Shirt control over! Recommended wild shirts in girls’ wardrobes

Of course, a lady’s wardrobe cannot lack shirts!

Some sisters will feel that the shirt has no skirt or T -shirt practical, but it is not ~

A versatile shirt is actually worn more than T -shirts and skirts. It can be worn alone and inside. It can be worn in multiple seasons ~ And it looks good whether it is pants or skirts.


Let’s recommend a few beautiful and versatile ladies shirts today ~


1. Simple white shirt


The most concise white shirt is simple and generous, but it is too eye -catching but not too bland. As the basic model, it is very suitable whether it is single or inside. It’s right.

If you think the white shirt is too monotonous, you can also try different materials:

For example, this kind of cotton and linen shirt ▼


There are also this satin shirt, with watches and accessories, the high -level sense will come out! ▼

2, plaid shirt


A very salt system, as well as the effect of age -reducing, it feels very vibrant to wear, and the youth college atmosphere!

3. Retro Hong Kong flavor shirt


The retro -style Hong Kong -flavored shirt can make the girl’s casual feeling vividly ~ It seems lazy and casual, but there is no feeling of procrastination, but there is a kind of beauty.

4. Flower shirt


Flower shirts, female Wenqing’s favorite ~ It is not gorgeous, quiet and gentle, and full of literature and art.

It looks good with jeans or skirts

5. Hong Kong wind stripe shirt

This kind of boyfriend’s striped shirt is very beautiful, cool and handsome.

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