,

What a woman should treat the most in her life is not their parents’ love, but herself.

Even if you do n’t have a million yuan like Su Mingyu, you can work as well as soil, and you can work hard on some small details of life to enhance happiness.

For example, make a big sweeping home, give yourself a beautiful makeup, and buy a long -lasting little thing to do it.

It is a happy thing to spend little money to buy what you like and excellent quality.

Therefore, the intimate editor here recommends some good things that can improve happiness and sort out

Today, the best and the best welfare price of the entire network


In this way, you don’t have to search for everywhere, and a number of comparisons, don’t love me too much ~

NO.1 Cleaning God instrument

Mootaa small white shoes cleaner


Recently, the cleaning artifact with a high usage rate is this small white shoes cleaner. Last weekend, I washed a few pairs of white shoes in the shoe cabinet. Suddenly I was looking forward to the summer of summer, super cure ~

Mootaa is a high -end home cleaning brand of Portugal


, His cleaning products specifically solve the difficult stains of mildew, rust, and suede.


Deep decontamination effect is very magical

Essence This bottle of white shoe artifact can be used on sports shoes, board shoes, and even deep canvas shoes.

With a sponge brush head, and water -free washing, you don’t have to brush for a long time with your own tooth brush, so that the service life of the shoes can be longer, and

Don’t be dirty, not hurting your hands.


There are a lot of small white shoes on the Internet, and the price is more than a dozen to dozens.

Mootaa’s bottle 75ml is ¥ 29.9, the price is low, and it is a well -known big name

, The safety of the detergent is guaranteed, it’s my first choice ~

Click the picture below to buy

Patients and cleansing laundry slot cleaner cleaning agent


At first I heard that the washing machine cleaner, my first reaction was “unnecessary”. After all, washing the washing fluid and disinfection agent will be added. The inner wall of the drum looked very clean. Just wipe it with a cloth.

Curious to search online, I can’t eat the buyer show of the washing machine cleaner.

The bacteria of home washing machines exceed 81.3%

There are many pathogenic bacteria such as mold, E. coli, and Greenwood, and the breeding bacteria are contaminated on the clothes.

It’s easy to cause allergies!

*This is the least dirty I can find …

It is recommended that you try that I have recently used a clean -resistant washing machine slot cleaner. Its main ingredient is composite biological enzymes, which are effective and safe.

Bacteria that can be decomposed by 99.9%in the interior of the washing machine trough.

Some time ago, the south rained every day. My washing machine did not have a lot of moldy smell for a few days. It was really great!

In addition to composite biological enzymes, another main component is active oxygen, which is also very mild and will not cause residues and damage to washing machines and skin.

Therefore, families with pregnant women and babies can also be used with confidence.

Listen to my persuasion,

It is necessary to clean the washing machine regularly

, Especially in the humid spring and summer. Compared to asking people to clean the door, the cost -effectiveness and operation of the washing machine cleaner are better. Resistant cleaning agent today

10 bags are only 9 19.9, and it is less than two dollars at a time. It can be topped for half a year every month ~

Lifangyuan color bamboo pulp paper towel


I have to use paper towels every day, and I also found better replacement!

I have used a few big -name plasma paper before, and I feel that it is too rough and has no good impression. The original color of Liwen first did not


The scent of the nose, tearing the no paper scraps, the point is that the touch is soft,

It won’t wear a layer of skin in the nose for a long time ~

What’s more special, the original color of Lifeng uses

Bamboo pulp

One is that the fiber is delicate than the wood pulp paper, and the skin is good. The other is the fiber stronger and the same flexibility.

Sofan and softer.

Bamboo pulp paper is also brought to its own


Bacteriostatic attribute

The original color of Liwen reaches the original color

Maternal and infant -level or even food -level standards

, Can inhibit E. coli and Golden Coccusions of more than 98%. I take it for breakfast now in the morning ~

Although all aspects are better than wooden slurry paper, the price of paper towels is beautiful. Lawya

3 layer 100 pump

The specifications are relatively convenient, not big or small, but 5 packs are 39, so I see it today

¥ 9.9 also free shipping

Good price, I can’t help sharing with you ~

Now you can also get 3 packs of 3 packs. The fairy who is picky on paper towels can try it. It is estimated that the wood pulp paper that will be left at home will be left.

