This kind of pot is too easy to use, small and light, it’s not expensive

I want to say that whether it is a single living alone or a family of old and young, every family needs a small and light snow pot.

Single friends eat alone and like a pot lazy, but in case of poor control, it is not enough to eat, do too much and waste, the big pot looks heavy, places and is difficult to wash, and the idle rate is high;

After working at home, office workers want to eat a hot bite. Stir -fried dishes with heavy oil fume and gas first, and choose more light cooking such as cooking noodles and soup;

Breakfast for family members and children, hurriedly rushed, Xueping pot heating efficiency was high, and it was able to steam eggs and hot milk for a pot … Really, Mrs. Madam is practical!

I would like to call it a lazy artifact of the kitchen, cooking noodles, soup, stewing, porridge, small hot pot, steamed steamed buns … From one person to three meals for the whole family, walk away!

With it, the face value is as high as the direct serving. It is not only a sense of ritual worthy of the circle of friends, but also washed a bowl!

The key is that while using it, good washing, and good service, the price is more affordable:

18 cm of Xueping pot + steamed grid, giving pot lid and stainless steel cleaning cream, only 139 yuan;


20 cm of Xueping pot + steamed grid, giving pot lid and stainless steel cleaning cream, only 159 yuan.

Such a small pot, who will not be motivated!

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What is Xueping pot?


Some people must be curious, what exactly is Xueping pot?

In fact, Xueping pot is not a brand, but a type of pot type.


It is a pot invented by the original line in the Ping’an era. It was originally called “Xingping Pot”, and the pot body was applied with white snow -like processing patterns. There is a history of more than a thousand years.


You see that this face value is really high, you want to make every day when you cook ~

Even the Japanese wrote a book- “Xueping Pot’s Oil -free Cooking” specifically introduced the 77 cooking method of Xueping pot. The pot is uncertain.

Here, you can also speculate from the title of the book that how much love girls will get the love girl with less cooking Dafa!

Stewed and frying and steaming


One person to eat a whole family three meals and one pot.

The biggest feature of Xueping Pot is a small head, but it can stew a pot, and the speed of the dishes is several sections faster than other pots. It is too suitable for busy modern people!


After get off work or hungry at night, you can cook a bowl of instant noodles. The amount of a pot is just full and will not eat more or wasted. It is convenient and happy, and it can save a lot of takeaway money!

Give your family for breakfast porridge, stew soup, make a supplementary food for the baby, and quickly help you get it …

And this Xueping pot is also equipped with a customized steaming grid, which instantly develops the function of magnifying Xueping pot:

Unlock it and steam the fast -handed breakfast function. Put the buns and steamed buns with rough grain. Boil the porridge below. The whole family breakfast is done. The small volume is available. My steamer was eliminated by me.

When you want to mix a salad, bibimbap, and noodles, it is big enough and deep enough to mix other places.

In addition, I also like to use it to buy rice to wash vegetables, hold the handle and shake it, and then wash it out. There is no need to prepare a container for seven or eight, and it is done in a pot, and a lot of room for the kitchen.

Whether it is a friend who likes cooking or Xiaobai who is new to the kitchen. After using Xueping pot, it is guaranteed that you can never be separated from it. Where you need it, it will always be worthy.


It is easy and convenient for cooking to cook for a pot. It is a must -have for every family. Quickly buy my same source of happiness.


Kitchen Xiaobai & Lazy Essentials


A warm hot soup hot soup is too comfortable to eat a warm hot day, but it will be cold when it is too slow to ask takeaway, and it will not be able to wait for a long time.

After all, when your stomach is hungry or time is tense, you can wait for 1 minute to scratch your heart.

At this time, a snow -conducting snow pot was helpless.

We can read it quietly. Compared with the same amount of water and the same firepower, the water is obviously higher than the position.

Some people will compare it with the small milk pot. Generally speaking, Xueping pot will be relatively light and faster than the same volume of small milk pot.


If you are the same as me, I feel that a lot of trouble is a lot of trouble for measuring the pan and washing the pot at home. Besters such as a large pot or enamel pot, the pot is exhausted, and the gas is exhausted, and the control is not good. For quantity, do not eat enough, do more and waste, in short, cook for one hour, eat for ten minutes, and wash dishes for half an hour.

This kind of snow pot is too suitable for us like us. Use it to boil bowl instant noodles.


Don’t look at the small head of the pot, but the depth is deeper than the ordinary pot. One person is enough. If it is a girl with a small appetite, a pot is basically two.

Light and not occupied

Girls can do it with one hand


When many girls just buy a pot, they want to buy a large pot. They find it practical and can be cooked, but they find it too much! Heavy! It’s! Only put the upper half pot of water, you have to move with both hands, and wash your hands with sour arms.

This Xueping pot has 2 sizes. Like I usually eat about 18 cm in diameter, the weight is less than one pound, it is really super light. Most of the family can choose 20 cm.

The little girl who has no power of chickens can also control one hand, even if the water is full of water, it will not be too heavy.


It is also very convenient when washing the pot. Both the big sink or the small sink are fluttering. After washing, you can directly hang the wall or put it on the stove.

There are also a few small designs, really 360 -degree intimate, super love!

1. Bilateral diversion, dumping food is not easy to leak.

2. There is no screw welding in the pot.

3. The internal margin is more accurate and more convenient to use the water volume. At the same time, the highest water level line according to the size of different pot bodies will also help you mark it.


4. Anti -scalding wood head handle design, the pan is not hot. And there is a hook at the end of the handle, and the hanging storage is more freely.


5. The lid design is humanized, which is convenient for placing spatula and chopsticks. It is convenient to clean.

Moreover, Xueping does not pick the venue, where do you need to go! It can be used on the gas stove, induction cooker, and electric ceramic furnace. You can eat it directly at the pan, and you can wash one bowl less.

If the rental party wants to move, it is very convenient to save it with both light and not places, and the happiness of life is full.

No coating without heavy metals

Japanese import quality assurance

Speaking of the “Kangtian” manufacturer, it is one of the old kitchenware manufacturers in Japan. It has a history of decades. This Katnote Snow Pan is also imported from Japan today. Essence

The entire pot uses 443 stainless steel. It is thicker than the ordinary snow -capacity pot. The wall of the pot is super thick and durable. There is no coating on the surface. Usually, a shell -made seafood can also be cooked with confidence. Don’t worry about scraping the coating and very resistant.

It is also a hundred heart choices to make a supplementary food for the baby. The grade materials of food do not contain cadmium, lead, and mercury, which fully meet the safety standards.


It is no problem for the quality of the quality for a few years. This time, the opening price is really cost -effective. It is a good choice to send friends to your parents.

Finally, draw a focus based on my experience:


As soon as the Xueping pot was taken, many people grasped the firepower, it was easy to burn the black pot, or it would inevitably appear black and yellowish defects in the pot in the pot. The stainless steel cleaner can remove the dirt clean.

Moreover, because the heat conduction is relatively fast, it is recommended that you use it daily,

It is enough to use small fire or medium and small fire!

Burning fire! Intersection Intersection

This time we also gave you an additional stainless steel cleaning cream.

Besides, the price of a limited time discount on the lilac home once:

There are not many inventory, everyone rush quickly!


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18 cm of Xueping pot + steamed grid, giving pot lid and stainless steel cleaning cream, only 139 yuan;

20 cm of Xueping pot + steamed grid, giving pot lid and stainless steel cleaning cream, only 159 yuan.

Poke the picture immediately to buy

Poke the picture immediately to buy

Poke the picture immediately to buy

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