Your “worshiping meat” in summer can’t hide it? “Long -sleeved dress” solves the problem, exquisite and elegant




Every girl can use clothing items

Show the fashion style of self,

And in different seasons, you can have different fashion insights. Short -sleeved skirts are not hot. This year’s “long -sleeved dress” is popular, cool and comfortable and sunscreen.

So for summer,

The design form of dress,

It has become the primary choice in most women’s clothing matching. Your “worshiping meat” in summer can’t hide it? “Long -sleeved dress” solves the problem, exquisite and elegant.

Because there are many types of style that everyone can choose, I chose one of them, which is

The design method of long -sleeved dress long skirt


I hope that through the following content, everyone can have more selectivity in skirt matching.

The combination of long -sleeved dress

The role of long -sleeved dresses can play in the summer is that they can resist

Strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, the design form of long sleeves can also be used

The part of the female arm performs a cover function

So even girls with fat on the arms can use long -sleeved dresses to experience the charm of fashion shapes brought by dress.



Use design clothing items

Come to better create the charm of the elegant temperament image of women in themselves.

Basic type of long -sleeved dress

Long -sleeved dress with a large print pattern design

If you want to use a long -sleeved dress to highlight the elements of fashion, then you must put your eyes in the skirt

The special design method is adopted.

The design form of printing is very familiar with everyone.

But for the printing pattern, want to have a personal sexy creation, this

Large print design

Applying a long -sleeved dress has played a great effect.

The aspect of the overall shape is added

More visual artistic display


, Make this long -sleeved dress more agile. In addition, it also has the taste of some Hong Kong wind costumes, which is very feminine.

Irregular skirt cut design long -sleeved dress

For long -sleeved people, if you want

If you achieve an eye -catching effect


Then Xiaobian at the skirt can suggest that you choose a long -sleeved dress with irregular tailoring design, because this design method can be said to be very ingenious in tailoring.

And this irregular design will also give long -sleeved dresses and bring them away

More layered performance tension

And for women, such a design method is not too public, so in fact, if you travel daily, you can also choose this design long -sleeved dress, which can be said to be full of fashion.

Long -sleeved dresses that spliced ​​with different fashion elements

The design choices of most of the stitching elements with highlights are mainly the main purpose

Two or two or more

The color design structure of the larger elements is in the same clothing.

For long -sleeved dresses, this form of splicing with a large color difference

It will have a lot of fashionable reflection

Essence However, in comparison, the dresses of this design are more personalized, and they are very bold in design. They are completely based on the designer’s own preferences.

Then such clothing, in ordinary clothing choices

The difficulty coefficient with this style will be high


Essence Some people say that most people can’t control the long -sleeved dress in this way.


Single solid color design long -sleeved dress

The simple design method is in the long -sleeved dress

Use a single color selection

Then this color system can be a basic color or color, but it is mainly presented in a long -sleeved dress in a color, so this design method will be visually

More sense of coordination.

On the other hand, the selection of this thing will add a bit of elegance to the overall suit, and its only charm

It feels more ladylike

And such a single design choice may be relatively worse in terms of the performance of six years of fashion, but this does not affect the advanced sense of the overall clothing.

Long -sleeved dress with high waist design feeling

In fact, for long -sleeved dresses, it is also possible


Use some high waist design methods

Although it is a conjoined design, it can be paired with a small item with a belt to present this high -waisted design style visually.

So the biggest advantage of this design is that he can be able to

Eliminate the proportion of women’s waist

, And it will increase a degree to make the proportion of women into a golden proportion of visual illusion, which shows more figure.


In this case, the whole person will be because of this

The small embellishment method is even more tall

The temperament, and in terms of styling, is also very bright. Although you can see that such small items are not eye -catching, the role of his overall clothing is still very important.

Long -sleeved dress with loose version design

Dress in the general impression of most people

It’s just suitable for some thin girls

, But in fact, for those female friends who are relatively fat, they can also choose long -sleeved dresses.

It’s just that in terms of version, you may choose that kind

Because the loose design style will be more free in daily travel, there is not much binding power, and this

There are not many requirements for women’s figure

, So everyone can try this kind of clothing boldly.

The neckline adopts a long -sleeved dress with different design forms

Long -sleeved dress designed by doll collar

In fact, for long -sleeved dresses, except for skirts

Use some special design methods

Naturally, it is also a special tailoring method such as a small neckline.

For example, the long -sleeved crowd designed by the doll collar, such a neckline design seems to have a more age -reducing effect, so

Women’s wear will be more young

, Especially with a cute and sweet feeling of a girl, so if a lady who likes this style can try this long -sleeved dress designed by this baby face.

Wrinkle V -neck design forms of long -sleeved dress

So a clear contrast to the baby face design is the knitted collar long sleeve dress with fold wind design, then this type of design method

Will pass through fold design

In addition, the design form of V -neck will reduce the face of women’s faces.


This can modify the outline of everyone’s face

It looks more three -dimensional

In terms of style, most of this design method of long -sleeved dress is still biased towards some mature temperament, so the style presented with the doll collar can be said to be two forms of relative relative.

Basic fabric design of long -sleeved dress

Long -sleeved dress with bright silver fabric design


In addition to the choice of some fabrics involved in daily life, it is actually related to

Some special design fabrics,

It can also be used in long -sleeved dresses.

For example, bright silver fabrics

Choosing is a more characteristic method of choice, so it is older and unpopular, which can grasp the eyes of the public or because the design of the fabric is mirror.

So whether in terms of luster, or

In terms of fashion creation

They are unparalleled. But maybe such fabrics are very comfortable on the upper body, and the breathability is not as good as other fabrics, so his daily use is still worse.

Long -sleeved dress with light yarn fabric design


Light gauze fabric should be a method of fabric often chosen most of the long skirts, because such a design is comfortable from breathable or rising.

All belong to the forefront



And such a light gauze design will also bring more elegant feelings to the dresses. The whole person also looks very bright, and if it is matched with daily travel,

It is also very simple and convenient

It will not have too much heavy and thick feeling.

Most long -sleeved dress style is displayed

For long -sleeved dress in daily life, most of the styles shown

Like some casual wind

Because such clothing items often choose his biggest reason for his biggest reason is that it is convenient for everyone to travel daily, and there will be not too much.

Other designs need everyone to think about

Some difficulties in clothing items

And this style advantage is also an important reason for many female friends to move.

Some fashionable charm of long -sleeved dress itself is still very rich. So for female friends, presumably everyone is already there

There is a general understanding in my heart

I hope that you can reasonably and flexibly apply the advantages of long -sleeved dress, play its role, and show your personal experience in matching.


Long -sleeved dress with loose version design

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