Novices can also learn simple hook needle cartoon crossbody bags, cute and big -name velvet rabbit crossbody bags, including production methods

The cute cartoon crossbody bag of the fluffy rabbit shape is made of all short needle hook needles. The hairy part is also hook. The perfect combination of special wires and ordinary wires is more fashionable than the entire ordinary wire interpretation effect.

Learning methods, if there are other materials, the bag can also be replaced with leather bands or pearl hands. The effect is more beautiful ~ Let’s take a look at how this bag is made?

The main body of the bag is composed of the front and rear slices, side and cover of the package surface. The rough hook method or the details that need to be paid attention to are as follows:


Two pieces of the same size, one of the lines of the hook stripes, is convenient for suture cover (see Figure 7);


One side, the width determines the thickness of the bag, the determination of the length, is the three sides of the four sides of the four sides of the bag; the semi -needle in the short needle of the stripes, the half of the striped needle, and the later used to hook the velvet velvet. The pill, the rabbit ear is the same.


The number of stitches of puppets, bags, and bags can be flexibly handled according to the thickness of the needle line and the size of the bag. Learn how to make small bear bags, puppy bags, etc., and you can try the recent top -flowing pier. You can also try it ~

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