4 dresses that must be bought in autumn, fashionable and beautiful

It has been a period of time in autumn,

Jackets, shoes, sweaters … I have written a lot to everyone,

The calculation of the cricket, and the dresses were not written.

The dress is really a very atmosphere single product,

In particular, it can highlight the charm of girls, and you don’t need to work hard to wear it, you can go out on your body.


In addition, the 10.1 holiday,


Everyone should want to wear beautiful small skirts to go out to play?

SO, today is the first early autumn dress sharing,

Daily wearing and traveling are very acceptable, so don’t say much, let’s start.

With a gentle and sweet skirt

It is the most dressed dress I wear the most daily life. It has the casual sense of life and not too satisfactory. It can also reflect the gentle and gentle temperament of the girl, and have a laborious sense of fashion.


And I don’t pick the occasion,

Usually dating, picnic, or watching sunrise by the sea can be stabilized.

I personally think that the composition of the gentle and sweet dress must be available

Three sisters of tulle, small floral, creamy color.

Type dress,

The upper body will have a sense of interpretation. It is not only a ladyy and princess, but also a small sexy that is still hugged by the pipa.


The photos are also very filming, the sun is sprinkled down, and it is on the body.

The whole person emitted the light of BlingBling, feeling like a fairy.



Don’t choose that kind of yarn when you choose,

If you wear daily, it is a bit too Over.


As long as the sleeves or skirts are thrown, it is enough,

After all, there are too few more ~

Let’s talk about the floral skirt, let’s


Be sure to choose that light color


The floral small, the distribution is relatively loose, the kind of loose,


This is better to control, and there will be no risk of showing black.

And it is very temperamental ladies when you wear it casually,


Wearing this kind of skirt to see parents or participating in a friend tea party, it will definitely win!

Finally, the color should be gentle,

This kind of light Morandi tone, the upper body can really become gentle in one second,

Who wears who is a pure first love girl ~

I also recommend everyone to buy blue and white, white with the goddess of campus, and do not pick the season, while blue does not pick the skin, who wears white.


Go out to play, it is inevitable to go to the sacred and romantic places such as the ancient city and church.

Of course, there are also sisters who need to attend the wedding of a friend. They have to wear a little formal and Qiqi.

At this time, a retro dress is very suitable.


However, this is not to say that the literary retro skirt is only suitable for going out to play,


It’s okay to wear daily, after all, elegance is never outdated ~

Want to wear a literary atmosphere,

The most clever way is to choose the color that is right with the autumn atmosphere,


For example, coffee color, with a pair of small leather shoes, it feels like a Japanese pictorial.

Rich green and red are also good choices,

Make a big wave, add some pearl accessories, and the noble sister Fan came to capture. (Some time ago, the little red skirt wearing Meng Wanzhou was great, do you agree?)

This misty color also feels very literary and retro.

And HIN is suitable for the sisters who are walking in the Mori style, the upper body will give people a very ethereal sense of JIO ~


In addition to choosing the color of retro literature, some retro styles are quite worth picking.

The doll collar dress is the NO.1 of my retro skirt in my heart,

With a pair of calf socks casually, he can transform into the princess in the castle, cute and elegant.

Especially the black and white color matching, with its own pretty and noble, and not too sweet, it seems that the whole person is naive and romantic and well -behaved.


In addition to the doll neck dress, the small incense wind dress is also a good choice.


There are both Hepburn’s elegant temperament and the low -key level of Zhou Gongzi.

It is especially suitable for a friend’s wedding ~


Sweet and hot girl’s dress, generally designs are relatively avant -garde, it looks very fashionable pioneer to wear,

It is very suitable for getting in in the Internet or when.

I read the most bloggers on Xiaohongshu to improve the cheongsam,

The unique sense of perseverance of Chinese girls and the queen of the hacker empire is just right, which is so cool.

There are quite a lot of people who have tight -fitting hot girl skirts.


If you look tired, you can choose a dress with functional wind,

Various materials are stitched and reorganized with each other. They are super personal. They are also paired with a pair of knight boots. Half of them are handsome and semi -sexy. Whoever watches must be confused.

Yamamoto Yaosi Feng’s dress is also very good, similar to the functional wind, but it will be more restrained, but it will be more restrained.

Everyone knows that you are a girl with extraordinary temperament.

I feel a bit exaggerated sister who can’t accept,

You can choose a strap skirt with a little bit of butterfly and flower elements,


With a pair of Maryzhen, there is also a tone of sweet and cool women’s group style.

For sisters who are not particularly confident, you can choose the hollow suit skirt I have said before, and then


A tight skirt inside,

If you don’t show a trace of meat, you will feel sexy. When you wear Sanlitun, you will be shot crazy on the street.

The suit skirt is also a good choice. It is the same as the sexy song of the hollowed West skirt, but it will be more a more ae, and then wearing a sunglasses.


If you go to Pedestrian Street and Snack Street, there are more people with a lot of traffic,

There is no need to wear it as formal, and the simple leisure is OK.


When it comes to leisure style, I think the most suitable thing is the long rap skirt,


With a pair of sneakers casually, it has a taste of Korean.

Let’s have a peaked cap and inject the soul into the Athflow wind,

The cold and lazy and charming atmosphere is here. This will not come ~

But because it is a long skirt,


If you wear a small man, you may have a short time.

At this time, you can match a short vest or select the style of the lace.

Extend the proportion, which is high and thin.

Or choose the middle length to the knee directly,


With a pair of daddy shoes, there is no problem.

If you are afraid of showing your chest, you can choose to bring some POLO collar,


Pulling the neck lines, it will feel more air.

If the weather is relatively cold, you can put a trench coat on the outside, and then carry a canvas bag.

In the southern region that has not been successful in autumn, you can choose a short sweater. (This time it is intimate)


Although the short sweater dress is not as lazy as long,


But it will be more spicy and more pretty, and the design will be more thoughtful.


For example, hollowing out, skirt drawing rope, fish bone waist … the addition of these small design will make you look more special. We can’t wear it in Qingdao. The sisters in the south are rushing to me!



Today, I will tell you here in the early autumn dresses. There are quite a lot of styles and styles. I wonder if you are still satisfied?

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