Stainless steel floor hangers or aluminum alloy floor hangers?

In the market, there are many varieties of production of landed hangers, and there are commonly selected from the aluminum all-in-one hangers.

Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel landing hanger

Stainless steel landing hangers are relatively heavy, and the price is relatively cheap.

However, the inner wall of the stainless steel floor hanger pipe does not have a protective layer, and the surface only has chrome-plated treatment, and the use time will fade, and it will rust. The strength of the stainless steel landing hanger is not aluminum alloy. Many manufacturers will set a layer of iron tube in the stainless steel pipe in order to increase the strength, so it is more prone to rust.

The material of the stainless steel is also very bad. If it is a high-quality 304 material stainless steel, it is not easy to rust, and the surface is relatively smooth. But the price is more expensive.

Excellent disadvantage of aluminum alloy drying

Aluminum alloy falls the quality of the hanger and the toughness is better. Aluminum alloy floor hanger surface treatment: bright, anodized, powder spray, electrophoresis, etc., more durable, more resistant, smooth surface, good color, very metal texture, and light and beautiful.

The price of aluminum alloy floor hangers is more expensive than stainless steel landing hangers.

Aluminum alloy floor hangers are normal to do oxidation process, you can do different colors floor hangers, and you will have a little color, but the price is cheaper. Making an electrophoretic process, the reflectivity is better, the surface is smooth, the taste is higher, will not fade, dirty is also easy to clean, but the price is more expensive.


Stainless steel floor hanger is good or aluminum alloy floor hanger?

If it is the landing hanger to buy 201 stainless steel material, small and recommended or buy aluminum alloy landing hanger more practical. If you want to buy a good 304 stainless steel landing hanger, the price will be more expensive. General price, you can choose the aluminum alloy floor hanger, and the aluminum alloy falls.


The above is some suggestions, whether it is a stainless steel landing hanger or the aluminum alloy, it is better to combine a personal budget, and buy back the land hanger should pay attention to maintenance, in order to use it longer.

The above content is compiled by the Foshan Kangquari Hanitor Factory.

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