Exposure of Roewe flagship SUV IS31 spy photos provide 6/7 models

[Pacific Automobile Network New Car Channel] Recently, some netizens have taken a set of spy photos of the new and large SUV models of the new and large SUV models on the automotive Roewe. The new car is codenamed IS31, which is positioned as the Roewe flagship SUV model. It will launch 7 and 6 versions of models.

曝荣威旗舰SUV IS31谍照 提供6/7座车型

The Roewe IS31 model broke the EIA information as early as 2018, showing that the new vehicle is 4970/2340/1787mm, and the wheelbase is 2900mm. The mass production model parameters are expected to be different, but the size of the new car will exceed the Roewe RX8, and at the same time, the carrier body will be used instead of the non -cargo body used by RX8.

The new car will adopt the new design of the Roewe, which provides a large -mouth mid -network and a split headlight shape. The side of the body is designed with a double -segment waistline, hidden door handles. The rear of the car adopts a penetrating tail light with a folding angle. The rear wing is designed with two sections. The exhaust is a hidden layout. There is chrome exhaust shape decoration under the rear bumper.

曝荣威旗舰SUV IS31谍照 提供6/7座车型

The car will provide a penetrating -screen design from the instrument panel to the co -driver, retain a small amount of physical buttons, and provide electronic files. According to previous news, the new car or named Roewe RX9, Roewe officials have registered the trademarks of RX9 and ERX9, which is uncertain whether this name is used. In terms of power, you can determine the fuel version of the new car, or to provide a plug -in hybrid version, and we will continue to pay attention to more information. (Text: Guo Rui, Pacific Automobile Network: Weibo@(_ 叁 柒 (()

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