Urban Beauty’s “suit” jacket: Spring is full of workplace, and the aura is also capable

Spring has come unknowingly. In the season of this recovery, you must dress elegantly and decent when commuting. You also need to learn some tips to see these commute suit wearing, exquisite, elegant and fashionable, too beautiful.

Since you want to introduce to the commute, this is inseparable, that is, a suit. Suit is indeed a must -have for women in the workplace. It is simple and capable to wear on the body.

When choosing a suit, you also recommend that you can use more classic models, such as khaki or brown suit, which are very fashionable and generous.

At the same time, girls with a slightly fat body can choose some dark suits, and most people will choose from the fat on the upper body.


Black or gray clothing can also use dark gray suit shapes like bloggers. You can choose the matching of society, or you can choose the shape of the shades, which will be very layered.


When wearing a suit, don’t always be restricted to ordinary matching. Occasionally, you can also choose some techniques to modify your figure. Like bloggers with suits and belt, they will look more sexy.


The matching of the belt can be said to be the highlight of her shape. It modifies the proportion of the figure and looks more refined and more fashionable than the ordinary suit.


However, women with fair skin tone are also more suitable for light -colored suit shapes in spring. They can use mint green or sky blue suit. The color is refreshing and wearing it very gentle, which is more friendly for those yellow -black women. It is also simple to match.


In addition, in the spring, when everyone wants to learn to wear a suit, how to choose it is also the focus. If you still feel that the temperature is a bit cold, you can choose to use a high -necked shirt with a suit.

Choose a slim turtleneck to modify your figure, and it can form a clear contrast with the suits outside.

If you really don’t know how to match it, it is best to match the classic shirt inside. When the shirt and suit are combined, you can also interpret a set of conceptual shapes.

The shirt style is simple and low -key, paired with loose suit. However, the temperament that can reflect a concept of a concept is stacked with a gray suit with this caramel -colored shirt.


Do n’t always match jeans in the lower body, it will look too casual. Mature women are more suitable to use a skirt with a suit. This combination will better reflect femininity, look elegant and romantic, and modify the line length of the legs, adding a femininity.


Most suites give people a bit serious, and they can be changed in color. Using this pink suit suit brings a new feeling. This light pink is really beautiful, with different different ones, and different ones. The method of wearing can also add a trace of changes to the shape.

To work in spring, the “suit” jacket has become the main position, full of workplace, and the aura is also capable.

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