The most lively Xi’an road business district in Dalian, 5 major shopping malls include eating, drinking, playing, shopping for a good shopping

The New Year’s Day has arrived, and many citizens have ushered in the New Year’s Day holiday for three days. They stay at home and waste this beautiful holiday. It is obviously a pity. Go out and feel the lively scene of the New Year’s Day. It may be a good choice. And when it comes to the most lively place in Dalian, it must be the most lively business district in Dalian. Dalian Xi’an Road Business District. Let me introduce it separately.

Dalian Xi’an Road Commercial District, located at the intersection of Xinggong Street and Xi’an Road. It is the most prosperous, most lively, and most popular business district in Dalian. The entire commercial street is distributed. Central Avenue Shopping Plaza, Fujia Xintiandi Shopping Plaza, and Parkson 200 Shopping Center.


Jinhui Shopping Plaza

The highest grade, like Jinhui’s top food square is not only clean and hygienic, but also the taste of fast food of Yahui Gourmet City is also very good, and the price is around 15 yuan. In addition, the high -end high -end in Jinhui Mall Men’s and women’s clothing is also very beautiful. There are also sportswear, children’s clothing, etc. of young boys and girls. Of course, there are the largest shopping supermarkets in Xi’an Road in the ground, and Carrefour Supermarket. Every time I celebrate the Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan Mall in the New Year, the business is extremely hot.


Roosevelt Shopping Plaza


The main topic of high -end catering, as well as tide brand clothing, coupled with national big -name clothing, etc., such as well -known catering companies in Dalian, Wang Huiyun said with laughter dumplings, as well as Ganoderma Sister rice noodles, as well as Hong Kong -style tea restaurants, western restaurants, coffee shops, food squares. International big -name clothing includes Adidas, CA, HM, GAP. At the same time, there are cinema, training education schools, glasses shops, and Tom Bear Video Games on the top floor.

Central Avenue Shopping Plaza

The Central Avenue belongs to the rising star. Its establishment is later than Jinhui and Roosevelt, which is later, but its scale does not lose Roosevelt. The entire shopping mall includes underground food areas, Xi’an Road snack streets, shopping supermarkets, and Electronic City Connected, at the same time, there are many famous Dalian chain restaurants, as well as sporting goods brand clothing malls, and other casual men’s and women’s clothing brands. Every year on holidays, large -scale special sales will be held in front of its shopping malls, especially in summer. At the time, it is very lively. There are also wax museums and artificial gardens on the top floor.


Fujia Xintiandi Shopping Plaza

Fujia Xintiandi Shopping Plaza is located in the business district of Xi’an Road, Dalian. At the entrance of Xinggong Street, it is the investment and construction of Dalian Fujia Group. The cinema, brand milk tea shop, and Fujia Xintiandi Shopping Plaza is also one of the malls connected to Xinggong Street and the subway. The scale of Fujia Xintiandi Shopping Mall is not as good as Roosevel Demand, so it has been operating in Xi’an Road Business District for many years.


Parkson Two Hundred Malls


Dalian’s most historically old -fashioned shopping malls are in Dalian Parkson. In addition to Xi’an Road, there is a branch on Changchun Road, Dalian. I think the business was also very hot that year. It was just that in the last ten years Jinhui and Roosevelt in the road business district just cater to their tastes, so now they are slightly inferior to them, but Parkson Shopping Mall Supermarket is still very good. There are many middle -aged and elderly people who like to eat, cakes, honey, daily use, etc. At the same time, the two hundred malls next to it are also the first choice for clothing shopping in Dalian middle -aged and elderly people. Many well -known elderly clothing, shoes and hats brand can be bought here, such as inner nine -door cloth shoes, strong support for elderly shoes, double stars, and sheep Boss cashmere vest cashmere pants are all available.

以上就是大连西安路5大商场,它们为大连市的繁荣做出了巨大的贡献,同时也满足了不断求新求变的,大连市民的购物,日用,美食,娱乐,休闲的需求,大连Xi’an Road Business District, do you like to come here to shop, check in? I do n’t know where to play on New Year’s Day, it ’s better to come here.

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