NO.2 Seasoning skin care

Bedma flour water

The weather became hot a little, my sweaty oil became more, plus the sun protection and spraying every day,

Even if you don’t make makeup, you must not ignore this step of removing makeup


Otherwise, closed mouth and acne will not be as small as those who should grow.

Bedma flour water is very suitable for daily unloading and isolation, sunscreen, refreshing water -shaped texture, and does not contain flavors and alcohol. Compared with blue oil control,

Pink water is more friendly to most people, including sensitive muscles!

It is also a good word of mouth with countless bottle.

*Picture from the Internet

The price of powder water has always been very stable, 500ml in a certain treasure flagship store is ¥ 169,

Purchasing is also ¥ 100+. The good price I dug in Vipshop is ¥ 159 — two bottles!

Vipshop will make special offers every day, but I still see such a low price for the first time … The official good price is not often available. Cherish it ~


Manxiu Litun little golden hat water sensation sunscreen

The New Bi series of Manxiu Ritun has been a large sunscreen product since I was a child. The new product is the main thing

High -intensity sunscreen

I used to go to military training and now I must bring it to travel to “play games with the sun” with peace of mind. This year I plan to buy back this bottle of golden hat ~

The sunscreen coefficient of the small golden hat is still strong,

SPF50, PA ++++

It is equivalent to the sunscreen coefficient. However, I was mainly planting hyaluronic acid and VC in the upgrade formula.

Moisturizing and whitening and anti -inflammatory

, Too intimate!

It may be that the moisturizing ingredients are more powerful.

Super easy to push away


Do not whiten the film in one second

After applying it for a long time, I don’t have to wait for a long time before applying the base makeup ~ Compared with An Nai, I personally feel that the skin feel of the small gold hat is more suitable for summer use.

How important is the sun protection, I won’t be embarrassed, that is, all the year, four seasons, from the face to the finger, but one thing to pay attention to.

Just the amount is sufficient

, But the face must be 1ml each time, I am the rhythm of 60ml of empty bottle a month.

This little golden hat sunscreen is 80g. The current price of a cat is 79.9, the face is OK, and the whole body is a bit luxurious. At the sharp eyes I have aiming at Vipshop today

¥ 58 a bottle

The price of the fairy! You can use three bottles to use it for a season, add up to more than 100, arrange!

Lichuanquan B5 Multi -Effect Repair Cream

Many girls around you will stock up the skin spring in spring and summer, but I will also have several B5s. Whether it is slight sunburn or allergic to acne,


B5 saved my bad face more than once

For me, it is like a housekeeping medicine, and even Shu Qi, who has been allergic for a long time, is also a loyal fan.

I think besides the big spray,


This B5 Multi -effect Repair Cream is the most worth buying item for Lichuanquan.

The core ingredient is vitamin B5, which can moisturize the stratum corneum, and there is an anti -inflammatory effect. It is the love ingredient of many cosmetic brands.

Coupled with scar removal of citrinycoside

It is a perfect formula for sensitive muscles!

Because the texture is a thick cream, I usually only apply it at night,


Damaged acne, when the whole face is red, you can apply it when you are red

It is basically not painful or itchy to apply for about 10 minutes, that is, the dosage is a bit painful.

Lichuanquan B5 has two specifications: 40ml and 100ml. Today’s activity is 40ml portable installation, which is convenient for traveling to travel on a business trip.

A cat sells , 119, the price I dug is ¥ 79!


Send a bottle of 15ml Special Sancale Milk Milk Sample

Really good value!

Silk -free silicon hydraulic cleaning suit

Silk Yun is a Japanese salon -level hair care brand. The formula is designed for Asian hair quality. It adds hydrolyzed keratin and hyaluronic acid. Both are facial skin care ingredients.


Even if there is no silicone, it will not be dry to use


It is even better to match the same series of moisturizing milk!

