The 38 -year -old Pu Liya dyeing powder is too stunning! Big open abdominal muscles are obvious, wearing fishing net socks beautiful legs

Recently, actor Tong Liya shot a group of fashion blockbusters. This time, Li Li’s big change style, dyed a pink hair looks very fashionable. She was wearing a white top, but the design of this dress was interesting. The buckle was tied to her chest like a shoelaces, and she made a very trendy look with the eye -catching pink hair.


Then Li Liya changed a set of clothes. This suit was wearing a black suit on the upper body, and her lower body was a pair of light -colored suit pants. Originally, she was full of fashion. Pu Liya opened the suit on her upper body, and she was just a simple tube top, but she showed her abdominal muscles, and she did not expect that Pu Liya’s figure was so attractive.


Tong Liya also paired with the newly dyed powder with some styles and colors. She changed into a black and white grid dress with an exaggerated white skirt. The high -cut skirt revealed the slender long legs wearing black fishing net socks. Another blue -green gauze skirt is also the same as the same work, and the legs are looming.

In fact, Tong Liya has recently tried many shapes that have subverted the audience’s previous impression of her. Earlier, in a variety show, she jumped with a purple -gray wig, and made a girl’s iconic movement in a blink of an eye on the stage for a while. The dancers could not see the age difference at all.

In addition to breaking through the impression of self -subverting everyone, Tong Liya also made different attempts in her career. She was born by a dancer, but became famous for film and television dramas, so she decided to regain her original intention and try new work areas. She produced a dance drama and returned to the stage to serve as the heroine in the play. When the audience applauded after the performance was successful, Tong Liya couldn’t help crying.


Pu Liya not only breaks her herself in style, but also is constantly trying to get involved in new fields in her work. I hope that everyone can have the courage like Tong Liya, try some new styles, and maybe they can find their different potential.

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