Wearing the event, Guo Caijie’s fur vest warms his personality, Cheng Xiao wore a short skirt to hit the shirt and hit Katshan

As we all know, many ceremonies are concentrated at the end of the year. For female celebrities, wearing a thin dress in the cold winter to walk the red carpet is a beautiful frozen person. In this issue, let’s take a look at the recent red carpet shapes.

Guo Caijie Purple Fur with Fur Frear Warm, styling personality personality

Probably to get rid of Gu Li’s image, Guo Caijie has changed a lot in style in the past two years, and began to try some eclectic ghost -horse style.


Due to the four -year party event of Nylon, she wore a set of artificial fur vests from the Givenchy 2021 autumn and winter series with rivet high heels.


This ALL BLACK’s shape is not only very cool, but also very warm, but it is very suitable for winter. It is diverse and cool with a dog with short hair and dark red lips. It is a bit bulky. Although I have been trying to get rid of Gu Li’s image, this look of wealthy and unable to mess with it is like Gu Li blackened.

In terms of styling style, Guo Caijie is very bold and will try some pioneering styles that ordinary female artists who do not dare to try. These slightly “weird” styles Guo Caijie can digest, but the audience of such styles is relatively small. , So there will be certain controversy. However, for artists, it is also very rare to have its own unique style.


Zhang Xueying was dragged down by hairstyle, Cheng Xiao hit his shirt and hit Kaishan

Guo Caijie can be said to be the most warm -fitting, the most individual female stars in this event, and other female stars in the same scene are wearing spring and summer clothes.

Zhang Xueying selected a set of suspenders from Valentino2022 early spring vacation series. The style of this skirt is very daily. It is indeed more suitable for daily vacation occasions. It lacks some solemnity on the red carpet activities.

There are a lot of red carpets in Valentino’s 2022 early spring series. The more grand dresses, Zhang Xueying can choose a solemn style to go to the red carpet.


In terms of hairstyle, the stylist has created a very fluffy long curly hair. The fluffy hair can create the effect of the head and face, but it also looks visually large. Looking at the on -site picture, the head -to -body ratio is not good. The head shape that is enlarged by the hairstyle looks as wide as her waist, making her overall ratio look strange.


In contrast, opening the hair on the shoulder on one side, the overall is much better, and the proportion is harmonious.


Let’s take a look at the shape of the two women’s group players. Whether it is a private server or a red carpet shape, Wu Xuanyi, who is often turned over, finally passed down this time. I chose a set of open waist suits from Alessandra Rich 2021 autumn and winter series. This set of sets is a bit wild and cool. The combination of high -waisted skirts+short tops can optimize the proportion. A set of sets of women’s group star Wu Xuanyi.


The style of the whole clothing has some unruly and rebellious sense, so it will not be too violated with her pink hairstyle. Compared with some of the previous styles, this set of shapes have also improved.


The comic face Cheng Xiao’s makeup and clothing style mix and match, on the makeup, the air bangs+long curly hair+girl wind hair clip, the makeup hair style is sweet, emphasizing her comic face.

However, in the clothing, a series of khaki dresses and short skirts from FENDI and Kardashian were selected. This skirt style is relatively mature in style and is relatively feminine. This skirt showed Cheng Xiao’s thin but not firewood figure.

But with this sweet makeup hair, many netizens feel that there are some violations. With the middle -divided straight hair that is not as good as Kardashian, the overall is neat.


After reading this issue, who do you love the most? From personality Guo Caijie to Zhang Xue welcoming Cheng Xiao, which style do you? Come and chat together

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