Silk Yun is not difficult to buy and buy, but the reason why you must give you grass today is that it is cheap! Buy 500ml washing+500ml moisturizing milk, and also send the same series of shampoo 100ml,

The huge capacity of 1100ml is added, as long as 26!

This price can’t even buy in the supermarket, right?

NO.3 Beauty Terrier

Cherish the hot -heat -filled steam eye mask

I do n’t know if there is a little fairy like me. I ca n’t sleep well every season? During this time, the weather was cold and hot, and I used steam eye masks to be higher than the eye mask.

Both the slight nasal congestion and headache can be significantly improved, and by the way, go to the dark circles.

I used the steam eye mask. I used the flower of Huali. To be honest, I didn’t find any slots, until I was attracted by the face value of B.Duck’s co -branded model, and I was cherished. first of all


Heating time

Under the same thermal principle of heat, the most of the Hua Dao will be cold at most 15 minutes, and the constant temperature of cherishes


The fever time is 25 minutes, and the sleeping effect is great!

As a serious eye care medicine brand, it is more honest to cherish it. It is not fragrance, but

Plant essential oil

Essence Chamomile essential oils soothing dry and dry, green tea extracted tea polyphenols can also purify the eyes, Italian grapefruit taste is cured, and the eye mask design is very cute.

My favorite chamomile flavor is B.Duck’s little face ~


The material of the eye mask is


It is very Suhu in the eyes, and the cutting is very tailoring


Follow the facial contour

Essence My sleeping is wild. In the words of Hua Wang, the eye mask does not know where to fly the next morning.


Students who are not bad money can be used as eye masks.


Smart consumers like me are still a account. The special price of Hua Pao eye mask supermarket is ¥ 39/5 tablets, which is equivalent to 7.8 per piece.

Cherish the limited time today, as long as 10 pieces are ¥ 49, 4.9 per piece

It is better to use the experience. I really can’t find any reason to help Hua Pao pay tariffs.


Jiahe Mei Microcable V Face Massage instrument

I am edema. Recently, my body is heavy, my arms and thighs are loose, and they are particularly fat. I have always wanted to start

Microcarbon Beauty instrument

Even if there are thousands of discounts on the Internet celebrity R, I am more persuasive, afraid that the micro current will stimulate the skin, so I do n’t start.

Later, I did my work carefully. In fact, the micro -current technology is not a black technology. In fact, it is through the low level current.

Activate deep muscles and make the skin firmer.

Thousands of price brands have accounted for most of the premium, and the water is quite deep.

I wanted to buy the water at the beginning of Jiahe Mei, but now I have dispelled the idea of ​​entering the R brand … First of all, the appearance is almost exactly the same, which is in line with the ergonomic angle and handle.

It is very easy to use.


Arm, neck

It can be used, and it comes with micro -current without charging. As a dry sensitivity, the intensity of micro -current is also I can accept, and



The effect is particularly obvious.


My current skin care is daily, holding a massage instrument in one hand, holding black coffee in one hand. Within 5 minutes, the skin elasticity is better, and the bags under the eyes can be eliminated by 80%. At this price, it is very satisfied.

The original price of this micro -current V face massage instrument is ¥ 145, which is more than half cheaper than the big name. The current activity price

As long as ¥ 29

Intersection If it is not used to send a circle of friends, Jiahe Mei is enough …,


Perfect diary slender long -lasting mascara

I can’t help but recommend the only makeup product in this article. This mascara is a pseudo -plain artifact! This mascara is one of the few Chinese cosmetics that I have not stepped on. When you want to be lazy in the morning, brush a mascara and pat the powder to go out.

It looks spiritual and delicate ~

I used to use Kiss Me’s mascara before, but the brush head was too large, and the lower eyelashes and eyes were not brushed at all. The perfect diary brush head is very thin,

Brushing out is clear roots

And recent rainy days in the south, also

No faint or flat


, With the light spring and summer makeup ~

I started with the original price at 79,

Today’s welfare price is , 58, two! Students with fast hands can also get razors.


