The Korean version of the Korean version of the girl’s casual trench coat, the child wears a comfortable foreign style with 140 yards of cutting the picture

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Today, I will share with you a western Korean girl trench coat. It is cool in the morning and evening.

Model effect

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

Tiled display

140 code cutting picture inserted shoulder sleeves

Clash drawing

Calculating Figure Calculation Formula: Boy: B/4

Sleeve deep: B/4+1

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

Pushing version poorly: Breast surrounding 4cm clothing 3.5cm sleeve length 3.5cm shoulder width 1cm

The main points of production:

Square up

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

The collar can be changed casually with your own mind

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

Sleeve lace

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

The sleeve lace is the side of the sleeve with the wind piano, and the folds are combined with the upper sleeve

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

Dug pocket

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图

If you feel difficult to open your pocket, you can also change it to a picked bag

插肩袖版的韩版女童休闲风衣,孩子穿着舒服洋气 附140码裁剪图


The cuffs are also sewn with a stuffy seam method


The hem set is a well -fabral cloth pressure decorative bright line

Okay, that’s it for sharing today.If you like it, you can try it.

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