Can’t wear Oxford shoes? It’s because you haven’t mastered these points yet

Men always know a little about leather shoes. The most popular in leather shoes is Oxford shoes. It is a single item that cannot be lacking in each men’s shoe cabinet. Today, let’s talk about how to match Oxford shoes.

Last time, I popularized the carving of Oxford shoes and shoes (see January 22nd tweets). Today I will tell you how to match Oxford shoes.


One of the biggest features of Oxford shoes is a closed tablet. The side shoe wing extends forward into part of the upper. When the shoelaces are tightened, the shoe wing will be tightly fell into a whole upper. Oxford shoes have become one of the items cited by Oxford students since 1640. With the school uniforms at the time, they can exude the taste of gentlemen. Today, Oxford has become part of a suit. Putting on work and daily matching is the necessary preferred item. Among them, the carved style is even more popular.

1. Must -choose dark Oxford shoes at work


Oxford shoes are recommended to wear suits at work. Among them, there are carved or simple and non -carved Oxford shoes, and a suit that makes the style full of gentleman texture. The black Oxford shoes are very high, and it can be used in black or dark blue suit.

The pair of Oxford shoes at work on weekdays can also be used for weekends, as long as they can also create a sense of leisure. Then roll up jeans and pants to see more fashion. Pay attention to choosing straight jeans for rolling foot shape.


2. Oxford shoes with funny socks

In addition to matching on clothing, you can also start with some accessories. Like men’s socks, in recent years, it has become a topic of clothing matching. For some office workers, if you do n’t want to wear too much, you can choose some bright patterns. Exposing some of his own personality.

With bright color socks, of course, the length of the trousers is best nine -point, which can expose the best of a small section of socks.


Oxford shoes feel like a knowledgeable scholar. In addition to matching with socks, the surrounding accessories also have a great impact on it.

For example: Oxford shoes are paired with a pair of red socks, but the color of the socks will appear very prominent. At this time, it will be better if the visual effect of the tie is equipped.

Socks and ties are matched,


Select socks with the same color as the tie to echo, so that the shape will increase the sense of detail.

If you go to the wedding or a dinner, you can also wear a branches that are similar to the tie with a bust and your own socks. It is also a good choice. In this way, the overall visual sense gentleman does not lack details. Usually the devil is hidden in the details. How deeper depends on the matching of the surrounding items.


Socks match with tops


In fact, like the tie’s matching method, choosing a top to match, can be a vest, a shirt, or a coat, find their color to choose socks of the same color or pattern. At this time It was completely released. But remember that the socks should not match the color of the pants, it will look uneven in the matching set of clothing.


Socks are low -key,


You found that most of the socks are black, blue, and gray, in fact because they are matched with most clothing. Choose the overall color adjustment of your own clothing, so that socks can naturally integrate into your clothing, but although the same color as the clothing, it will be more textured if you choose a dark flower or geometric pattern. It looks very abrupt.


Challenge -level socks,


If you want to challenge your matching skills, of course, you can also choose some jumping color socks to compare with clothing, which will become more active in the original low clothing and add points to your whole set of clothing. This kind of matching skills can choose socks that compare tones with clothing, or a set of low -key clothing with a pair of eye -catching socks. This method often brings you different surprises.


3. The socks should be long enough

Good shoes should not have a little incomplete details, especially the local tyrants who do not like to wear stockings, just wear a pair of socks or ship socks. Do n’t forget to learn socks. Nineteen pants are also very particular about the length of the socks. The most unbearable is this kind of leather shoes with boat socks. It is also uncomfortable with dew.

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