Sofa pillow sofa pillow is it okay? Everyone who has said it is good

With the change of decoration concepts, more and more people are light and soft. Although some soft outfits are available, such as sofa pillows, not necessities, but can improve the quality of life.

How to choose a sofa pillow?

The pillow is right, not only is it comfortable to sit, but the face value of the sofa will also rise!

Pillow material

Whether the touch is warm and comfortable during the use of the pillow is the key. The pillow materials are mainly divided into inner core filling materials and outer packaging materials.

The inner core is generally fluffy and soft materials such as sponge, hollow cotton, cotton, and other fluffy and soft materials.

The outer packaging material can choose flat cotton, diagonal cotton, velvet, satin, canvas, etc. The choice of materials mainly consider comfort and environmental protection performance.

Pillow color


In terms of color selection, there must be local and overall coordination between pillows and sofas. Generally, follow the following three principles:

Echo the same color:


Choose the same or similar color as the sofa to form a sense of visual coordination.

Principles of complementation:


Complete color with the main color to avoid abnormal sense.

Make good use of black and white gray:


If there is no way to master the color matching, you can consider black and white gray, fashionable.

Pillow pattern


There are many pillows, mainly based on decoration style and personal preference.

Checked pillow:

The pattern of the Chibirdi grid is advanced and retro, with pure color sofa, full of fashion sense.


Geometric pillow:


In the Nordic style and post -modern style home, the lines are strong, and it is more suitable to match the geometric pillow. Irregular elements inject artistic atmosphere into space.

Flower, birds and green plants pillow:

Friends who like pastoral wind, Chinese style, and Nordic style can choose the pillows of flowers and birds and green plants to decorate.


The size of the pillow can be selected according to the size of the sofa. Pillows of different sizes can be placed separately or combined.

Single sofas can choose a 30cm*50cm pillow to place it alone. The double sofa can choose a pillow combination of 30cm*50cm or 45cm*45cm.

The sofa above the three people generally uses different sizes to combine the pillow to give the space a warm and comfortable atmosphere as much as possible.


Although the sofa pillow is not a necessity, but with it, it can not only improve the value of the living room, but also feel more comfortable to sit, which is definitely worth having!


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Article Source: Small Unit Decoration Case Selection (Jiaxhx)

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