The price is super god, and the girlfriend will be happy to stock up together ~

NO.4 Home Family

Kiss Fuju dry hair hat

This dry hair hat is almost late when I saw each other ~ I used to use ordinary towels to Baotai hair, but after my hair passed the shoulders, the wet hair was too heavy. It feels like the hairline has moved back.

The design of the little red hat design of Fuju, first of all, is very cute

Very easy to tie


The stars can be tied instantly to avoid pulling their hair many times. In addition, compared with ordinary towels, the coral velvet texture is smoother and delicate, so it will not hurt the hair scales of the hair.


Effectively reduce bulls and hair loss.

In addition to the friendly hair loss girl, the soft coral velvet water absorption is also great, the dry hair effect is obviously much better than thick towels, wipe the hair a few times without dripping the water, and the drying when it is washed. It can be said that it is yes.

Washing your hair must be good ~

The original price of the two dry hats is 60+, and the active price is only needed now

¥ 18.8

Intersection Speaking of it secretly, I want to buy it a bit, and the feel is too soft ~ glutinous ~.

Native families cannot choose, but we can be good to ourselves and make ourselves feel comfortable as possible.

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy


*Picture from the Internet

*Picture from the Internet

*Picture from the Internet

*Picture from the Internet

*Picture from the Internet



Click the picture below to buy

Buresman coral velvet air -conditioning blanket

Home blankets are the kind of chicken ribs,

It’s a good thing that can’t be separated from the use

I originally wanted to buy it in the summer as an air -conditioned blanket, but now the weather is suddenly cold and hot. Now I read a book every day and wrap this small quilt to the computer code, as if returning to my childhood ~

Because the feel is really cured! This home blanket uses a thick coral velvet, so it feels very delicate to the touch of the touch. There is no cluster of texture of coral velvet.

There are many color selection

, Not Lowlow.

The fiber is finer, and the warmth is naturally better. Cooling some time ago, I put it directly on the bed,

The drilling quilt is warm in 5 minutes!

Now this kind of weather is just right, and in the summer, the air -conditioned room is completely hold, and it is not afraid that the air conditioner will catch a cold during a nap.

The convenience of cleaning is also very poke. I usually throw the washing machine directly. After buying a dozen dollars of home blankets, the drums were covered with threads and plush after washing, annoying! The details of Boyzman are very solid, three stitches are edged,


The washing machine was washed a few times without color loss hair loss

, Very friendly to sensitive constitution, like one.

Brace is the new home textile brand. There are many simple design of Nordic style. It is very suitable for me who just wants to sleep well. The original price of this home blanket is 0 150, there is benefits today, 120cm*200cm

¥ 29.9! The biggest double person is less than 50 by SIZE


, Give the strength to single Wang (I) warm.

VISIONS Corning Pot

Sometimes, cooking ping -pong in the kitchen, the moment the lid is opened, watching the heat slowly rising … is also a kind of fortunate. In addition to the deliciousness of food with my family, this kind of happiness is also part of the pot that is derived from cooking rice.

This Corning Pot is recommended by my mother. It is the most frequently used pot in my house.


Not only is it high, but also strong in strength.

Maybe our generation is not familiar with Corning Pot, but others are as famous as the Le Creuset enamel pot in France. All the search on Xiaohongshu is all a slippery Amway ~


The biggest advantage of Corning Pot is

Heat -resistant


Don’t be afraid to burn out.

After reading a mother, I posted that the baby in the family accidentally opened the electric furnace. The empty pot on the furnace had no danger for a day. This was probably the main reason that touched me to buy it.

Followed by it



Corning Glass once contracted the head cone of each space shuttle launched by the United States. Some netizens said that they did not break the ground accidentally. For my magic hand, it was simply heaven ~

If you live alone,

A Corning pot is basically enough to complete all my daily dishes.

Whether it is simple cooking noodles or soup for western -style dishes, a pot can be solved ~ Of course, it is not impossible to use it to stir -fry, and it is also splattered by oil. In short,


This is a ten -versatile player.

