Add 4K shooting! Samsung released NX MINI2

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加入4K拍摄!三星发布NX mini2无反相机

Samsung launched a non -villain NX mini with a one -inch sensor last year. It is very light and small. The overall size is only the size of the mobile phone, and the thickness is well controlled. Now Samsung has launched NX Mini 2, which is an upgraded product of NX Mini. In addition to the thinner appearance, it has also added 4K specifications video shooting.

加入4K拍摄!三星发布NX mini2无反相机

Samsung NX MINI 2 also uses 20.5 million Pixel BSI CMOS sensors, using a 3 -inch AMOLED to flip the touch screen, supports 180 degrees before turning, convenient selfies, built -in WIFI and NFC functions, and built -in pop -up flash on such a thin body.

Another major improvement of Samsung NX MINI2 is the video shooting function, which supports 4K video shooting function. Samsung has always been faster than people in the implementation of new technologies. This time, joining on NX Mini2 is also a strong promotion. After all, NX Mini is a product that is positioned and faces more young people.

加入4K拍摄!三星发布NX mini2无反相机

Samsung NX MINI2 is equipped with Samsung NX-M 9mm F/3.5 ED NX Mini lens at a price of about 400 US dollars, equivalent to RMB 2,600, which is equivalent to the price of the previous generation. It is a very affordable price. The one -inch sensor -free camera is Nikon as an opponent. Samsung’s product is more suitable for young users in terms of volume and shape. It is expected that the market is quite wide.

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