Suddenly, will you like Banxia Qipu pants?

The choice of cropped pants still depends on what you like. This three -piece set of fashion, versatile, thin and fashionable, hidden texture and three -dimensional tailoring in simplicity, give it a very natural and smooth line beauty, collar type, collar type The temperament is generous, with a spiritual version of the design, simple and neat, good design plus very delicate fabric, high -quality fabrics, can ensure the soft skin -friendly and elasticity, bring you a comfortable dressing experience.


Pure -colored V -neck with a slender version of the waist waist, which is thin, does not pick the figure, covers the meat to modify the figure, elegant and sweet style, quite age -reducing, the tailoring lines are simple and smooth, this delicate texture and texture The style makes you an eye -catching landscape this season, elegant and intellectual, whether it is a party, a shopping, or dating. The neckline design highlights the lines, the back design, full of fashion, and age reduction, as well as tide Fan, the design of the shoulder, the durable color, the waist is designed, the vision is thinner and more atmospheric.


Do you want to try the ladylike rebellion? Striped hollow cropped pants, stylish lace garden design, showing charming collarbone, fair skin, fitting lines, resting face shape, thin waist design, exquisite leather belt, comfortable belly and hip fat, showing the gracefulness, showing the grace, The sloping pocket design is convenient to use pockets, which can prevent items. The two -way oblique pose can be said to be very atmospheric. The elegant ankle design, exquisite lines and hollowed out of fancy decoration. Long legs.


Hollow embroidery top plus hahazan seven -point sleeve is thin and thin

Do you like women’s clothing? Select comfortable and high -quality fabrics, current fashionable and elegant wide -leg pants suits, classic temperament collar, modify the neck lines to set off the face shape, the design of the pockets on both sides of the pants body Beautiful, the details are elegant, this clothing cannot be soaked for a long time!

Do you like the colorful cropped pants? The classic and loose waist design, simple and generous, fashionable and versatile, small and cute square pocket, decorative practicality and orderly suture lines and fabrics, soft to the end. Fashionable tailoring, wide -leg pants, comfortable and not tight.


Fashionable seven -point trousers and stripe design, give you a more beautiful choice. The temperament beauty will stand out on any occasion. The charm can be imitated, but the temperament cannot be copied. Comfortable versatile style, elegant and generous, natural and comfortable, self -cultivation and reshaping your curvy figure, fashionable and contrasting round neck design, natural casualness without losing women, more in line with the aesthetic needs of wearing, exquisitely refined, exquisite Hidden zipper design, fashion elements, easy to wear and remove, sloping into the design of the pants bag, the bag is fitted with the pants side cable, which is delicate and unique.

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