Tianmeiyi counter shoes passing the road to dye the red manufacturer and say it is normal

(China Economic Network) New shoes have faded red feet, and many departments have failed to complain. Ms. Meng bought a pair of rose red leather sandals from the Tianmei Store in Yongwang Hong Kong Middle Road on the evening of July 31. As a result, she returned to the hotel from the mall to the opposite hotel, and her foot was dyed by sandals. In this regard, the sales party said that it faded normally, and the quality of sandals was not returned. Subsequently, Ms. Meng complained to the industrial and commercial department, and the other party stated that it would be either coordinated to resolve or issue unqualified reports. However, the quality inspection department stated that there is no relevant standards for facing the country without shoes, so it is impossible to determine whether the quality of sandals is qualified.

Passing the road in a new shoe and dyed the road red

“Sanbing has become a right -selling tour.” After two and a half consecutive days, the result of the rights of rights was disappointed and frustrated by Ms. Meng and the citizen Mr. Wang. On July 30, Ms. Meng in Hangzhou went to Qingdao to play. That night, accompanied by Mr. Wang, a friend of the island city, went to Yongwang Hong Kong Middle Road Store. “The shoes with the shoes are uncomfortable, and I want to buy a pair of more shoes.” Ms. Meng finally bought a pair of rose red -skinned sloped sandals at the Tianmeiyou counter. The price was 300 yuan.

After paying the payment, Ms. Meng was happy to put on new shoes on the spot, but in just ten minutes, she couldn’t get up. Ms. Meng lives in the film and television hotel in the middle of Hong Kong, and is obliquely opposite to the mall. After coming out of the mall, she walked back to the hotel with her friends. However, when she first entered the room to change shoes, Ms. Meng was surprised to find a red mark on her feet. “When I turned on the lights, it turned out to be the new shoe and upper.

The merchant calls the upper fading “normal”

“It’s just ten minutes after wearing it. The quality of this shoe is really unreasonable.” Ms. Meng said. On the morning of July 31, Ms. Meng and Mr. Wang came to Yongwang’s Tianmei State counter. The person in charge of the counter carefully checked it and said that it was normal for the rose red -skinned shoes to fade appropriately. Moreover, Ms. Meng was worn under rainy and weather. So it is not a quality issue. Subsequently, Ms. Meng contacted the person in charge of the Qingdao area and the staff of Tianmeiyi headquarters.

The reporter consulted the customer service center of Yongwang Hong Kong Middle Road Store, and the staff also gave the same statement. In this regard, Ms. Meng and Mr. Wang were very dissatisfied. “Such obvious fading is not a quality problem? Besides, my short distance from the mall to the hotel can it be dripped for a few minutes?” Ms. Meng said. Mr. Wang also questioned the salesperson’s statement about the fading caused by rainy days. “Even so, she was raining outside when she bought shoes, and she changed the shoes on the spot. Shouldn’t the sales staff remind you? If we know that we can’t wear it as soon as it rains, will we still buy it? ? “The two sides discussed the matter for more than two hours in the store, and eventually dispersed.

There are no corresponding standards in the national standard

On August 1, the reporter followed Ms. Meng to the Municipal South Branch of the Qingdao Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau. After explaining the situation, the staff told reporters that there are two ways to deal with such situations. One of the more satisfactory methods for both parties, the other is to get an authoritative product quality report to prove that the quality of the products they purchased is indeed unqualified, and then the merchant is required to return the goods. In desperation, Mr. Wang decided to find the authoritative department for quality inspection.

On the morning of August 1st, the reporter accompanied the two to Qingdao’s product quality supervision and inspection center. I thought that the road to defending rights finally had results. However, the staff carefully looked at the shoes and checked the relevant information and told that the fading problem reflected by Ms. Meng should be frictional color in the term of the industry. The standard of friction of color friction.

However, the reporter noticed that the national standard “Leather Skills after -sales quality judgment” stipulates that the after -sales service occurs in normal periods of help, the help of the feet, the help of the feet, the crack, the white frost, and the discoloration can be judged as the quality problem. However, in the final “processing method”, it can be handled in accordance with the provisions of the after -sales service set by the enterprise or the uniform regulations of the sales unit.

Continue to defend their rights to chase the results

Mr. Wang told reporters that he wanted to bring a friend who came from a distance to play in Qingdao for a few days. However, a pair of sandals destroyed everyone’s mood. Two and a half days. “We are not worse than these hundreds of dollars, but we just feel that such things are quite full. As the host, the host does not help friends to deal with it well.”

During the interview, the reporter learned that Mr. Wang himself has been engaged in clothing foreign trade for many years. From his experience, the shoes purchased by Ms. Meng obviously have quality problems. “We export clothing abroad, and each item has a standard. It is absolutely unqualified that the products that are stained with water like this are absolutely unqualified.

On August 3, Ms. Meng left Qingdao back to Hangzhou with regret. When she left, she wanted to take these sandals, but her friend Wang resolutely left shoes to continue to protect their rights. “I don’t believe that such a obvious question can be given to a statement.” Mr. Wang told reporters that he was preparing to call Beijing on August 4 to contact the National Standardization Management Committee, hoping to find the answer from the authoritative department.

Responsible editor: Yi Yujuan

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