Don’t wear it again! This summer white+cool “candy color”, girl feel upupupup

In this year’s fashion trend, candy -colored Rong reaches the popular trend list, for example, not long ago

On the hot search avocado green wear

, Little Fairy can try.

Compared with the black and white gray that remains unchanged for thousands of years, the candy color is more popular, and many front -line actresses and fashion bloggers are wearing it.

The use of this color dressing, the most master is


Xuan Ya

The daily private server is a candy color of super Fashion.

Also brought up for a while

Hair clip and candy -colored nails

In the upsurge, Si Si also wrote the beauty of the bonus points to daily wear.


Candy color can exaggerate the simple color and impressive. If it is properly matched, not only can we wear styles, but also


Super white



Bright purple

The sweater is pure and pure.


Lin Yun

Avocado green

The umbilical jacket has both sexy and temperament.

Song Zuer




Small cardigan, fresh and bright, I want to buy the same paragraph.

Zheng Xiuyan

Cherry blossy yellow

Dress, invincible age reduction.

And we want to chase candy color everyday, in addition to boldly trying, we must also learn to choose our own candy color in order to wear fashion.


Suitable skin tone encounters suitable candy colors, and the white skills will greatly increase ~


What Yali wants to talk about next is

How to choose candy colors in different skin tones

, Will not be counterproductive, nor will they wear rustic.

Little fairy can



Get up ~


Suitable for white skin

Yali TIPS:

White skin is justified by God,

any color

Can be easily controlled.


Therefore, this kind of skin -tone, a little fairy, can choose candy color according to popularity and preference ~

✪ avocado green

Of course, the most recommended is avocado green. This is the popular NO.1 of this summer. As a top or outside,



Super temperament.

The dress with avocado green in summer is really white. In fact, before popular, this kind of

pea green color

It’s so popular.



Waist skirt

It is also a good summer versatile item. The top can be equipped with T -shirts, shirts or small slings.

Suitable for yellow skin

Yellow people generally have yellow skin tone, and the candy color such as blue and green is not very recommended. After putting it on, the skin will become earthy, no complexion.



Warm color systems such as orange and yellow

, To neutralize the dark yellow skin, make the complexion look more rosy and healthy.

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

Sakura yellow is super suitable for yellow skin, bright and eye -catching,

Can be paired with white T

, Far away from the exposed skin, it can be whiter.

In fact, the little fairy does not have to worry about the cherry blossom yellow will be black. This color can neutralize the skin color, but it is more recommended




The cherry blossy yellow dress can also be selected,


warm color

It is more suitable for yellow skin than cold colors, it is recommended to try it.

Cherry red


When Yali brushed the vibrato, I saw the wine red energy

Make the yellow skin more white

Cherry red is naturally not inferior.

Little fairy can boldly wear large -scale cherry red,

Poly -wave dot tea break skirt

It is particularly popular, playful and stylish.

Or cherry red

strap dress

It is also very suitable for summer. The yellow leather fairy put it on it and immediately a few degrees.

Suitable for red skin

The red skin may be slightly dull. At this time, the harmonious effect of color and skin tone is needed to set off the skin color and achieve white effect.


Purple red, warm purple tone

This kind of bright color is light and bright in the face close to the face.

✪ ✪ 紫 紫 ✪

Ming Yan Zi is the most suitable for red skin in all purple -red tones.

The top is brighter

For some, you can choose black.

A shallow bright purple dress, matching

Same color pocket

The details are embellished in place, not only white but also high.

Mingyanzi is really


Summer is hot


A color, the vest style is very simple, and the sweet feeling of the rural girl.


Suitable for black skin

Black skin is actually better than yellow skin. Try not to wear black, caramel colors, etc., so as not to appear to be darker.


Blue or other heavy color tones with high brightness

, It has the effect of brightening skin tone.

Bright blue

Summer belongs to bright blue, wearing is a minimalist ins, in order not to look very monotonous, you can wear it



Highly saturated

Bright blue+avocado green

The lower skirt, such a match, don’t worry about it.

Bright blue is a perfect match when it meets white, white +1, advanced +1, and a white


Pearl chain bag

, Fairy himself!


In addition to the white tips for different skin colors, there are some Yali

Candy -colored matching skills

To share it with everyone.

Even if it is not a female artist, there is no pressure to control the candy color without a flash.



For example, this contrasting color system,

Yellow+blue, red+blue


It is a very simple and high -level matching method, and the little fairy can learn.

The contrasting color on the pattern

Better control, the yellow and blue printed strap skirt is put on a short -sleeved shirt with cherry blossom yellow, which is superb.

Same color

The same color system is easier to make style than the contrasting color system, usually

Select light color on top


, Dark color with dark colors, absolutely eye -catching.

Same -colored

Floral skirt

It is not rustic, the overall cherry red may be deep, so it is more comfortable and natural.

Add neutral color

The most colorful technique is to add

Black and white gray and other neutral colors

, Can stable and high saturation, highlight the temperament.

Denim blue is also one of the neutral colors

, So when Yali wears a candy color, the most choices are jeans, which is very daily.


Conspicuous embellishment


The so -called conspicuous is to use

Small area of ​​candy color


, Extract the overall dressing in daily matching, mainly bags.


Little fairies should try to try candy color boldly,


Pure and solid collision collision

The eye -catching cherry red is the finishing touch.

You can also choose some of the little fairy who catch up with the trend

Candy -colored heart accessories



For example, candy -colored nails and Yali recommend a few models. Little fairy can go to nail shops to choose patterns and color schemes.

✪ Candy -colored nails

Mint green and avocado green

It’s really super summer.



Candy color pattern

Super cute, but the color matching should be reasonable.

Sakura yellow+pineapple

The pattern, this is also recommended.

There are candy -colored mobile phone cases and bags, then, then again

Yali grass time

Oh ~

Okay, today


“Candy color” wear

Here ~

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Yali TIPS:

Yali TIPS:

Yali TIPS:

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