The last is

Good cleaning

When, use the wire ball to clean it as soon as the wire ball is brushed, and there will be no brush marks.

As a well -known old brand, Corning Pot is not said from material to craftsmanship. Of course, the price will be more expensive than ordinary cooking pots.

Usually a certain east discount also needs to be around 300

Essence Vipshop will be limited time -limited special offer


As long as ¥ 99


, Really good value!

Delma handheld mite removal instrument

The finale is left to my new home appliances! Last month, my chest and back were in a large area of ​​acne without changing their diet. After a round of exclusion, I found that it was actually a cooker of the sheets.

Mite removal


The method of mite removing the older generation is exposure. Not to mention how rare the sun is recently, a single ultraviolet rays cannot be killed to kill the mites. Even if it is destroyed,

The bodies and excretions remaining in the pillow sleeve and the single mites can also make your skin allergic and acne.

Delma’s CM900 mite removal instrument was planted in Xiaohongshu. To be honest, I poked me at the beginning, and the color and design are simple and beautiful.

The handheld operation is not bulky, and the price is also beautiful

Start immediately.

The principle of mite removal of CM900 is

Medical -grade UV+HEPA filtering system.

On the one hand, quickly kill the mites, on the one hand, adsorb and lock the mites residue, and the two tubes are matched. The effect is much more efficient and reliable than the sun.

Here we should specifically mention the HEPA filtering system. This is an internationally recognized high -efficiency filter material. Most

The four -digit Dyson also adopted the HEPA system.

Delma CM900 can be filtered out


(1/200 of the diameter of the hair), the allergy source can be stifled in the cradle.

I have checked it specifically. Delma is a brand that specializes in small appliances.

The mite removal rate is also authoritative certification, as high as 99.99%.

If you can’t change the sheets once in 3 days, the sheets are put on a single pillow, or there is a susceptible person at home, it is strongly recommended to enter one! Besides, I had to be ¥ 299 when I bought it,

It’s only 139 now!

A Grandpa Mao changed to a healthy environment and earned it.

As a person who visits Vipshop every day, it is strongly recommended that everyone

Download Vipshop app


Every day, all kinds of brands are discounted in turns, and now they are all priced to the end.

After opening the app, please go straight to the wool of Kangzhuang Avenue:


Vipshop snatch!

This section gathered on the same day

The most discounted strength

Big names and good things, all

3 % off cap

Intersection I bought it

Lu Xuanying Series

Super discount, a bottle of 400ml Jin Lu, 4 bottles of 100ml of medium sample, equivalent to buying one get one free, only to 66! Usually a bottle of 500ml is 80+ ~

Okay, I will stay and stay … I wo n’t be stingy due to the length. Interested fairy can go directly to the special session!

Long press the applet code below

You can enter Vipshop fast grabbing

Vipshop is professional


brand on sale


It has been done for 10 years, and there are different brands every day to make a 30 % discount! They are sold for clothing, so clothing brands are still the cheapest in his family. Such a big name like MO & CO, Ou Shili, Adidas, FILA … This big name is a big loss to buy it directly to the mall, because the new product is listed for a week or two, and you can find a discount price of 30 % off in Vipshop!

In addition to buying big-name clothes, you must first visit Vipshop, beauty and skin care brands, such as L’Oreal, SK-Ⅱ … Various domestic and foreign big names, there are often the lowest price on the entire network. Buy cool! Because insisting on selling genuine products, brand owners are willing to cooperate with Vipshop.

If the mobile phone memory is not enough, you can also click directly from “WeChat-I-Pay”, drop the small program for sale on Vipshop, and add it to my applet. It is more convenient to find it.

Finally, the little surprise prepared for you, the fairies only need


Click the applet picture below to participate

, I have a chance to get

Get free online celebrity “Cat Cup Cup” by the whole people

There are many opportunities, there are many more

Explosive products worth 1,000 yuan

Waiting for you ~

Leave a message to share with the experience of wool wool in Vipshop. I hope everyone is a beautiful little fairy all year round!

Click the picture below to buy

Click the picture below to buy


Click the picture below to buy

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