How long is the microwave oven cleaned? Are there any good methods and techniques

There are many ways to clean the microwave oven, and the usual cleaning is very simple. When the microwave oven is working, there are fog and water droplets. It may appear around the furnace door, which is a normal phenomenon. Dry it with a soft cloth in time and simply clean the microwave oven every day. Of course, simply cleaning itself can be done, but it involves a deeper one. It is recommended to go to WeChat Mini Program Master Wan to find a professional cleaning master.

The door seal of the microwave oven should always be kept clean and regularly check the smoothness of the door bolt. Don’t let impurities accumulate inside, otherwise it will be difficult to clean it thoroughly in the future. You can’t clean the microwave oven with a metal. Because high temperatures will splash -burnt foods, please use soft cloth, warm water and mild detergent to clean the inner surface, front and rear of the furnace door, and the opening of the furnace door. Do not use a metal brush to avoid scratching.


Let’s introduce a method of cleaning with water directly. If too much dirt is deposited on the microwave oven, you can use a microwave oven container to fill the water and heat it for a few minutes in a quiet way. Be careful not to put too much water, otherwise it will overflow and cause trouble. Drop a few drops of detergent into the bowl. Be careful that this is not clean water.

Adding some detergents in it will make you more convenient and clean. Put the bowl in a microwave oven for three minutes. Be careful not to spend too long. At this time, the microwave oven will be full of moisture. After three minutes, don’t rush to open it, and let the oil decompose for about a minute. After opening, just wipe it with a cloth, very effort.

You can also wash with a white vinegar microwave oven. Add half of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar in the microwave oven special bowl or cup. Put it in a microwave oven. Power up for 5 minutes. If heated with high heat, the time will be shorter. Be careful with this method for the first time. When the steam is strong, turn off the power.


Water steam will soften the dirt on the microwave oven wall and reduce their attachment. Take the water away. Wipe the microwave oven with a rag or paper towel. You will see that towels are like clouds, and autumn wind sweeps fallen leaves. Finally, take out the glass turntable or tray inside and wash it as usual.

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