Stainless steel horizontal pipe centrifugal pump type parameters and selection

Stainless steel pipeline horizontal centrifugal water pump is a horizontal structure of centrifugal pump, which has a variety of models. And the horizontal centrifugal water pump produced by different manufacturers is also different on the model. Users will help the selection of centrifugal pumps after understanding the contents of stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pump models and selection. To this end, Shanghai Shenquan simply explains the content of this content. Xiaobian mainly explains everyone based on ISWH stainless steel horizontal pipelines.

ISWH stainless steel horizontal pipe centrifugal pump

ISWH stainless steel horizontal pipe centrifugal pump: can also be called ISWH horizontal chemical circulation pump, because the pump has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise, low failure and maintenance. It is often used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, papermaking, food pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber, etc., the temperature is -20 ~ c ~ + 120 ° C. Further, on the treatment medium, the amount of solid particles can be extracted from 0.1%, the particle size of <0.2 mm, and a liquid having corrosive, viscosity is similar to water.


After explaining the model parameters of the stainless steel horizontal pipeline, Xiaobian is another way to choose this stainless steel horizontal pump. Reasonable selection is necessary, which helps users lose a lot of trouble when selection and use. For the method of selection, the details are as follows:

When the stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pump is selected, the user needs to provide a series of needs such as the parameters, media, and environments, such as the manufacturer, so that manufacturers can provide suitable water pumps according to the needs of users. It is worth mentioning that when the user selects the traffic, try to choose the centrifugal pump than the actual traffic required by himself, because the traffic routing shown on the water pump nameplate is only the theoretical tentative, that is, this is theory. The maximum flow direction that can be achieved is not necessarily available when it is actually used. Therefore, when the user is selected, be careful.

In summary, I believe that after reading the content of the stainless steel horizontal pipe centrifugal pump type parameters and selection, there is also a certain understanding. This will also help in future selection.

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