Unexpectedly, the largest aircraft, the largest submarine, the largest tank, the last one is too scary

1. The largest aircraft


: Antonovan-225 “Dream-type” transport aircraft

It belongs to Ukraine. There are only two in the world, with a weight of 600 tons and six engines.

You can load 300 tons of goods, and wings can also be loaded. A small plane is easily. The picture shows a space aircraft equipped with Soviet Storm Snow (бура́н / Buran)

The wheels are skates. Come, sing with me: the pace of the devil, friction, friction.

The rear tail box of the hatchback, the transformation diamond is the vision? Intersection


Over -long -standby up to 2500 kilometers

2. The biggest ship: Nock Nevez

Super oil tanker, 1/4 miles of captain, if you stand up, higher than the Eiffel Tower.


At the beginning, a milk name was the Marine Giant. Geldling and saying that it is dangerous here, don’t watch it. The big ship had to make a bottle of soy sauce from the Strait of Holmus, not, it was oil. This bottle of oil is a bit large, hundreds of thousands of tons. As a result, he was sunk by the Iraqi fighter. You say that Iraq is lacking. What do you do with a dozen soy sauce?

The ship was salvaged and renamed the Happy Giant, but it was not happy. The dive big ship is as strong as the man who has been cast. Sell ​​by those bosses. Finally, the tattered king sold to India dismantled and sold for selling.

After the ship retired, the largest ship was the TI -class super tanker.


This drainage is slightly less than the big brother above. It was manufactured by Daewoo Heavy Industry in South Korea. China’s shipbuilding industry is also developing, hoping to keep up.

Recently, we are preparing to purchase a ship for oil. Because the oil is cheap, you can buy and buy it if you have money. When you buy the oil, put it in this tanker.


3. The largest tank: mouse tank


The heavy -duty tanks produced by Germany have a total of 188 tons, with a 128mm main gun, and a total of two are produced. Because it is too heavy and the mobility is too poor, there is no scale manufacturing in the back.


Do you think this is the limit of the Germans? Of course, at the time, Hitler was also preparing to build a monster-grade tank called P-1500, weighing 1500 tons, yes, it is equivalent to the guy above ten vehicles. However, the old Germans who have always been mechanical and universal also felt useless and gave up. The drawings are not retained. This left a sufficient space for the military fans, they thought it was like this:

Or like this

The biggest cannon: “Gustav” Super Cannon

It was made by Germans and weighing 1344 tons. It takes 500 people to cooperate together! The range was 29 miles away, and the lethality was amazing. At that time, a cannon pierced the Soviet underground arsenal.


But it was too bulky, and there was basically no use in the back. The role of ritual guns is greater than actual use.

The biggest submarine: typhoon -level ballistic missile nuclear submarine


This is the giant made by the former Soviet Union


The missile launchers are densely packed, and a small shot can kill half of the United States once.

A total of six ships were built. Only one ship is still turning now.

To what extent? There is a swimming pool and gym inside

Maximum nuclear bomb: Tsar nuclear bomb


It is the work of the Soviets again. How powerful is the power? It is equivalent to 10 times the sum of all explosives in World War II, including the “little boys” and “fat people” who were put in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is said that this is still retained, only 50 million equivalent, which was originally designed with 100 million equivalent. It ’s really scared to death. What do you say is not good for humans?

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